Priest Wins Against Iron Chef

09/10/2009 Comment

Former altar boy Bobby Flay issues his fajita throwdown challenge to Father Leo Patalinghug on the Food Network. (CNS)

Father Leo Patalinghug’s “fusion fajitas” beat Bobby Flay’s “red curry-marinated skirt steak fajitas” Sept. 9 on the Food Network’s “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay.”

After preparing his signature dish for a crowd of parishioners at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, the cooking priest commented, “My fusion fajitas are smokin.’ I guarantee this will make you say, ‘Thank you, God.’”

Divine providence was on Flay’s mind as he was driving to challenge the priest. “We’re going up against Father Leo,” he said. “As a former altar boy, I’m not so sure this is a good idea.”

During the challenge, Father Patalinghug shared some insights into his...READ MORE

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Father Leo vs. the Iron Chef

09/09/2009 Comment

Father Leo prepares to Flay an Iron Chef. (Grace Before Meals)

Would you like to see a Catholic priest challenge chef Bobby Flay to a fajita cook-off?

Tune into Food Network’s “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay” tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern to see Father Leo Patalinghug take on the Iron Chef.

Father Patalinghug, who serves as director of pastoral field education for the seminary at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Md., has a ministry called Grace Before Meals, which is dedicated to fostering stronger communities through stronger families, one meal at a time.

“With God as my witness, I’m not afraid! Bring your fajitas; let’s throw down!” he exclaimed when Flay issued the challenge in June.

“I went mano a mano with an Iron Chef....READ MORE

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Mother Angelica’s Favorite DVDs

08/31/2009 Comments (3)


Father Mitch Pacwa, the Jesuit priest who has two shows on EWTN, was in Connecticut this weekend to give a retreat. The Register’s news editor, John Burger, was there and asked him during a break for an update on Mother Angelica.

The founder of Eternal Word Television Network celebrated 65 years in religious life on the feast of the Assumption, Aug. 15. The network continues to grow and reaches millions of people around the world. But the 86-year-old nun herself has been debilitated by a couple of strokes in recent years, and a cerebral hemorrhage has left her with extremely limited speech abilities.

“She’s pretty much the same,” Father Pacwa said. “The hemorrhage was on the...READ MORE

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Kennedy and the Culture Wars

08/27/2009 Comment

Sen. Edward Kennedy in 1979. (CNS)

Father Raymond J. de Souza has written this news analysis for the Sept. 6 issue of the Register:

Edward Kennedy’s Catholic Legacy: America’s Culture Wars


In death Sen. Edward M. Kennedy hardly needs his biography recalled. His life could hardly have been more chronicled. What is more interesting to ask, especially in light of the Catholic faith to which he was so devoted — a family priest was at his bedside when he died — is what life he might have led and how American politics might have been different.

For Kennedy, the judgment that counts for eternity is at hand. Here below, his many public achievements have been lavishly...READ MORE

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ObamaCare's in Trouble

08/26/2009 Comment

A man gives the thumbs-down sign at an Aug. 25 health-care town hall in Reston, Va. (Reuters)

An article that will be published in the Sept. 6 issue of the Register:

Church Backers of Health Reform Stage Huge
Obama Conference Call as Public Support Wanes

By Steve Weatherbe

WASHINGTON — A coalition of church groups staged a mammoth conference call with President Obama in support of health-care reform Aug. 19. The call reportedly drew 140,000 participants.

But public support for health reform is waning, according to polls. Nor does the public believe Obama’s insistence that the reform bills before Congress would not pay for abortions with public funds.

Polling also shows that the often virulent hostility to health-care reform — expressed at town hall...READ MORE

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Cardinal Zen Interview

08/24/2009 Comment

Cardinal Joseph Zen (CNS/Reuters)

This exclusive interview with Chinese Cardinal Joseph Zen will appear in the Sept. 6 print issue of the Register:

Cardinal Zen on China and Christianity

Cardinal Joseph Zen is sometimes called “the new conscience of Hong Kong.”

That’s due to his outspoken defense of religious freedom and political rights.

He has often been the target of criticism from state media in mainland China, and he was banned from entering China from 1998-2004. For example, he used his position to oppose the “consecration” of two bishops who belong to the state-controlled Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. He later referred to the nominations, which did not have papal sanction, as “a declaration...READ MORE

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Health Care: Abortion Push?

07/29/2009 Comment

Reuters/Lee Jae Won

ObamaCare and the Right to Life:
Unborn May Lose Ground


National Catholic Register, Aug. 9-22

WASHINGTON — One question never surfaced at President Obama’s health-care press conference. Would the health-care reform bill mandate abortions? Would it end the longtime ban against the use of federal funds to subsidize abortions?

The silence on abortion wasn’t due to any lack of controversy.

During the same week as the July 22 press conference, pro-life congressmen spoke out publicly against efforts to use health-care reform to mandate abortions and subsidize the procedure.

Meanwhile, national pro-life leaders organized a “Stop the...READ MORE

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Health Care: Duty to Die?

07/29/2009 Comment

photo: ma neeks, flickr commons

ObamaCare and the Right to Life:
Elderly Patients May Face Pressure to Die


National Catholic Register, Aug. 9-22

WASHINGTON — As the pro-life movement fights to keep abortion out of the health-care reform bill, an undercover attack on the elderly may be taking place unnoticed.

At issue is a provision that calls for end-of-life counseling of senior citizens every five years. That counseling can include topics such as how to decline nutrition and hydration, antibiotics and basic care treatments for specific conditions such as flu or pneumonia, and how to choose palliative and hospice care for the terminally ill.

“I’ve read about a third of HR...READ MORE

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