"Suck It Up" vs. "Offer It Up"

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A few weeks ago, I asked converts what most puzzled them when they first became Catholics. Several people said they heard "offer it up" all the time, and had no idea what it was supposed to mean. The best they could gather was that it was Catholic code for "suck it up."

It does get used this way. Let's say (just to choose a random example with no basis in reality) that an overworked mom went to bed after midnight because she was making special cupcakes for the class party, and then the teething baby kept her awake, and then she tripped over the dog and spilled her coffee and sprained two toes and now there's broken mug shards all over the floor . . . and one of the other kids chooses that...READ MORE

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Join the Daughters of St. Paul in a “Cinema Novena” to the Holy Family

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I don’t like many of the newer Christian films that I see.

I know that sounds terrible, but the founder of the Daughters of St. Paul, Blessed James Alberione, may have agreed with me.

He once wrote:

Our works [must] be pastoral in content and worthy in form of the truths which they contain, and … present Jesus Christ, Way and Truth and Life.

“Worthy in form of the truths with they contain” is a key phrase for me.

Christian artists have a calling to create a form that is worthy of the subtle, astonishing, dazzling truth of our Christian faith. That is a high standard to live up to!

For film, a worthy form would mean an accurate, beautiful set, costumes, good acting, and writing that...READ MORE

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How To Get Over Your Fear of Confession,The Story of Blessed Miguel Pro, and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/09/2016 Comment

Click on How To Get Over Your Fear of Confession by Stephanie H. To of Catholic Stand to read.

How To Get Over Your Fear of Confession – Stephanie H. To, Catholic Stand

The Story of Blessed Miguel Pro, A Martyr of Today – Monsignor Owen F. Campion, O.S.V. Newsweekly

Marriage, Parenting and Drifting Standards – Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today

Perfect God, Perfect Suffering, Perfect Sacrifice – Travis C. Headley, Forty Something Faith

Being Pro-Life When It Isn’t Easy – Strahlen Smith, Catholic Stand

The Biological Arms Race No One Can Win – Rebecca Taylor, Creative Minority Report

Trumped – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

The Social Mission of the Catholic Church – Thomas Storck, The Distributist Review

Hipster Catholic’s Guide to Baby Naming – Theresa Williams,...READ MORE

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Seattle University Group Uses Desecrated Rosary to Promote Pro-Abortion Event

03/08/2016 Comments (25)

A rosary on a Catholic college campus should be no surprise.  But one with the crucifix removed and replaced with an IUD, (inter-uterine device) is shocking. The desecrated rosary was used to decorate a poster announcing an abortion doctor’s talk at Seattle University, a Catholic Jesuit school.  Such disrespect is an infantile way for abortion advocates to say:  I hate your teachings, Catholic Church!  And so, it only stands to reason that those who promote the killing of unborn babies would not respect anything sacred.

The student group, Seattle Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, (NSSRH ) planned for abortionist Sara Pentlicky to speak on:, “Catholicism and Full...READ MORE

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The Church, Not the CDC, Has Empowered Me as a Young Woman

03/08/2016 Comments (3)

The CDC recently released new guidelines for women of childbearing ages: if you are going to be drinking, you better be using contraception. Their concern is with fetal alcohol syndrome, which is a legitimate concern, but their solution to preventing it does not respect women at all. They seem to think that young women are ignorant, helpless creatures who cannot make good decisions without the government to help them along.

They go on to recommend that health providers tell women to stop drinking if they are not using some form of contraception to prevent pregnancy. Women are going to have to face even more pressure to use contraception. And further those who follow Church teaching and do...READ MORE

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When the Last Christian is Killed in the Middle East, Will it be Called Genocide?

03/08/2016 Comments (15)

When the last Christian in the Muslim dominated Middle East is put to the sword by ISIS, will the mass slaughter then be labeled "genocide?"

As of now, the Obama administration is still mind-bogglingly refusing to label the anti-Christian violence "genocide."

Pope Francis confirmed last year that “a form of genocide is taking place” against Christians in the Middle East. The European Parliament passed a resolution labeling ISIS’s slaughtering of religious minorities as “genocide” in the Middle East. Hillary Clinton herself has called ISIS's killing of Christians a "genocide." But Obama refuses. White House Spokesman Josh Earnest explained that the legal definition of genocide "that has,...READ MORE

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Catholic Leaders Circulate Open Letter Against Donald Trump

03/08/2016 Comments (20)
As campaigning becomes more intense, a highly unusual and strongly worded appeal to American Catholics was released Monday by prominent Catholics. George Weigel and Professor Robert George are the primary authors of the letter calling for the rejection of the candidacy of Donald Trump.
Given that Mr. Trump is now in his third marriage, I thought when I read this alert today, it's not surprising that much of his thinking is not in line with Catholic thought.  But there are so many other points made.
The letter doesn't deny many of the genuine concerns that have rallied Trump supporters.  In fact, it affirms their legitimate frustrations.  Yet it makes crucial distinctions between...READ MORE

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Decentralization: Benefits and Concerns

Participant at recent Vatican symposium reveals some ideas being discussed.

03/08/2016 Comments (5)

Decentralization is a key part of Pope Francis’ reform of the Church, but what could it entail?

Some clues emerged from a meeting of theologians last month, hosted by the Synod of Bishops secretariat, in which the consensus appeared to be leaning towards a permanent synod, perhaps meeting every two months, with a greater emphasis on consulting the “People of God” ­— that is, all the baptized faithful.

"The People of God", which gained currency during the Second Vatican Council, is said to be “the new catch-word” that some believe will be used as the basis for a significant change in the synod's nature.

Such reform along these lines could bring necessary decentralization in terms of...READ MORE

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