Glendon Declines ND Honor

04/27/2009 Comment

Mary Ann Glendon (CNS)

Mary Ann Glendon has declined Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal over the plans to honor pro-abortion president Barack Obama. From a coming Register issue:

Glendon, Notre Dame and
Abortion Politics

by Father Raymond J. de Souza

Father John Jenkins likely thought himself very clever. Professor Mary Ann Glendon just took him to school.

In declining to receive the Laetare Medal alongside President Barack Obama’s honorary doctorate of laws at next month’s commencement, Glendon has refused to participate in the shabby manipulation Father Jenkins attempted to engineer. It is a rare personage who could ennoble an award by refusing to receive it, but Glendon has done just that. The Laetare...READ MORE

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Need a Pick-Me-Up?

04/25/2009 Comment

Remember last year ...

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What Donors Get

04/23/2009 Comment

As I said before, I’ll be periodically telling you: 1. What we offer for free; 2. What we offer subscribers; and 3. Today’s subject: What we offer donors.

That sounds like spin. What we offer donors is a place for them to dispose of income and a handy 501c3 thank you letter for the IRS. But let’s be more specific.

The Register operates with a budget deficit that’s enough to buy and pay for a couple of houses (well, one in Connecticut) yearly. Such is the nature of mission-driven journalism. Subscribers and advertisers help a great deal. But not enough to keep up with the costly “3 ps” of publishing: Payroll, printing and postage.

That’s where donors come in.

For their money, they get...READ MORE

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This is No Time to Not Subscribe

04/21/2009 Comment

I defended subscribing to Faith & Family magazine recently with three reasons that can also be reasons to subscribe to the Register.

1. Catholic families should get Catholic publications to reinforce their identity. My children still refer to information and images regarding the faith they only know from the Register.

2. Not to be too dire, but it is 100% take-it-to-the-bank true that if people don’t subscribe, there will be no website to go to … and no newspaper either. Not enough people are subscribing. We need to change that!

3. ... what I said there was “because Faith & Family competes with secular women’s magazines. We shouldn’t cede that territory to magazines that are all...READ MORE

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How Iowa Happened

04/16/2009 Comment

How Marriage Lost in Iowa

By Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.
From an upcoming issue of the National Catholic Register.

By now, everyone knows that the Supreme Court of Iowa has imposed same-sex “marriage” on the heartland of America, a mere 10 years after the people of that state had expressly voted against it. What very few people know is exactly how unfair this fight really was. Not only was the lineup within the courtroom imbalanced, but the trial court refused to hear relevant evidence. When the case made its way to the Iowa Supreme Court, they didn’t behave much better.

This case, known as Varnum v. Brien, began with a half dozen same-sex couples applying for marriage licenses...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict, 1 Year Later

04/16/2009 Comment

Sirius Catholic Channel's Gus Lloyd and Tom Hoopes at Benedict's Nationals Stadium Mass last year.

Benedict, 1 Year Later: Remember What He Told Us?

By Gus Lloyd

From an upcoming issue of the National Catholic Register.

My, how time flies. A year has gone by since Pope Benedict XVI visited the United States on his apostolic journey. A lot has happened in the past year. His words to the Church in America are perhaps even more relevant today than when he delivered them. They say that hindsight is 20/20. In looking at the Holy Father’s addresses a year later, it becomes apparent that his foresight is spot on. So let’s review some of his messages and reflect on their meaning in our lives today.

One of the first things that comes to mind is the imbroglio that the University of Notre...READ MORE

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The Pope's Real Words

04/15/2009 Comment

cns photo/paul haring

A reason to subscribe: Register subscribers get the best translations of the Pope’s weekly audience available. We pay to have our own translator create a text from the original Italian. We then compare it to other available translations.  In some cases, ours alone restores the true meaning.

Why all the trouble? Because the Pope’s real words are important, and those who agree know they can find them here.

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FREE! Events in Your Area

04/14/2009 Comment

Don’t forget ... Every month we update our FREE calendar or Catholic events in your area. Just click the “Events” tab above.

Or click here. To submit an event:

(Other stuff we offer.)

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