Cardinal Baldisseri Has To Go

02/26/2015 Comments (118)

"Let us invoke openness to a sincere, open and fraternal exchange of views, that it might lead us to take pastoral responsibility for the questions that this changing time brings with it."  — Pope Francis on the Synod.

"Let no one say, 'This can't be said, they will think this or that about me.' Everything we feel must be said, with parrhesia," a Greek word meaning to speak candidly or boldly, and without fear. — Pope Francis on the Synod.

"... a cardinal wrote to me saying that it was a pity that some cardinals did not have the courage to say certain things out of respect for the pope, thinking perhaps that the pope thought differently. This is not good -- it is not synodality, because...READ MORE

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02/23/2015 Comments (107)

It is all the rage today within certain circles of the faithful to declare groups and individuals in schism.  The so-called left does it.  The so-called right does it.  Everybody is getting in on this game.

Spend a few hours on social media and you will see all kinds of people declared in schism by those with self-vested powers.  Through careful study and analysis, I have determined objective criteria deployed by those with the magic power to detect schism in others.  Anyone to the left of our trusted inquisitor is a hippie liberal heretic.  Anyone to the right is a wild-eyed traddie who, if not schismatic in practice, must be in their hearts.  But you, my dear social media inquisitor, you...READ MORE

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Islamic Terrorists Vow to "Conquer Rome." The World Wonders What They Mean

02/17/2015 Comments (64)

ISIS executioners killed 21 Coptic Christians in a horrific video released this week. The lead executioner speaking in English, pointed his knife and vowed “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission."

And the world wonders what he means by this cryptic statement.

Heck, the world can't seem to figure out who the terrorists are or what their motive is, despite them telling anyone who will listen their goals.

So we look to our political leaders, our best and brightest to offer some clarifying answers on this perplexing mystery. The White House, commenting on the massacre, lamented the loss of "Egyptian citizens." In its statement, it failed to mention the faith of the victims which seemed...READ MORE

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The Red and Lowering Sky

02/12/2015 Comments (53)

"And in the morning: Today there will be a storm, for the sky is red and lowering. You know then how to discern the face of the sky: and can you not know the signs of the times? " Matthew 16:3

Some years back, I was the IT manager for a large company. We were moving the datacenter to Long Island. In the course of doing my due diligence, I discovered that both of our datacenter network access providers, while providing completely divergent network infrastructure to our datacenter, routed their traffic through the same building in lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center. Meaning, if this facility experienced a significant problem, all access to my company’s datacenter would be lost. That...READ MORE

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Some Trads Walk Into A Gay Bar

02/09/2015 Comments (137)

It almost sounds like a joke. So these traditional Catholics walk into a gay bar...


At the southern-most tip of France, between Marseille and Cannes, you will find the city of Toulon. Just meters away from the Mediterranean, you will find Eglise Saint François de Paule run by the Divine Mercy Missionaries. Eglise Saint François de Paule is located in a part of the city that has long been a mecca for the gay community. In fact, right next door to the Church was the Texas Bar, a famous gay bar.

The Divine Mercy Missionaries had several times tried to buy the bar and close it down, to no avail. But recently the bar went bankrupt and the building went to auction during liquidation.

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Fox to Air Show About Lucifer?

02/05/2015 Comments (13)

Comic books coming to television and movies are all the rage right now and raking in all sorts of money. But I'm thinking Fox may have taken the wrong lesson from that trend. They're announcing a new show about Lucifer based on a comic book. Yup. Ol' stick himself.

The show is being created by Tom Kapinos who made the show "Californication." The show is described as a "slice of life" drama about the Devil moving out of Hell and into Los Angeles. (Seems like a lateral move to me.) It'll be about a completely amoral character hob-nobbing with California elites so it'll essentially be exactly like "Californication." In fact, I watched one episode of Californication so I know a little bit...READ MORE

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UK Mother of Six Could Be Sterilized

02/03/2015 Comments (29)

The UK government may soon be all set to forcibly sterilize a mother of six with learning disabilities, according to shocking news reports. But don't worry, they say it's for her own good.

Social Services have requested that a judge approve of them forcibly entering her home, dragging her to the hospital, and sterilizing her. But they say it has nothing to do with eugenics. No. It's nothing like that.

Health and social services officials want the judge to declare: the woman lacks capacity to make decisions under the terms of mental capacity legislation; a "therapeutic" sterilisation is in her best interests – and authorise medics to sterilise her; to authorise her removal from her home to...READ MORE

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They Call Them Theories For A Reason

01/27/2015 Comments (78)

Some few months back I wrote a post in which I advised that the Church should be more cautious in giving its seeming imprimatur to various different scientific theories. The post was widely misunderstood (my fault) as saying that the Church shouldn't discuss science. I wish to be clear here that I do not suggest such a thing. The Church should and must speak to science and scientists about the proper limits and morals that should govern scientific inquiry.

But I would like to re-emphasize my previous suggestion that the Church hierarchy, and in particular Popes, should refrain from suggesting acceptance of or even specifically endorsing particular theories about the origins of the...READ MORE

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