Register Radio - EWTN’s HHS Lawsuit and Buffer Zone at Abortion Facilities

06/30/2014 Comments (4)

This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo talks with EWTN’s Chairman and CEO Michael Warsaw about the Network’s legal challenge to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate.  Then Jeanette and Dana Cody, President and Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, look at the Supreme Court’s recent decision that bans 35 foot buffer zones at Massachusetts’s abortion facilities.

Michael Warsaw on EWTN’s HHS Lawsuit

Michael Warsaw is the Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of Eternal Word Television Network, Inc. He joined EWTN in 1991 and has held senior management positions in the areas of television production, satellite operations, and technical...READ MORE

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Hobby Lobby Wins!

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This morning the Supreme Court released its decision in the cases of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood v. Sebelius about the ability of the government to force businesses and business owners to violate their religious principles by mandating contraception and abortifacients.

The decision is a narrowly defined 5-4 win for Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood that says closely held corporations, like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood, cannot be required to provide contraception coverage.

From Scotusblog

RFRA applies to regulations that govern the activities of closely held for-profit corporations like Conestoga, HL and Mardel.

The Court says that the government has failed to show that...READ MORE

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood in 5-4 Decision

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UPDATE 7/1 : The Catholic University of America's Mark Rienzi,  who is also a lawyer for the Becket Fund, and won the McCullen v. Coakley "buffer zone" case in a unanimous decision from the U.S Supreme Court last week, offered some interesting points about yesterday's "landmark" decision on Hobby Lobby. Check it out here.

The Register will be providing breaking coverage of today's decision, as legal experts assess the ruling.


The indispensable Ed Whelan at National Review's Bench Memos on the Hobby Lobby ruling here. 

Toward the end of his post, Whelan addresses the still unresolved issue of whether this ruling will apply, at least in part, to a future SCOTUS decision on legal...READ MORE

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We Who Are About to Camp Salute You

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Guess what my husband and I almost got into a fight about the other day? That's right: it was about whether it makes more sense to spend lots of money on air mattresses that get leaky and go flat in a few days, or if we should settle for the ones which are leaky and flat right out of the box.

If you look closely, you will see that there is a small strain a fatalism in our plans. This is because we are going camping. With all nine kids. In two cabins without electricity. For five days. Again.

We're doing this for two reasons: (a) we firmly, if unscientifically, believe it is good for us as a family in some way and (b) I dunno. We made our reservations back in January, when all kinds of...READ MORE

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Summer Reading: Saints and Romance

06/28/2014 Comments (3)

Summer reading doesn’t have to be frivolous. It doesn’t have to be guilty.

But, for me, it does have to be good. The story, the writing, the whole “taste” of a book: it has to be up-to-par.

John Beahn originally published A Rich Young Man in 1953. TAN Books re-released it last year with updated punctuation, spelling, and diction, and corrected typographical errors. It landed in my mailbox, and I found myself curled up and getting to know an old friend in a new way.

St. Anthony and I go way back. I’ve become as bad as any Catholic I know for turning to him when I lose anything, and during some difficult days in my second pregnancy, I couldn’t help but turn to him, as he was my patron...READ MORE

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LCWR Update: Playing Politics Again — This Time With Pope Francis

06/27/2014 Comments (55)

Much ado is being made about a letter reportedly given to Pope Francis on June 23 that claims the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is being treated unfairly by the Vatican.

In 2012, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) mandated a reform of the group because of significant doctrinal errors, and this April, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect of the CDF, re-emphasized terms of the mandate during the LCWR’s annual visit to the Vatican.

The June 23 letter has not been released by the two groups behind it, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) and Franciscan Action Network. However, a National Catholic Reporter blog quoted the letter in part, which...READ MORE

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PCUSA Refugees Welcome!

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So the Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted to pretend that there is not only such a thing as gay "marriage" but that PCUSA members can undertake that pretense in PCUSA sanctuaries with PCUSA ministers facilitating the pretense.  It has also voted down a measure that would have endorsed protections for infants born alive after a failed abortion, thereby effectively endorsing the worship of Moloch.

In fact, of course, there is no such thing as gay "marriage" and there is such a thing as the sanctity of human life.  But because we live in a culture where consent is the sole criterion of the good, consequences are somebody else's problem.  So as long as two (or more) consenting organisms (or...READ MORE

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A Town, A Secretary, and a Book

St. John XXIII's birthplace celebrates his canonization and houses the artifacts of his life — including a gift from Jackie Kennedy.

06/26/2014 Comment

Imagine a village of 3,500 people getting together to plan a low-cost, high-impact celebration.

Solution: sturdy crepe paper ribbons and banners — on every house!

Two months after his canonization, St John XXIII’s hometown of Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII (yes, the government changed the town’s name) in northern Italy, is still covered in yellow and white crepe flowers, sashes, and Maypole-style ribbons paired with Vatican flags and “Santo” banners featuring an outline of the saint’s robust figure.

About 40 minutes northwest of Bergamo by bus, with the Alps in sight, this modest community is naturally motivated by deep pride in Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, one of 13 children, born into a...READ MORE

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