Bravely Facing the Applause

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So there's this new romantic comedy out, promoted by Planned Parenthood, called Obvious Child in which the heroine "bravely" kills her child so as to counter the pernicious message of life and joy in children that marred such films as Juno and Knocked Up. The tragic decision of these two films to welcome a baby instead of tear it limb from limb or jam scissors in its brain is atoned for by this story in which, as a friend of mine put it, "everyone is so brave in the movie, according to the reviews. The woman doesn't tell the father. Which is very brave. She "never wavers" in her choice to abort. Brave again. She apparently has no remorse, which is yet more evidence of her bravery. It's a...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Announces He May Renounce the Papacy One Day: 6 Things to Know and Share

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Pope Francis has announced his intention to one day renounce the papacy. Here are 6 things to know and share . . .

Pope Benedict shocked the world in 2013 by announcing his plans to renounce the papacy, becoming the first pope in centuries to do so.

I predicted at the time that it would not be centuries before another pope resigned, and that Benedict may have started a trend.

That prediction is now being borne out. Pope Francis has announced he may one day renounce the papacy also.

Here are 6 things to know and share . . .


1) Where did Pope Francis make his remarks?

In an interview with the Spanish-language newspaper La Vanguardia.

You can read the Spanish original here.

And you can read an English translation here.


2) How did the subject come up?

The reporter asked Pope Francis about...READ MORE

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So, How Gay IS ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’?

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How to Train Your Dragon’s Gobber the Belch Comes Out As Gay,” headlines screamed in the weeks prior to the release of DreamWorks’ animated sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Voiced by Craig Ferguson, Gobber — the tough old trainer with a peg leg and interchangeable prosthetic arm devices — was one of the best characters in the original How to Train Your Dragon.

In a standard-issue “Junior Knows Best” plot with an imperious, disapproving authoritarian father — Stoick the Vast — who didn’t understand his scrawny but thoughtful offspring Hiccup, Gobber was a sympathetic authority figure who gratifyingly didn’t fit the anti-patriarchal narrative. As I wrote in my 2010 review

[Hiccup’s]...READ MORE

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A Reader Wonders about Generational Healing

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Wondering if you know anything and have some insight into the 'generational healing' movement?
This phrase is making its way around a circle of friends and it is new to me. What I am reading on-line gives me pause for concern not to mention one friend talking about 'family curses'. The words of Jesus from John 9 come to mind for me. But I'm the first one to admit that I don't know everything.

I suspect there is something to it, within reason. The interconnectedness of persons is an integral part of our faith, or both original sin and the redemption are nonsense, since both our fallenness and our salvation depend on the choices, merits, and sin of others redounding to us in many complex...READ MORE

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What Makes a Good Dad?

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Here are some of the things I admire in my husband's fathering:

1.  He is a loving and attentive husband. Yes, this is relevant to being a dad. By treating me well, he shows our sons how men treat women, and he shows our daughters what to expect from men. 
Beyond the example he sets, he knows that a strong marriage is at the center of a family, and if anything besides God becomes more important than the marriage – and this includes children! – then the marriage will suffer, and then so will the children.  If you want to be good to your children, work on making your marriage stronger and happier.

2. He lets them see him praying.  Religion is not some kind of squishy, girly thing at our...READ MORE

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Archbishop Chaput Unveils Plans for 2015 World Meeting of Families

Pope Francis is expected to attend the September 22-27, 2015 meeting in Philadelphia.

06/11/2014 Comment

"Love is our mission; the family fully alive." – Archbishop Chaput 

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia invited  Catholics to the 2015 “Global” Celebration of Families, during a June 11 address at the U.S. bishops’ spring meeting in New Orelans. 

The 2015 World Meeting of Families is scheduled to take place next year from September 22-27, and is expected to attract a worldwide audience, with an estimated 1 million people participating in the weekend events. Chaput said that state and local government and business leaders had stepped up to help with logistics and other issues.

And that's a good thing, because the cost of next year's meeting will easily run into the tens of millions...READ MORE

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Beautiful Model Gives Up Flourishing Career To Become Nun

06/11/2014 Comments (24)

At the top of her flourishing career, a beautiful Spanish model has given it all up to become a nun.

Olalla Oliveros, a beautiful and well known Spanish model who did advertisements, television commercials, and worked as an actress has given up her career and decided to become a nun. Last month, Oliveros entered the semi-cloistered Order of Saint Michael.

Oliveros during modeling career.

Oliveros is reluctant to talk about herself, but says she had an "earthquake" experience on a visit to Fatima and could not shake the image of herself dressed as a nun, which at the time she thought was absurd.
Olalla Oliveros -- Second from right.

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When Your Child Has Problems

06/10/2014 Comments (27)

Jennifer Fitz has written a sane and compassionate post for Christian parents who think their children may be transgendered. She makes a distinction among three scenarios. 

First is the child who appears to have a mismatched identity, but is actually after something far simpler than sex reassignment surgery. For instance, a little boy who wants to wear a dress may actually just want to be dressed up, and will be happy to wear a snazzy vest and tie. A little girl who says she wishes she could be a boy scout may actually just be yearning for the action and excitement that's missing in her girl scout troop. These are, says Fitz, "not actually a sex thing."

The second category includes boys...READ MORE

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