“Jesus’ Wife” Claim Exposed as a Whopping Fraud

In a bombshell article, The Atlantic exposes a Harvard professor who bet her reputation on the veracity of a pornographer.

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Via Wikimedia Commons

– Via Wikimedia Commons

These days, people who get their theology from cable TV all seem to “know” that Jesus had a wife.

How do they know? Because the news media has told them time and time again that He did.

How does the media know? Well, there’s a celebrated professor at Harvard Divinity School – Dr. Karen King – who says so. She’s been talking up the fact from Boston to Rome.

How does she know? She possesses an ancient papyrus where Jesus tells us He had a wife. Then the prestigious Harvard Theological Review published a whole journal edition on the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife,” and the Smithsonian Channel produced a major documentary. National Geographic confidently declared, “No Forgery Evidence Seen in...READ MORE

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So The Apostles Faked the Resurrection? Really?

The lives (and deaths) of the Apostles prove that Christ really did rise from the dead.

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Via Wikimedia Commons

– Via Wikimedia Commons

I've read a number of times (including a rather nasty email) that the apostles probably faked the resurrection? It always makes me laugh.

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, "The 'wise' do not believe in the resurrection of the dead. It is really quite absurd [to them]. The Ascension had to be made up by groveling enthusiasts as part of their plan to get themselves martyred."

On the day, that Christ was crucified, the Bible states that the apostles were scattered and on the run. Their leader had just been arrested, tortured, and crucified. Running kinda' made sense. But you know what doesn't make sense though? Everything that happened next if you don't believe in the...READ MORE

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Recent Key Appointments Unsettle John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family

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Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia

– Wikipedia

Last month, Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, until now president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, as the new grand chancellor of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family.

The Institute, established in 1981, is devoted to the study of the truth about the human person in all its dimensions with the aim of generating a “culture of life”. Headquartered in Rome, it has centers in Washington D.C. and around the world.

Archbishop Paglia has often spoken out in defense of the Church’s teaching on family, marriage and human sexuality, but he has also made it clear through his statements and actions that he is no standard-bearer of the...READ MORE

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Meet Church Curmudgeon: The Grumpiest, Funniest Guy on Twitter; and Many More Great Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

09/12/2016 Comment

Click on Meet Church Curmudgeon: The Grumpiest, Funniest Guy on Twitter by Mary Rezac of the Catholic News Agency link to read more.

Meet Church Curmudgeon: The Grumpiest, Funniest Guy on Twitter - Mary Rezac, Catholic News Agency 

Have Catholic Merchandise You Want to Sell? Someone Just Made It Ridiculously Easy - Shaun McAfee, epicPew

Deaconesses and the Dangers of Antiquarianism – Christian Browne, Crisis Magazine

True History of Celibacy Shows Married Men, If Ordained, Lived Continently – Fr. Jerome Bertram, Catholic Herald

St. Clare: Virgin Warrior Against Islamic Terror! – Taylor Marshall Ph.D.

Islam: When the Church can Speak Authoritatively, and When She Cannot – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture

Lessons from Prison Ministry – Laura De Maria, Catholic Stand

DOCAT, “Spicy Peppercorns” and the Pope’s...READ MORE

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Homily: Prodigals, Pig Slop, Pornography and Penance

09/11/2016 Comments (5)

The Return of the Prodigal Son (Rembrandt, 1662–1669)

Note: The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks came up a number of times in Sunday’s Mass at my home parish of St. John’s in Orange, NJ — but not in my homily. I was open to it, but the readings, especially the parable of the prodigal son, led me in other directions. I was surprised at how important the topic of pornography became in this homily; still, I tried to keep the main focus on God’s mercy and on two of the three things that are called “penance”: repentance or contrition and the sacrament of confession. (The third kind of penance, prayers or other outward works of “satisfaction,” wasn’t discussed.) This lightly edited version is actually longer than either of the two forms of the...READ MORE

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This Universe Was Made For Us

The Multiverse Theory is speculative in the extreme. It's not science. It's not even pseudoscience. It's anti-science.

09/11/2016 Comments (12)

Artist's logarithmic scale conception of the observable universe. (Image credit: “Unmismoobjetivo”, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Physicists who are inclined to believe in God refer to the Cosmos as an “Anthropic Universe” — a universe made specifically, perfectly, for humanity.

This idea was first promulgated in 1973 by Brandon Carter, a physicist at Cambridge University, who referred to it at a conference in Poland honoring Fr. Nicholas Copernicus.

Carter argued that a random assortment of natural laws would have left the universe dead and dark and that life limits the values that the universe's physical constants can have — in other words, the laws of physics themselves are biased toward life. Our universe is perfectly tailored for life.

Five hundred years ago, Copernicus had dislodged mankind as the center of...READ MORE

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Robert Spencer vs. Monsignor Stuart Swetland: Is Islam a Religion of Peace, and More Great Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

09/11/2016 Comments (2)

Click on Robert Spencer vs. Monsignor Stuart Swetland: Is Islam a “Religion of Peace”, a Hot Debate via Fr. Z’s Blog link to read more.

Robert Spencer vs. Monsignor Stuart Swetland: Is Islam a “Religion of Peace”, a Hot Debate - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Debtors Need Our Help – Amy-Jo Crowley, Catholic Herald

Will Pope Francis Create a New American Cardinal This Time? – John L. Allen Jr., Crux

Global Warming Scheme to Stop Creating Children – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic News and Inspiration

Teach the Faith, Please – R.J. Snell Ph.D., Crisis Magazine

Young Priest Whom Pope Encouraged in Battle Against Cancer Dies – Carolina Requena, Catholic News Agency

At Walsingham, an Ancient Devotion Continues to Thrive – Joanna Bogle, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

El Salvador Kicks Off Jubilee Year to...READ MORE

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Lord, Make Me a Banyan Tree

09/11/2016 Comments (4)

A banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) in Banyan Tree Park, Lahaina, Hawaii. (Photo credit: “Melikamp”, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

We lost a mighty tree in our front yard last winter. It was an ash, and yes, it was already dead — defeated by Michigan’s pernicious emerald ash borer. When it toppled during a windstorm, it brought down the electrical wires, snapping a wooden pole, pulling the meter off our house and taking out the cable and internet in one fell swoop. The weight of the massive trunk wrestled the roots from the damp earth, and 80 feet of bark and bole and branch sprawled across the lawn.

Looking at the snarl of boughs and branches, at the mess of roots at its base, I couldn’t help but wonder what God had been thinking when He’d assigned such a small rootball the task of holding up this lofty log.

*  *  *...READ MORE

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