Cardinal Müller to Meet Bishop Fellay?

09/03/2014 Comments (114)

UPDATE (4 Sept): Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has confirmed that Cardinal Müller and Bishop Fellay will meet later this month, but he didn't give a precise date.


The prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, is reportedly to meet the head of the breakaway Society of St. Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, later this month.

According to the website TradiNews, the meeting, which is being billed as "informal", has been confirmed for Sept. 21st in Rome. 

If it goes ahead, it will be Cardinal Müller's first meeting with Bishop Fellay since his appointment as prefect. As head of the CDF, the German cardinal is also president of the...READ MORE

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“Come and See” Bible Studies: An Invitation to Experience Scripture

09/03/2014 Comments (3)

I remember curling up beside my dad as he read to me from The Picture Bible, published in the early 80s by David Cook. In fact, I have my brother’s old copy and my kids love having me read it to them.

But I’ve never found a good adult version of that kind of Bible experience. Back in my pre-kids days, I would attend evening Bible studies at our parish, and they were helpful. When I only had one kid to keep me distracted, I would often attend the Friday morning Bible study with her in tow. Not so long ago, I even attempted to start a personal study of the Book of Acts.

That last one didn’t go so well. I was using a great resource, but I just lacked the hard-and-fast discipline and time...READ MORE

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Islam on the Beach and the Rapid Islamization of Turkey

09/02/2014 Comments (20)

Signs of Islamic radicalization are everywhere East of the Bosporus, even on Turkey’s legendary beaches.

In early July, small groups of Muslim men and boys, roving Black Sea coastal resorts, confronted women in bathing suits, urging them to cover up. The men distributed a pamphlet titled, “Being the Lady God Wants” with guidance for Muslim modesty.

Among the 70 points were rules such as:

  • A pious woman should not shake hands with a man she does not already know.
  • She should ask permission from her husband to go outside.
  • She should avoid attending weddings where music is played.
  • She should never sit in public places.

 The main message: Pious women should not show skin.

Having...READ MORE

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Science, Catholics, and Fear

09/02/2014 Comments (130)

It is a disgraceful and a dangerous thing for an unbeliever to hear a Christian, presumably explaining science, nutrition, and medicine, talking nonsense on these topics. Many non-Christians are well-versed in Natural knowledge, so they can detect vast ignorance in such a Christian and laugh it to scorn. The danger is obvious-- the failure to conform interpretation to demonstrated knowledge opens the interpreter, and by extension, Christianity as a whole, to ridicule for being unlearned.   

All right, so St. Augustine didn't say "science, nutrition, and medicine," he said "the meaning of scripture."  But other than that, he's describing a good 40% of my Facebook wall.

More and more,...READ MORE

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My Big Profound Spiritual Revelation

09/01/2014 Comments (20)

What a day! Bus late, no breakfast, missed deadline, headaches, depression and post-nasal drip. And when I got home my kids were whiney, my wife mentally quick-fried to a crackly crunch and I was as prickly as a porcupine.

Summoning fatherly concern to its height, I brushed past my weepy child and made for a darkened bedroom (stopping briefly to peck my wife Janet on the cheek). She asked for some kind of help--something about setting the table--but "Urk," was all I mumbled in reply. I just wanted to go blotto with a pillow over my head till dinner. Maybe with luck an asteroid would strike the earth, annihilate civilization and I could rest.

Jan relented with a sigh and returned to...READ MORE

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In “Calvary,” One Priest Pays for the Crimes of Another

A clergy abuse victim vows to kill an Irish pastor precisely because he is innocent, in this film that offers an unrelenting examination of sin, forgiveness, redemption.

08/31/2014 Comments (4)

"Calvary” -- a new film, in theaters right now, by the Anglo Irish director and writer, John Michael McDonagh -- begins with an aerial view of Sligo, the Irish county that once inspired the poetry of William Butler Yeats. But in this movie, the rough  beauty of the coastline is quickly upstaged by the cramped, insular world of sin in all its familiar and poisonous forms.

The local pastor, Father James  (Brendan Gleeson), is no stranger to the human condition, and ministers to his damaged flock with care and a bracing dose of dark Irish wit. Sometimes his pastoral advice is spot on, some times not. He became a priest after the death of his wife, and still tends to his troubled daughter. 


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Did God Deceive Jeremiah?

08/31/2014 Comments (52)

Did God really "dupe" Jeremiah? How could an all-good God do that?

The readings you heard at Mass on Sunday say that God “duped” Jeremiah.

Wait . . . what?

How could an all-holy God “dupe” or deceive anybody?

What’s going on here?


Let’s Start with the Text

The readings for the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A), contain a passage from Jeremiah, which reads, in part:

You duped me, O LORD, and I let myself be duped;
you were too strong for me, and you triumphed.
All the day I am an object of laughter;
everyone mocks me [Jer. 20:7].


Okay, let’s start by noting that “duped” is a tin-eared translation. The word is too colloquial and comes of as jarring in this context.

How does the verse read in other translations? Here it is in the...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Common Core and St. Mary Magdalen College President George Harne

08/30/2014 Comments (1)

This week on Register Radio Jeanette De Melo discusses Common Core and Catholic school with Register correspondent Charlotte Hays and Cardinal Newman Society's Dan Guernsey.  In our second half Dan Burke continues the conversation on education with St. Mary Magdalen College President George Harne.

Common Core Discussion

Charlotte Hays is the Independent Women's Forum's senior editor and director of cultural program. She contributes almost daily to the Forum's blog. She has appeared on cable television programs such as Politically Incorrect, C-Span's Washington Journal, and PBS's To the Contrary.  Her work has appeared in the Wall Street JournalNew York magazine, the Washington Post’s ...READ MORE

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