How can I avoid false teachings on prayer? Part II of III

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Q: Dear Dan, I enjoy reading more modern writers about prayer and the spiritual life but I am always worried about false teachings that could lead me away from the heart of the Church. How can I know when an author is not orthodox or teaches something that could lead me to deception instead of to God?

In our first post we briefly reviewed the challenges that surface when we ignore the wisdom of the Church regarding the distinctions between the three different forms of prayer and the problem of spiritual naturalism. In this post we will cover the progressive nature of prayer and how a misunderstanding of this reality can lead us astray.

Ignorance of the Progressive Nature of Prayer


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How can I avoid false teachings on prayer? Part I of III

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Q: Dear Dan, I enjoy reading more modern writers about prayer and the spiritual life but I am always worried about false teachings that could lead me away from the heart of the Church. How can I know when an author is not orthodox or teaches something that could lead me to deception instead of to God?

A: You are wise to be concerned about finding the pure teaching of God on the matter of prayer. If the enemy can confuse us about the manner in which we communicate with our Lord, he can do much damage to our faith. Unfortunately, it seems that for every one good book on the topic of prayer, there are ten that contain various kinds of psuedo-mysticism that sound good and can yield positive...READ MORE

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The Napa Institute - A Conference that Should Not Be Missed

06/29/2013 Comment

For the last two years, the Napa Institute has been hosting a conference that is well worth the time and expense for those who take their faith seriously. The line-up of speakers is exceptional, the topics covered are critical to the challenges Catholic leaders face today, and the foundation is clear: the Eucharist.

This year's conference is Thursday, August 1 through Sunday, August 4 at the Meritage Resort & Spa in Napa, California. This year, the speakers are exploring themes of Sanctity of Work, Building a Catholic Culture, and Reason & Faith.

Among the reasons you should consider attending include the line-up of speakers and prelates who will be there:

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The Liturgy of the Hours for the Rest of Us

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The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours, by Daria Sockey (Servant Books, 2013), 116 pages 

If you're like any number of Catholics, you've heard of the breviary, the Divine Office, and the Liturgy of the Hours. Maybe you've tried your hand at an Hour or two. Maybe you've even succeeded.

But maybe, like many of our fellow Catholics, you've failed and given up, coming to the conclusion that those who devote themselves to the Liturgy of the Hours are either insane or much less busy than you are. If this is where you are, I hope you will find encouragement here to reengage or begin a new adventure into the unceasing prayer of the Church.

Since the beginning of my...READ MORE

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Meeting Pope Francis

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Francis, Pope of a New World, by Andrea Tornielli (Ignatius Press, 2013), 200 pages

In the first book to be released in a flurry of new releases and looks at our current pope, Francis, formerly Jorge Bergoglio, Andrea Tornielli presents an insider's view with a soft touch.

"Today's world requires the Church to witness to the Gospel more by her life than by her words," he writes. "Pope Francis, by being himself through and through, attracts."

This book is a look at Bergoglio from a viewpoint that feels both intimate and journalistic, which is to say, a bit jarring. Maybe that's what made it such a fast read.

Bergoglio is someone so many seem fascinated by and intrigued with, and...READ MORE

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Restoring the Sacred

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Christmas and Easter — those beautiful holy days when regular Mass attendees are squashed by the masses into the middle of the pews. What an annoyance.

Really? More like, what an opportunity!

It’s an opportunity we get to reach out to those masses at the Masses. As Matthew Kelly has pointed out in both Rediscover Catholicism and his latest book, Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic: Almost all of our "clientele" are in one place at one time. People come to Mass for Christmas and Easter. It's an influx of people who may — or may not — be there for an encounter with Christ. So, how do we keep them coming? What are we doing that could be more appealing? How can we be more relevant to what...READ MORE

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Facing the Cross

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Dear Dan, Every year on Good Friday, a friend invites me over to watch The Passion of the Christ,  and thus far I have turned her down every time. I have not seen the movie yet and worry about how watching such an intense depiction of the suffering of Our Lord might affect me emotionally. Yet I really feel compelled to watch the movie, in gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice. Should I reconsider and accept the invitation this year?

Dear friend, You're not alone in your struggle with the idea of watching Christ suffer in a manner as severe as it is depicted in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. In 2005, Gibson himself responded to concerns that it was too violent for a broad audience by...READ MORE

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Prayer Intentions for Our New Pope!

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Q: Dear Dan, I have been more involved in this papal election than any in my life, and I have been praying every day for the cardinals and the new pope. Now that we have a new pope, how can I keep this positive momentum? I am very excited for the future of the Church, and I know I should continue to pray for Pope Francis.

A: Dear Friend, thank you for doing your part in praying for our cardinals so seriously. Our prayers really do make a difference. The Holy Spirit is clearly at work within you, as the Church has always asked us to pray for and with our popes. These are exciting times!

One way you can keep your heart and prayers connected to our new pope is to stay abreast of...READ MORE

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