Retiring? Cardinal George Weighs in on the Synod, Celibacy and Politics

10/29/2014 Comments (8)

Francis Cardinal George of Chicago, who is due to retire next month, may be battling cancer, but he still has much to say about the Synod debate, church-state hostilities, and celibacy for priests, among other topics. You can check out the entire interview here.

Asked if "the bishops have been more politically active in recent years...?"  George replied:

Since the common good is expressed in this country by law, the bishops have always addressed changes in our legal system that would undermine the biblical anthropology that our doctrines presuppose. In other words, we are no longer a biblical people, and the law sees only individuals and their rights instead of persons and their...READ MORE

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Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete: The Unkempt Man, the Brilliant Priest

10/28/2014 Comments (3)

I first met Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete on Capitol Hill. I was the Press Secretary for Congressman Bill Archer and he was the featured talent in a Knights of Columbus initiative to teach hill staffers about the Bible.

He sat with us in an empty House committee chamber eating a sandwich that dribbled down his chin and onto his jacket, while sharing incredibly deep and original thoughts about God.

Everyone who knew him has their Msgr. Albacete stories, and they all tend to dwell on those two aspects of his personality: the uncouth man and the brilliant priest.

As Robert Royal put it, he was a “certifiable eccentric and a proven genius.”

Albacete was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1941 and...READ MORE

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How's Common Core Working Out for You?

10/28/2014 Comments (32)

Because I have no wish to suffer my Purgatory on earth, I've haven't said much about Common Core. Most of what I heard about it was on Facebook, and, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The thing about the internet is that you can just make stuff up and nobody will bother to check facts." So when I heard that Common Core was going to teach my children to hate their country, parents, and apple pie, to worship Baal, and to switch to the metric system, I thought I would wait and see how it actually pans out.

We also met with our school's curriculum coordinator, who explained which things would change, which would stay the same, what were the good effects they expected to see, what were some of...READ MORE

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Saints and Virtues, All in One New Book

10/28/2014 Comments (1)

One of the attractions the Catholic Church has always held for me is the communion of saints. I don’t pretend to understand it, but it resonates with me: this group of heroes who had their own faults and failings and still overcame them to reach the prize of heaven.

In the years I’ve been Catholic, I’ve made friends with quite a few of them — there’s no shortage of friends in heaven for almost anything.

What I’ve struggled with, though — and from what I gather, I’m not alone in this — is applying the lessons of the saints to my own sloppy and messy life.

In Seven Saints for Seven Virtues (Servant Books, 2014), Jean Heimann has given readers a close-up of seven saints who are, all too...READ MORE

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Glen Campbell and Brittany Maynard Face Their Mortality Very Differently

10/28/2014 Comments (131)

Two stories battled for my attention recently, and both of them broke my heart.

The first was about Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman with brain cancer who moved from California to Oregon to gain access to legal suicide-inducing drugs. She is planning to die in bed, surrounded by her family, on Nov. 1 (the solemnity of All Saints), two days after her husband’s birthday.

The second story was about the singer Glen Campbell, who decided to go public with his struggle against Alzheimer’s disease. With his children on stage with him for a final, 151-stop musical tour, and the cameras rolling for a ground-breaking documentary, Campbell said: “I ain’t done yet. Tell ’em that.”

Maynard is...READ MORE

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Crazy Anti-Catholic Political Attack Site

10/26/2014 Comments (31)

A website opposing the candidacy of Mark Miloscia, a pro-life Catholic, may just be the most vehemently anti-Catholic political attack you've seen this election season.

Thus far, it's uncertain who created the site, but it's certainly from those opposing the Republican state senate candidate.

Interestingly, Miloscia switched from Democrat to Republican precisely because he felt that religious people were no longer welcome in the Democrat party. It appears to be growing increasingly difficult to argue with that.

We're getting to the point where this can hardly be called surprising. Radical Muslims are slaughtering Christians in many parts of the globe but it's hardly worth the raise of...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Synod Recap and Rule of St. Benedict in an Inner City School

10/24/2014 Comments (4)

, Jeanette De Melo and the Register's Rome Correspondent Edward Pentin recap synod on the family highlights and take a look forward in the Pope's schedule; and in the show's second half, Dan Burke talks with Register writer Tom McDonald about The Rule, a film the work of Benedictine fathers in a Newark inner city school.

Synod Recap with Edward Pentin

Edward Pentin began reporting on the Pope and the Vatican with Vatican Radio before moving on to become the Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Register. Today he’ll discuss highlights from the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, just concluded at the Vatican.

The Pope “gave a very interesting and very well-praised recap...READ MORE

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This Week's Top Catholic Videos

10/24/2014 Comments (11)

So this is the New Evangelization, huh?

Say what you will YouTube is a place where souls can go to die. But many folks out there are shedding a little light out there -sometimes to great effect. Other times not so much. We've had monks and nuns singing their way onto the charts. But now we've got priests tap dancing their way into a viral hit. It's pretty fun.


Now we've got a nun singing Madonna's Like a Virgin. One of these things is not like the other. What next? Monks reinterpreting the theological intent of "Whoomp there it is?"

Here's a fun one. Students, priests, and faculty at Boston College chose to "Shake It Off" offering an invitation to “shake off our burdens and choose to...READ MORE

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