Pope Francis on Keys to Authentic Christian Humanism

Also shares his vision for Church reform in meeting with Italian faithful in Florence.

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Pope Francis addressing the Fifth National Ecclesial Convention in Florence Cathedral today.

Pope Francis has said it is “useless” to seek solutions to ills and problems in the Church through “conservatism and fundamentalism” and warned against a faith that is “locked in subjectivism” in a lengthy address to the Italian church in Florence today.

Addressing participants at the Fifth National Ecclesial Convention meeting to discuss the theme "In Jesus Christ the New Humanism",  Francis said both Pelagianism, a heresy that denies original sin, and Gnosticism, which denies Christ’s divinity, are temptations that “defeat” a true Christian humanism.

Pelagianism, the Pope told faithful gathered in Florence's Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, “prompts the Church not to be humble,...READ MORE

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La Civiltà Cattolica: Synod 'Opened Door' to Communion for Divorced-Remarried

Editorial in influential Jesuit journal says ordinary synod on the family 'laid foundations' for access to the sacraments

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Fr. Antonio Spadaro SJ

– Europa

The editor of an influential Jesuit periodical whose content is allegedly vetted by Pope Francis has penned an important new article on last month’s Ordinary Synod on the Family in which he controversially claims the meeting “laid the foundations” for civilly remarried divorcees to be admitted to the sacraments.

Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro, editor of La Civiltà Cattolica which is screened by the Secretariat of State, said paragraphs 84-86 of the synod’s final report relating to pastoral care for remarried-divorcees underline the importance of pastoral “discernment” on a case-by-case basis, “without putting any limits on integration, as appeared in the past.”

Noting that the report says...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Stealing of Vatican Documents 'Deplorable'

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Pope Francis at today's Angelus.


After reciting the Angelus prayer today, Pope Francis addressed the recent stealing and leaking of confidential Vatican documents, calling it a "deplorable act that does not help." 

He said the incident "does not deter me from the reform project we are carrying out."

Here below are his comments, followed by his address that preceded the Angelus:

"Dear brothers and Sisters,

I know that many of you have been upset by the news circulating in recent days concerning the Holy See’s confidential documents that were taken and published. For this reason I want to tell you, first of all, that stealing those documents was a crime. It’s a deplorable act that does not help. I personally had asked...READ MORE

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Cardinal Pell's Office: New Books Contain 'False and Misleading Claims'

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Cardinal George Pell


The Vatican Secretariat for the Economy has said two new books, each containing leaked Vatican financial information, have “included false and misleading claims” regarding ”management of expenditure” and “expenditure incurred” by Cardinal George Pell, the Secretariat’s prefect.

In a statement issued this evening, the Secretariat has sought to correct the allegations made in the two newly-published books, Avarice: The Papers That Reveal Wealth, Scandals and Secrets in the Church of Francis and Via Crucis, by Italian journalists Emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi. 

The statement says that the Secretariat for the Economy completed the year "well below its 2014 Budget and was one of the...READ MORE

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Priestly Confraternity Grateful to Synod for Affirming Church Teaching

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The British Confraternity of Catholic Clergy have expressed gratitude to the fathers of the Synod on the Family for "affirming, in a climate of challenge and confusion, Christ's unchanging teachings and the Church's constant doctrine" regarding marriage, the family and human sexuality. 

They also pledged to help remarried divorcees discern the will of God in their lives, but to do so never "detached" from "truth and the charity of the Gospel proposed by the Church", as the synod recalled. 

The confraternity, whose U.S. branch is headed by EWTN host Fr. John Trigilio, is an association of 600 priests and deacons in anglophone countries that is "pledged to the pursuit of personal holiness,...READ MORE

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BREAKING: Two Arrested Over Leak of Vatican Documents

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A monsignor and a woman who served on a financial reform commission set up by Pope Francis were arrested over the weekend suspected of leaking confidential information and documents.

A Vatican statement issued Monday said that Vatican prosecutors upheld the arrests of Francesca Chaouqui and Msgr. Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda. Chaouqui has since been freed because of her cooperation with the investigation, a Vatican spokesman said.

Both served on a now defunct commission, and Msgr. Vallejo Balda continues to work as a Vatican employee and secretary of COSEA, a body Francis set up in 2013 to advise the Pope on reform of Vatican finances.           

The Vatican said: "In the context of...READ MORE

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Fr. Lombardi: Latest Scalfari Article on Pope 'In No Way Reliable'

Vatican spokesman says La Repubblica article quoting Pope as wanting "all divorcees" admitted to the sacraments "cannot be considered the Pope's thinking"

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Reports that Pope Francis told the Italian journalist, Eugenio Scalfari, that remarried divorcees “will be admitted” to the sacraments via the confessional are “in no way reliable” and “cannot be considered as the Pope’s thinking", Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has said.

In a Nov. 1 article in La Repubblica, Scalfari, a 91 year-old atheist and Socialist, wrote that he had spoken with the Pope about the Synod on the Family on the telephone last Wednesday, during which Francis allegedly said: “We must not think that the family does not exist any longer, it will always exist, because ours is a social species, and the family is the support beam of sociability, but it cannot be...READ MORE

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Nostra Aetate: Does It Make Non-Christians Want to Convert?

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Interreligious representatives attending Pope Francis' weekly general audience Oct. 28.


Nostra Aetate has done much to improve relations between the Church and non-Christian religions, particularly Judaism, but although it wasn't the declaration's stated aim, does it nevertheless make followers of other religions want to join the one, true faith?

I put this question, and a common criticism of the declaration and interreligious dialogue in general, that it has fostered syncretism (the amalgamation of all religions into one), to representatives of three religions who were taking part in a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University to mark the 50th anniversary of the document.

Nostra Aetate, a declaration on the "Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions" of...READ MORE

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