Every year, at this time of year, everyone looks forward to Christmas―atheist and Christian alike.

We look forward to it for obvious reasons―first, the glorious birth of the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Eternal Father, Prince of Peace, King of Kings―and, of course the presents.

But, more importantly, fundamentalist atheists look forward to this day every year so that they can grab a few headlines. They save up their money and buy advertisement space with the expressed purpose of trying to hurt the feeling of Christians—but oddly, never Jews or Muslims during their holidays. They hire lawyers as noodges and chooches to rain on everyone’s else’s parade. They could have spent their money on poor kids but generosity wouldn’t draw enough attention to their self-appointed delusion that they are, indeed, very generous to poor kids.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22 for them.

If it weren’t for their protesting Christmas, fundamentalist atheists would never get out of the house, or their grandmother’s basement.

It’s their raison d'être. They have to complain and refuse to read books otherwise they would have to abandon all that they cherish―including their prideful narcissism and utter contempt of the poor and needy…and every theist on the planet.

If they spent as much time assisting the poor as they do trying to stop us assisting the poor and complain when they don’t get their way, they’d be doing themselves, us and the poor a great favor.

However, realistically speaking, there’s little chance of them making the news for building a hospital or school for poor kids. Ever since the Reign of Terror (Sept. 5, 1793 – July 28, 1794)―the debut of public atheism―they’ve managed produce zero such charitable concerns. Catholics, on the other hand, having already created the world’s first hospitals and universities, are currently maintaining and operating 125,000 hospitals and 135,000 schools around the world including in countries that don’t much like us. (These number including leprosaria, retirement centers, pregnancies centers, employment centers which function as hospitals and/or schools for their specialized populations.) I think it’s safe to presume that, despite what fundamentalist atheists say about them being “compassionate, generous and kind,” it’s useless to wait any longer for them to finally offer proof of their delusions.

Let there be no confusion― secularist-led attacks on the sanctity of Christmas is at the expense of the poor who could desperately use an atheist’s supposed generosity just as joyously as they already enjoy Christian generosity. And yet, fundamentalist atheists blatantly ignore the pleas of the poor, sick and hungry… even at Christmastime.

Admittedly, even atheists are ashamed of their own behavior―otherwise they wouldn’t lie about being “generous.” Every atheist who had ever lied to me about being generous toward the poor have always had the same excuse about why they couldn’t produce their canceled checks―their dogs ate them.

But, despite the best efforts of fundamentalist atheists, Christmas still goes on. Our churches are full (at least on Christmas Day). Our schools and hospitals are still maintained. Hopefully, Catholics are mostly doing good in the world. It’s easy to sit on our laurels considering the unprecedented evil perpetrated by atheists in their relatively short history―they’ve managed to kill 275 million people in the past two centuries―and an abject lack of any good committed by fundamentalist atheists (i.e., zero atheist-inspired charities anywhere at anytime.)

Admittedly, these noodges and chooches sometimes put the kibosh on a Nativity scene here and there, despite their selfish machinations and delusions of erudition and compassion, there are places around the world, Asia in particular, where there are no Christmas wars.

Everywhere I turn in Asia, I see Christmas trees, wreathes and decorations. Even in atheist terrorist-led countries such as China and Vietnam, one can scarcely walk a block without seeing a Christmas tree or signs that wish everyone the merriest of Christmases. Admittedly, there are more than enough Santa Clauses and reindeer but, there’s always the star atop each tree that gives me, and hopefully, you, hopeful pause.

Throughout Asia, specifically, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and even Malaysia, home of an increasingly hostile anti-Christian Muslim element, you can find open signs of Christians, Christianity and Christmas. No matter what atheists, and others who hate us, try to do, we remain while they pass.

The unthinking Christian would balk at my seeming support for a “secularized” Christmas replete with Frosty the Snowman inflatable lawn decorations. I believe those Christians are misguided. It’s easier to catch a fish who is familiar with Christmas than it is to catch a fish who doesn’t understand and appreciate the inherent joy in the holiday.

On Dec. 16, 1950, President Truman proclaimed a national state of emergency in order to fight atheist "communist imperialism." Every pope since Leo XIII echoed that clarion call.

The fight continues to this day.

And so, as I end this article, I wish everyone the merriest of Christmases, the Most Solemn of Marian Solemnities. Pray for the atheists―they scarcely have anyone to pray for them at all and they desperately need our love and forgiveness. And, frankly, do you really want God to remind you at the End of Time about holding grudges against those who would prefer to wipe us off the planet? Not me…He’s already got enough stuff on me as it is.