Why Prophecy?

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"Despise not prophecies. But prove all things; hold fast that which is good." --1 Thessalonians 5:20

From time to time on a Catholic blog or Facebook post someone will make reference to the prophetic utterance or alleged message from some saint, seer, or sage.

Almost always in discussions about prophecy, whether old or new, somebody will correctly state that even approved private revelation is not binding on us and nobody is ever obligated to believe in it.

So the question is, why bother with it at all?

In order to answer the question, I think it is important to understand its purpose. Why does God provide for such heavenly communication? Why bother telling us such things about the...READ MORE

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Bishop Galantino: Media Manipulated My Remarks

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Bishop Nunzio Galantino, who was roundly criticized for appearing to disapprove of those who recite the Rosary outside abortion clinics, has defended his comments, saying he was taken out of context and manipulated by the media.

In an interview in the latest edition of the Italian monthly Sempre, the Secretary of the Italian bishops’ conference (CEI) said the vehemence of the accusations made against him were “an aggression that in reality hurt me."

In May, an interviewer asked the prelate the question: “In recent years, the CEI has invested heavily in the non-negotiable values ​​(life, family, education). The Pope doesn’t care for that expression, you too?”

Bishop Galantino replied:...READ MORE

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Video Reviews: Dawn of Apes! Planes! Deliver Us From Evil! Earth to Echo!

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes continues to dominate the U.S. box office, while Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue, like the live-action sci-fi family film Earth to Echo, barely took off. In addition to the 60-second reviews of all these films below, David and I review Dawn and Planes as well as and the musical drama Begin Again in our latest episode of “Reel Faith.” (Find out where and when to watch Reel Faith — and check out our new website.)

Planes: Fire & Rescue (SDG)

See also my full review.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (DD)

See also my full review.

Deliver Us From Evil (SDG)

See also my full review.

Earth to Echo (DD)

I didn’t review this one, but I basically agree with...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Immigration Crisis on the US-Mexican Border

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This week on Register Radio the entire program focused on the immigration crisis on the US-Mexican border.  Jeanette De Melo talks with Rio Grande Valley’s Catholic Charities executive director Sister Norma Pimentel, Register reporter Peter Jesserer Smith, and ethics professor Christopher Kaczor.

Putting a Human Face on the Issue: Sister Norma Pimentel

Sister Norma Pimentel is a Sister with the Missionaries of Jesus. She is the executive director of Catholic Charities in the Rio Grande Valley and as such oversees the charitable arm of the Diocese of Brownsville.  

Catholic Charities services include emergency assistance, housing assistance, clinical counseling, pregnancy care,...READ MORE

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A reader puzzles about Mary as Co-Redemptrix

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She writes:

How would you explain Co-Redemptrix? I have taken a stab at it when an aggressively anti-Catholic person cat & moused me about it, but any help is always appreciated.

I explain it this way in my book Mary, Mother of the Son:

Another title sometimes used to honor Mary is “Co-redemptrix.” It’s not an official title. It’s just an expression of piety among some Catholics. It affords a fairly typical example of the way in which the Church mulls things over for a long time (usually centuries) before it makes any hard and fast decisions. At present, the Church doesn’t condemn the title, but it doesn’t encourage it either. A few years ago, Pope Benedict XVI (then Joseph Cardinal...READ MORE

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Stratford Caldecott, R.I. P.

07/19/2014 Comments (2)
The Caldecott Family

Stratford Caldecott with his family

– The Caldecott Family

Editor's Note: This post was updated July 20.

On July 17, Stratford Caldecott, the British Catholic theologian, author and editor died after a lengthy and painful struggle with cancer at age 60. With his wife, Léonie, he  was the founder of Second Spring, a journal of faith and culture, and also co-editor of Magnificat UK. A member of the editorial board of the International Theological Journal Communio, he was the author of a number of books, including: Beauty in the Word: Rethinking the Foundations of Education, Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education and The Power of the Ring: The Spiritual Vision Behind the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Biographical details can...READ MORE

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Summer Reading: Mystery and Teen Angst

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Who doesn’t love a good mystery? And it’s not so easy to find an honest-to-goodness mystery (though, admittedly, I’m still stuck on where all the socks go between the washer and dryer).

I discovered Sherlock Holmes in junior high, when The Hound of the Baskervilles was required reading. It wasn’t bad, as far as required reading went, and I faintly remember voluntarily reading a few books of Holmes mysteries in those years.

Fast forward to this summer, when I discovered, much to my chagrin, that one of the books hiding on my review shelf was a book of Holmes goodness by a modern writer who captured my imagination a few years ago.

The Watson Chronicles: A Sherlock Holmes Novel in Stories

Ann Margaret Lewis, in The Watson Chronicles: A Sherlock...READ MORE

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WYD's ‘Memory and Mission’ Lives On in Rio

Rio De Janeiro’s cardinal kicked off a week of events to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ World Youth Day trip to Brazil.

07/18/2014 Comment
Chris Kudialis

Photo exhibit picturing Pope Francis with the keys of the city of Rio De Janeiro before World Youth Day 2013.

– Chris Kudialis

Though the one-year anniversary of World Youth Day 2013 isn’t until July 22, the festivities have already begun in Rio de Janeiro.

On July 15, Cardinal Orani João Tempesta celebrated the first of 12 days of WYD commemoration events, with the theme ‘Memory and Mission.’ The event included the unveiling of 80 near-lifesize WYD photos, displayed across Rio’s ‘Largo da Carioca’ city square.

“The goal is to reawaken the beauty of World Youth Day,” said Cardinal Orani in Portuguese. “I’m sure many who will pass through here lived WYD in one way or another – whether from their homes, in their parishes or on Copacabana Beach.”

Nearly 1,000 clergy, pilgrims and volunteers were on hand for the...READ MORE

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