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It's Not Christmas Yet

11/30/2010 Comments (26)

Every year, I seem to fight a losing battle with the culture, my kids, and myself in an attempt to observe Advent properly. Too often, what’s meant to be a time of waiting and preparing for Christmas turns into a premature celebration of Christmas—complete with parties, presents, Santa, and Rudolph.

I hate to be the grinch that says no to parties, so I try to keep a positive focus through Advent. One way to do that is through music, I have found. Advent has a music all its own, if you know where to look for it.

I like this version of O Come, O Come Emmannuel by Enya, for example. If you prefer a more classical version, this one is very nice.

What kind of music do you like to listen to during Advent? Do you have a Pandora station to share? If I can get enough links and recommendations here, I will put together a list that might be a helpful resource to other Catholics who want to keep the quiet and stillness of Advent this season, in the midst of the typical December busy-ness and noise.

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