Armenian Catolicos: World Faces a ‘Panhuman Crisis’ with Islamist Fundamentalism

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Aram I, the Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church

– Wikipedia

The world faces a “panhuman crisis” from Islamist fundamentalists, and the intensifying persecution of Christians by terrorists such as the Islamic State demand a unified world response, according to one of the Middle East patriarchs attending the In Defense of Christians conference now underway here in Washington.

I spoke yesterday with His Holiness Aram I, the Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church, on the second day of the In Defense of Christians conference. The three-day conference has drawn a vast array of Middle Eastern bishops together with representatives of Pope Francis and the Church in the United States, to emphasize the need to educate and...READ MORE

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Obama's Plan to Stop ISIS: Too Little, Way Too Late

On the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11, President Obama laid out his plan to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

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Why does President Obama's latest iteration of his evolving policy for dealing with ISIS leave me cold? Maybe because it seems politically calculated, and not plain speech from the Commander in Chief,j and maybe because his clear reluctance to approve a full bore military campaign against ISIS raises questions about the likelihood that he will actually complete the mission.  

Equally,  I fear that he is not very interested in protecting the victims of ISIS, especially Christians. Iraqi Christians have never received much sympathy from him — at least not if you judge his public statements on ISIS. His supporters might argue that  a U.S. president must focus on national security threats,...READ MORE

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Jesuit University Advertises Intern Opportunity with Radical Pro-Abortion Pol

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The University of San Francisco, a Jesuit University, is currently advertising on its website an internship for a politician so radical in his support of abortion that he is currently introducing a bill opposing sex-selective abortion bans this week.

That's right. City Supervisor David Chiu opposes any and all bans on sex selective abortions. Why? Because he says it's racist.

Clearly, so committed to abortion is Chiu that he's willing to legally protect killing children based on their gender and on top of that, smear anyone who thinks differently with an accusation of racism.

The legislation being introduced by city supervisor David Chiu reads "Lawmakers across the country have...READ MORE

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Gays, Jesus and St. Patrick’s Day

Why I agree with Phil Lawler, and disagree with The Anchoress

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I love Elizabeth Scalia, aka The Anchoress, and I very much appreciate her effort yesterday to inject a new perspective into the controversy over New York’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and the LGBT group that will be marching in it: a perspective that seeks to be thoughtful and compassionate as well as orthodox.

This is important, because Catholics have historically done a poor job loving our neighbors who are same-sex attracted and/or self-identify as gay. (For the purposes of this discussion, by “gay” I simply mean those who identify as gay.)

Unjust hostility toward the same-sex attracted, and fear of being associated or identified with them, are real phenomena with deep roots in human...READ MORE

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John Paul II Institute Scholars Notably Absent from Synod

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The Vatican yesterday published the names of participants for the upcoming Synod on the Family, but strangely absent from the list are experts from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, despite the organisation having a faculty in Rome.

Professors from the Institute have been some of the most vocal in criticising the possibility of changing pastoral practice regarding Holy Communion for divorced and “remarried” Catholics.

Family life will be the focus of the extraordinary general assembly of the Synod of Bishops that will meet at the Vatican between 5-19 October 2014. The 150 synod fathers taking part will discuss the "pastoral challenges of the...READ MORE

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Two Novels That Made Me Think This Summer

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This summer, I read a lot of fiction. And it felt good. Stories are important…they convey truth (and Truth) in a way that straightforward discussion rarely, if ever, can.

You don’t have to turn far to see a discussion of same sex attraction. It’s everywhere, and it’s heated wherever you turn. People who seem to be otherwise calm and orderly suddenly sprout extra appendages and the ability to use words you’ve never heard.

So I was interested to see a small publisher release a book early this summer tackling this topic. In 200 pages, The Lion’s Heart, by Dena Hunt, combined masterful storytelling with uncomfortable topic matter.

The story: Paul’s a gay guy, and it turns out that so is Max,...READ MORE

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Beauty to Warm the Soul: Ordained as He Lay Dying

09/09/2014 Comment
Archdiocese of San Antonio.

The example of Father Carmona's parish priest and his prayerful father inspired his vocation to priesthood at 12. His bishop made sure death did not rob him of following Christ's call.

– Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Sometimes you can read the news  and the world can seem as if it is falling apart. That “things fall apart; the center cannot hold” as the poet Yeats* once wrote. But the sin and evil behind the events that we reporters have to tell you doesn’t really have the last word. Our loving Father does not permit it. As St. Paul observed in Romans 5:20, “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.”

Grace much more abounds, and where grace is, there good news stories can be found.

Here is a story of beauty, which amid all the sorrows of our world and our own lives, should warm the heart and give us joy.

Meet Father William Carmona Lopez. He’s dying of cancer, but on Sept. 8 became “a priest...READ MORE

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Love, Blame, and Hope in the movie Mud

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The other night, we watched the 2012 movie Mud with Matthew McConaughy and Reese Witherspoon

My husband and I both enjoyed it immensely, both for its skillful artistry and for its desire to entertain. At no point were we whacked over the head with messages, symbolism, or art (none of that, "Lookit me artist the heck out of this fillum!" stuff that gets so tiresome in so many thoughtful movies). It certainly could have: it has heavy with astonishing imagery: a boat in a tree!  A floating house! A pool full of black snakes!  A string of pearls!  A diver who needs more light! While no second of dialogue was wasted and no scene was framed carelessly, the story worked fine on its own, and...READ MORE

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