Palin, Subsidiarity, And Death Panels

04/27/2010 Comments (12)

Subsidiarity.  Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Last year during the run up to the eventual passing of the Obamacare bill, President Obama had to take to the airwaves several times to promote the bill.  One significant reason why was the dextrous dubbing of care rationing panels as ‘death panels’ by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

When Palin gave a name to the fear, the poll numbers for the bill really began to crash.  President Obama and his supporters were livid.  They ran to any network that would put them on air to decry the use of the term and to personally ridicule Palin for saying it.  They said over and over and over again, there is no such thing as a Death Panel.

So now the deed...READ MORE

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Ridiculing Pope Benedict

04/26/2010 Comments (13)

In preparation for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Great Britain, a group of British diplomats circulated a memo offering suggestions for a to-do list of sorts for the Pope including launching a new line of ‘ Benedict’ condoms, inviting the Pope to open an abortion clinic or bless a gay marriage.

Nice, huh?

While the British government quickly offered an official apology many sources in the British government and media seem to be saying that anyone truly offended by the memo simply lacks a sense of humor. Mind you, I’m a fan of satire and humor. Over at my blog Creative Minority Report we keep things pretty light. But what the British Foreign Office did this week can’t really be...READ MORE

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Did Priest Break Seal Of Confession?

04/22/2010 Comments (22)

In all the media hype surrounding the sex abuse scandal, haters of the Church have wondered if that scandal could destroy the Church and the priesthood.  The short answer is no, but a scandal like this one could. (Not destroy permanently, of course. Nothing could do that.)

Father David Verhasselt, a priest in the parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria Church in the diocese of Milwaukee, has been placed on administrative leave because he is under investigation for breaking the seal of confession.

The charge is so serious that Archbishop Jerome Listecki has even barred Fr. Verhasselt from visiting the church.

According to local news in Milwaukee

“The allegation itself has internal...READ MORE

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The Longest 48 Hours of My Life

04/20/2010 Comments (14)

My life had always responded to my will and even my whim. The times of my life were dictated by me. During high school I had a great time. I didn’t try very hard but I got by. Any girlfriends I’d had I broke it off with them. I never had my heart broken. In college I studied hard and had lots of fun. And when it came to finding a wife I looked for an Irish Catholic accounting major and found exactly who I wanted. I married her shortly after graduating. When I looked for a career after college I walked into a newspaper and told them I’d work seven nights a week for free for a month and if they liked what I wrote they could start paying me. They did.

It’s not that everything came easy...READ MORE

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A National Day Of Prayer, Hardly

04/19/2010 Comments (105)

Last week it was widely reported that a Federal judge, in an absurd decision, killed the National Day of Prayer.

No she didn’t.

It has also been widely speculated that the decision of the descriptively named Judge Crabb will be over-turned by a higher court and the National Day of Prayer will live again.

No it won’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this absurd decision - a decision which willfully ignores everything the framers thought and stood for - should be overturned.  However, The National Day of Prayer was dead long before Crabb killed it and it will take more than reversal on appeal for it to ever really live again.

Truth is, the National Day of Prayer signifies nothing more than a...READ MORE

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Bomb the Vatican?

04/15/2010 Comments (71)

The media has been fanning the flames of anti-Catholicism this month and now
a columnist for the state owned ABC in Australia is comparing the Pope to Osama bin Laden and asking, “Why not bomb the Vatican, and riddle the Pope with bullets as he staggers out of the flames?”

Columnist Bob Ellis, in what has to be the most alarmingly ignorant and offensively anti-Catholic piece in the mainstream media, compares Pope Benedict to Osama Bin Laden:

Let’s consider for a while the comparable crimes, or iniquities, or sins, or misdeeds, or culpable errors of Osama bin Laden and the Pope. Osama’s followers killed 3,000 people in New York and around 700 more by terrorist acts in London, Bali, Madrid...READ MORE

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A Time For Prophecy

04/13/2010 Comments (6)

Prophecy has a bad rap.

When people think of prophecy, wild visions of predicted doom rush to mind.  One cannot divorce prophecy from the prediction of future events, no sense in arguing that point.  But in seeing only the obvious, many people lose sight of the purpose of this important gift of the Holy Spirit, to provide hope.

The Old Testament prophets did not primarily concern themselves with events in the future or portray the future as some abstract freight train of destiny filled with unstoppable momentum.  Rather, God sent prophets to tell the people what they are doing wrong, to rebuke them for turning away from God and the commandments, and to cajole them with visions of a future...READ MORE

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Reality Show Abortions

04/12/2010 Comments (10)

Feminists want a little more reality. But only a little.

You might know the MTV show “16 and Pregnant,” which to its credit does show that getting pregnant isn’t all that great as an unmarried teen. But the show is being criticized by some self declared feminists who believe the show isn’t keeping it real enough.

Guess what they want? Come on. One guess. Ding Ding. More abortions!!!

Jessica Valenti, the creator of the Feministing blog, asked “Where are the pregnant teens who choose not to stay pregnant? Where are the abortions?”

She points out that nearly a third of teen pregnancies end in abortion yet the show has gone a full season with two adoptions but no abortions.

But if that’s...READ MORE

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