WYD's ‘Memory and Mission’ Lives On in Rio

Rio De Janeiro’s cardinal kicked off a week of events to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ World Youth Day trip to Brazil.

07/18/2014 Comment
Chris Kudialis

Photo exhibit picturing Pope Francis with the keys of the city of Rio De Janeiro before World Youth Day 2013.

– Chris Kudialis

Though the one-year anniversary of World Youth Day 2013 isn’t until July 22, the festivities have already begun in Rio de Janeiro.

On July 15, Cardinal Orani João Tempesta celebrated the first of 12 days of WYD commemoration events, with the theme ‘Memory and Mission.’ The event included the unveiling of 80 near-lifesize WYD photos, displayed across Rio’s ‘Largo da Carioca’ city square.

“The goal is to reawaken the beauty of World Youth Day,” said Cardinal Orani in Portuguese. “I’m sure many who will pass through here lived WYD in one way or another – whether from their homes, in their parishes or on Copacabana Beach.”

Nearly 1,000 clergy, pilgrims and volunteers were on hand for the...READ MORE

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A Conversation with Rio's Cardinal on the Pope, the Poor, Peace & Sports

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With the one year anniversary of World Youth Day 2013 coming up in less than two weeks, its memory and mission lives on the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In almost perfect timing, I was invited to a special press opportunity this morning, commemorating the full reconstruction of Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue, after lighting destroyed several fingers and part of its head.

The statue, considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is struck by lightning an average of six times each year, and needed nearly $1,000,000 worth of renovations. Sponsored by the international tire company Pirelli, the work took place from January to June, and included the installation of four cameras on...READ MORE

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World Cup Soccer: Players, Fans and Faith

07/10/2014 Comments (3)

Until traveling abroad, I was never a huge soccer fan. Like most Americans, I wasn’t born and raised watching the sport.

But in most countries across the globe, soccer is king. By far the world’s most popular sport, soccer has an estimated 3.5 billion worldwide fans – the most passionate of whom seem to be here in Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

During the past month, I’ve witnessed a fervor for sports I’ve never experienced during five years covering both college and professional sports in the United States: people moved to tears at the sight of watching their countries compete on the world’s biggest international stage – a stage bigger than the Winter Olympics, and second only to...READ MORE

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