Run away … or stand up and fight for the Truth?

02/13/2014 Comments (32)

In the increasingly hostile climate that surrounds the Catholic Church today, we are faced with two ways to respond. And more and more Catholics are deciding that running away is not their style. Fueled by the attacks on the Church, they instead are leaning in and working to better understand and defend their faith.

I recently met a woman in her 70's who has come back to the Church after decades away. She indicated that the shift in her life was due to the constant attacks on the Church. She said, "I kept reading about the assault on our religious liberties and it prompted me to ask myself, 'Why did I ever leave the Church in the first place?'" She has initiated efforts to learn her...READ MORE

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Spiritual New Year's Resolutions

12/31/2013 Comments (4)

It's that time of year again - New Year’s resolutions abound.

Looking back on this past year, did you grow in your faith and in holiness? Here's a good test; ask yourself whether if those closest to you were asked this question about you, would their answer be a resolute “yes!”?

If not, do you have a purposeful plan to grow closer to Christ this coming year you might consider this question, "Are you fully prepared to meet God face to face if this year is your last?"

Though it was years ago, it only seems like yesterday when I attended my brother Shannon’s funeral – he was 35 years old when he died. About a year prior, I attended my sister Linda’s funeral – she was 32. In between...READ MORE

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The Three Advents of Ascent

12/07/2013 Comments (7)

As I sit here writing this I just returned from giving a retreat to a group of Directors of Religious Education based in part on my book Navigating the Interior Life. We talked about spiritual growth secrets of the saints yesterday, and then with one more session to go, I lost my voice - 100% gone.

Now at home I am wiped out, tired, and feeling run down. Even so, I have a great deal of joy and peace. I saw God work yesterday in a few folks who allowed themselves to be moved by Him. Don’t be fooled by an instinct to think that I am speaking figuratively. I saw Him in a powerful and tangible way, offering healing, hope, and the abundant life. My prayer for each participant is that they...READ MORE

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Christmas in Hell

11/20/2013 Comments (16)

Dante described the inscription over the gates of hell: “Abandon Every Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.” And though the eternal torments of hell associated with the rejection of God are incomparable with any suffering in this life, there is an appropriate expression that reveals the worst that this life can bring: “Hell on Earth.” The key distinction between the two types of hell? Despite the anguish of “hell on earth,” there is always the possibility, even if remote, of relief, comfort and hope

The original title for this post was, “My Christmas Wish List” — and it still applies because my list this year is not about getting something, but about giving something. If you were to ask me...READ MORE

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The Devil’s War On Silence in Mass

11/05/2013 Comments (170)

A consistent thread in the resulting dialogue from my post “The Devil’s War On Silence” was on the common problem of the disturbing absence of silence in Mass. This is clearly a challenge that is very familiar to the majority of faithful Catholics.

Frequently, the noise assaults us right when we enter the church — from the choir, the parishioners and other sources. This despite the fact that the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) clearly outlines the critical importance and specific instructions for the place of sacred silence in the Mass:

"Sacred silence also, as part of the celebration, is to be observed at the designated times," the GIRM says. "Its purpose, however,...READ MORE

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Who Can I Trust?

10/22/2013 Comments (38)

About a decade before I converted to Catholicism, I was struggling with aridity. Former protestants can attest to the fact that there is little help in protestantism for this or any other significant spiritual malady. So, I began searching, and I stumbled across a priest who had written on the topic. This priest provided me with the wisdom I needed — wisdom the Holy Spirit used to not only help me get past that particular challenge, but also to deepen my understanding of how the Lord works in and through aridity to further our union with him.

After becoming Catholic, I discovered that this author was condemned by the inquisition, and appropriately so, for the heresy of Quietism. That...READ MORE

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Longing for the Face of God - Navigating the Interior Life - Part IV of IV

10/17/2013 Comments (11)

In our first post of this series we covered an introduction to the concept of the three ways of the interior life. In part II and part III we covered the first and second of the three ways. In this post we will finalize our exploration of the ways. Before we jump into this final post and close out this series, I want to provide one last opportunity for you to join an online interactive webinar on this topic that I will provide on the evening of November 1st. To learn more and to REGISTER, click HERE.

Unitive Way (Spiritual Adulthood):

The principle characteristic of this phase is a simple and constant awareness of God’s presence, a near constant state of communion with Him, and...READ MORE

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Longing for the Face of God - Navigating the Interior Life – Part III of IV

10/14/2013 Comments (6)

In our first post of this series we covered an introduction to the concept of the three ways of the interior life. In part II we covered the first of the three ways. In this post we will continue to focus on a summary of the second phase, the Illuminative way. If you have not yet read the previous posts, you might want to; this post is not likely to be well understood without context. For easy reference and orientation I have again provided the illustration that compares the human to spiritual development lifecycle here:

The Illuminative Way (Spiritual Adolescence):

The soul in this phase is characterized by purposeful and consistent growth in prayer, virtue, love of neighbor, a...READ MORE

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