Did Papal Visit Signal an End to the English Reformation?

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Benedict XVI walk through the gardens at the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept. 16. (CNS photo/pool via Reuters)

A week after Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Scotland and England and its historical significance is still reverberating. 

The first state visit by a Pope to Britain was remarkable in many different ways, not least because of the graciousness and generosity shown by Queen Elizabeth II. 

Here was a Pope coming to the United Kingdom at the invitation of Her Majesty, the supreme governor of a church that violently split from Rome 500 years ago. Yet she gave him free rein to address her subjects as he saw fit – even beatify one who left her church to come over to Rome. 

For the first time, a ruling English monarch allowed the Successor of Peter to address her Parliament, attend a liturgy in the...READ MORE

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Vatican Bank President: "We're Being Attacked"

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Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the president of the Vatican Bank, has strongly denied allegations the bank broke anti-money laundering rules and sees news of the investigation into him and the bank as an attack on him, the institution and the Vatican.

“Since I assumed the presidency of the IOR [Vatican Bank] I have committed my whole self, according to the indications received by the Pope and the Secretary of State, to make every transaction more transparent and in line with international norms against money laundering,” he said in an interview in today’s Il Giornale. “For this reason, I feel really humiliated.” He added: “God is always present in everything I do.”

Gotti Tedeschi, 65, is a father...READ MORE

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Some Highlights From Pope's U.K. Addresses

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Pope Benedict XVI waves goodbye as he boards his plane at Birmingham airport in England Sept. 19. (CNS photo/Carl Court, pool via Reuters)

The Pope shared much of his wisdom during his recent momentous visit to Britain. Here’s a selection of quotations that struck me as particularly important, though no doubt I’ve missed a few:

“The Church is at the service of Another; it does not serve itself, seeking to be a strong body, but it strives to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ accessible, the great truths, the great powers of love and of reconciliation that appeared in this figure and that come always from the presence of Jesus Christ. In this sense, the Church does not seek to be attractive, but rather to make herself transparent for Jesus Christ…It is then when the Church is heard and accepted.”
- Press conference with...READ MORE

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Pope's Speech to British Bishops, Farewell Address

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Flags of the Vatican and the United Kingdom line the route taken by Pope Benedict XVI in London Sept. 18. (CNS photo/Andrew Winning, Reuters)

The Holy Father gave a deeply pastoral speech of encouragement to the bishops of England, Wales and Scotland today, the final day of his four-day visit to Britain.

Below is the full text of his speech, and farewell address at Birmingham airport. The farewell speech of Archbishop Vincent Nichols can be found here, and Prime Minister David Cameron’s address, in which he pledged that faith will always be part of the fabric of British society, can be found here.

My dear Brother Bishops,

This has been a day of great joy for the Catholic community in these islands. Blessed John Henry Newman, as we may now call him, has been raised to the altars as an example of heroic faithfulness to the...READ MORE

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Pope's Homily at Cardinal Newman Beatification

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The Holy Father’s homily this morning at the beatification Mass of Cardinal John Henry Newman in Cofton Park, England.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This day that has brought us together here in Birmingham is a most auspicious one. In the first place, it is the Lord’s day, Sunday, the day when our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and changed the course of human history for ever, offering new life and hope to all who live in darkness and in the shadow of death. That is why Christians all over the world come together on this day to give praise and thanks to God for the great marvels he has worked for us. This particular Sunday also marks a significant moment in the life of the...READ MORE

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Need for Faith & Reason Brought to Life in London

09/19/2010 Comment

A useful example showing one important reason why Benedict XVI so emphasises the importance of faith and reason in today’s world, thanks to a group of Muslim radicals protesting in London during the Pope’s visit.

Dressed threateningly in balaclavas and kafiehs, holding black flags, and led a by a vociferous preacher, they bellowed: “Down Down Benedict!”, “Benedict: terrorist!” and “Benedict! Watch your back!”.

Their preacher then ranted about hedonism in Western society. “Christians!” he yelled to perplexed passers-by on the other side of the street, protected by an increasingly large number of police officers. “You have forgotten who Jesus really is!”

Although he made the error of...READ MORE

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Pope's 'Astonishing' Visit to Britain

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A nun laughs as she chats with a police officer while she waits to see Pope Benedict XVI's popemobile cross Lambeth Bridge in central London Sept. 17. (CNS photo/Andrew Winning, Reuters)

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster described the events of yesterday in which the Pope gave addresses in Westminster Hall, Westminster Abbey, and Lambeth Palace as “astonishing.”

It was the first time the Successor of Peter had ever set foot in any of these historic buildings which at any one time have been pillars of Church and State in Britain for the past thousand years.

In his first briefing of the visit to journalists today, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the welcome the Pope received at Westminster Hall and Abbey were “extraordinary”. He added that the Pope was “very impressed” by the richness of the Anglican liturgy in Westminster Abbey. 

The Vatican...READ MORE

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The Pope's Westminster Hall Speech

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The Holy Father’s speech to representatives of civil society, academic, cultural and entrepreneurial world, diplomatic corps and religious leaders in Westminster Hall:

Mr Speaker,

Thank you for your words of welcome on behalf of this distinguished gathering. As I address you, I am conscious of the privilege afforded me to speak to the British people and their representatives in Westminster Hall, a building of unique significance in the civil and political history of the people of these islands. Allow me also to express my esteem for the Parliament which has existed on this site for centuries and which has had such a profound influence on the development of participative government among...READ MORE

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