English Translation of Second Part of Papal Press Conference

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The second part of Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference given on the papal plane from Brazil has been published in English by ZENIT (see my blog post on the first part here).

This isn’t the official translation which is yet to appear, though the Secretariat of State is said to be working on it.

Like the first part, the Holy Father’s words are revelatory. As reported widely elsewhere, he discusses the subject of homosexuality and “gay lobbies”; his wish to visit Asia, and travel to Jerusalem where he hopes to meet Patriarch Bartholomew; his call for a “profound theology of woman”; John Paul II’s definitive “no” to women priests; the canonization date for John XXIII and John Paul...READ MORE

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English Translation of Pope Francis' Press Conference

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Pope Francis disembarks the papal plane after returning from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.


– Pope Francis disembarks the papal plane after returning from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

ZENIT has helpfully translated the first part of Pope Francis' press conference on the papal plane back from Brazil which can be read here. The second part will be published tomorrow.   

As has been reported elsewhere, the frankness of the Pope's responses is a clear break with the past. True, Benedict XVI and John Paul II could be candid during such briefings, but they tended to refrain from going into too much detail, or discussing in any great depth their perceptions of the Vatican or how or why they made decisions. 

Pope Francis is also the first Pontiff to face an 80 minute press conference of spontaneous questions.   

Some aspects that hadn't received so much attention in...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Meets Benedict, Asks for His Prayers During WYD

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Pope Francis visited Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI this afternoon to ask the former Pontiff to “spiritually accompany him in prayer” during his visit to Brazil for World Youth Day next week.

The Vatican said the Holy Father called in on the Pope Emeritus shortly after 4pm and brought with him a booklet covering the program of the trip so that Benedict can participate spiritually and follow the transmission of the events.

Benedict XVI, who was originaly scheduled to go to Rio until he announced his retirement in February, "assured him of his prayers, recalling the intense and wonderful experiences of his past world meetings with young people in Cologne, Sydney and Madrid.” The Vatican...READ MORE

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Concerns Rising Over Slow Appointments of Bishops

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Cardinal Marc Ouellet (left), prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, and Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, at a press conference July 5th marking the release of Pope Francis' first encyclical, Lumen Fidei.

– EP

A crisis of sorts is developing in the appointment of Catholic bishops worldwide as a backlog of 187 sees (not including China) remain vacant.

According to figures on Catholic-Hierarchy.org, eight U.S. dioceses are without a bishop, plus two U.S. eparchies (dioceses of Eastern rite churches).

These include the diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut which hasn’t had a bishop since March 2012 when Mons. William Lori was appointed Archbishop of Baltimore.

Others include Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Fort Worth, Texas; Rochester, NY; and Marquette, Michigan, vacated by Mons. Alexander Sample in January on his appointment as Archbishop of Portland, Oregon.

Half of Scotland’s ordinaries – four...READ MORE

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Blessed John Paul II to be Canonized, Vatican Confirms

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Blessed John Paul II

The Vatican has today confirmed that Blessed Pope John Paul II will be canonized, although a date has not yet been set for the ceremony.

Reading from a statement, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told reporters this afternoon that Pope Francis had approved a decree on a miracle attributed to John Paul's intercession. He also said the Holy Father had approved a “favourable vote”, taken by a commission of cardinals and bishops, “on the canonization of Blessed Pope John XXIII.”

The commission has decided to “convoke a consistory” so that both canonizations can take place at the same time, but it's not clear yet when as Pope Francis wants to hear the opinions of cardinals first....READ MORE

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Blessed John Paul II to be Canonized in December?

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Italian media is reporting that cardinals and bishops of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints have approved a second alleged miracle through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II, possibly leading to the late Pontiff's canonization by the end of this year.

Pope Francis must still give the final signature, but reports say that the cardinals and bishops of the Congregation meeting this morning in a plenary meeting were in favour of a canonisation ceremony taking place in December, after the end of the Year of Faith. October, which has often been a popular time for beatifications and canonizations, is thought to be too soon to arrange logistics. 

A board of theologians approved...READ MORE

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Pope Francis's Morning Homilies May 27th-June 1st

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In his early morning homilies in the Domus Sanctae Marthae residence this past week, Pope Francis warned of riches that can distance us from Christ, stressed the importance of having joyful hearts filled with the Holy Spirit, and cautioned against a triumphalist Church.

On Monday, the Holy Father said in order to follow Jesus, we must rid ourselves of a culture based on economic wellbeing and of our attraction to the provisional.

He invited the faithful to examine their consciences and take stock of riches that prevent us from drawing near to Jesus. He said a culture of economic wellbeing acts like “an anaesthetic”, making one lack courage, and become lazy and selfish. Meanwhile, he...READ MORE

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Pope Francis, the Mafia, and Pro-Abortion Politicians

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Pope Francis giving his Angelus address May 26, 2013 in St. Peter's Square. "My thoughts are with the suffering of women, men and also children who are exploited by the many mafias who make them slaves, through prostitution, through many social pressures," he said. "They cannot do this, they cannot make our brothers slaves, we must pray to the Lord to make these mafiosi convert to God."


Pope Francis took the Mafia to task at the weekend, calling on them to repent, convert and cease exploiting and enslaving people.

He was speaking in reference to the beatification of Don Giuseppe “Pino” Puglisi on Saturday, a Sicilian priest gunned down by the Mafia in 1993 for practising the faith in standing up to organised crime.

In May 1993, Blessed John Paul II angrily called on Mafiosi to "repent, because one day you will face the judgment of God".

But such comments drew an interesting response from a reader, who wrote: “Why do we say this to the Mafia but would not dream of saying this, and much more, to the Catholic politicians whose power is used to kill unborn babies in...READ MORE

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