Spring Ahead: 9 More Fallacies We Agree To Agree Upon

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Well, spring is almost here—though from the sub-freezing temperatures you’d never know it—and that can only mean one thing: Daylight Savings Time. Last fall I wrote about “Daylight Savings Time and other fallacies we agree to agree upon” in the National Catholic Register. So in honor, or horror, of “springing ahead” here are nine more fallacies many Catholics struggle with:

1. Deacons are members of the laity:  The term “lay deacon” is perhaps the ultimate misnomer: there is simply no such thing. Deacons are full members of the clergy. They are not laymen. True, for the most part they live and work among the laity, but after ordination to the diaconate they are clerics. Period.

2. Monks...READ MORE

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The Book That Changed My Life; The Charterhouse of Milan, Simply Breathtakingly Beautiful and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/13/2016 Comment

Click on The Book That Changed My Life by Pete Socks of Catholic Stand link to read.

The Book That Changed My Life – Pete Socks, Catholic Stand

The Charterhouse of Milan, Simply Breathtakingly Beautiful – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

16 Natural Religious Icons That Aren’t Really Iconic – Matt Vander Vennet, Epic Pew

Leaving Stuff for the Needy: The Unsung Virtues of Blind Almsgiving – Max Lindenman, Aleteia

New Dorm Visitation Study Reveals Need for Reform – Adam Wilson, Crisis Magazine

Sacred English Versus Common English – Shane Schaetzel, Fully Christian

Why Aren’t More Masses Offered Ad Orientem (Facing God)? – Liturgy Guy

“Brain Death” Apparently Not So Dead as Some Would Like – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Why Is the Catholic Sex-life...READ MORE

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Gut Check: Do You Believe All This For Yourself?

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“He was left alone with the woman before him. Then Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She replied, “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, and from now on do not sin any more” (John 8:10-11).

Jesus was alone with her. Her accusers left her. And they are imperfect. Jesus, the only one who is perfect, and the only one who by rights really could accuse her—He stays behind. He doesn’t accuse her. He comforts her. He forgives her. And then He gives her a mission: He sends her out to be a witness to mercy. It changed her life. God has given us mercy. Isn’t it time we give it to others? That’s hard to do, isn’t it?...READ MORE

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Diplomacy — Where Pope Francis Has Had the Greatest Impact

03/12/2016 Comments (10)

Pope Francis meeting former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014. Photo: EMP Photos

Looking back on Pope Francis’ pontificate, which marks its third anniversary on Sunday, one of the most surprising areas where the Holy Father has made the greatest impact is on the international scene.

Despite his wish to resemble a parish priest, his emphasis on being principally the Bishop of Rome, and his preference for being a “homebody” than a traveler, the Holy Father has crisscrossed the globe, visiting 21 countries on five continents in the space of just 36 months.  

But extensive papal travel is just one unexpected international aspect of this pontificate. Another involves diplomacy.

From the time of his election, the Holy Father wanted to live up to his Latin appellation of...READ MORE

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Priest Waves Bloody Shirt, Begs U.S. to Label Anti-Christian Violence "Genocide"

03/12/2016 Comments (9)

Father Douglass Bazi, a Chaldean Catholic priest in Iraq, held up a bloody shirt at the National Press Club this week while begging the U.S. State department to recognize ISIS' targeting of Christians in Iraq and Syria as officially genocide.

“I’m begging here--begging people of America to recognize it as a genocide," said the Iraqi born priest, according to CNS News. “They call my church the church of martyrs or the church of blood.”

Fr. Bazi recounted that his church had been blown up twice, his car was bombed, he's been shot, kidnapped, and tortured with a hammer. He held up his bloody shirt as evidence. But he made clear that this is not out of the ordinary and that he's one of the...READ MORE

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How to Keep Your Kids Catholic, Brant Pitre's The Case for Jesus Fixes Bible Skeptics and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/12/2016 Comment

Click onHow to Keep Your Kids Catholic by Shane Schaetzel of Fully Christian link to read.

How to Keep Your Kids Catholic – Shane Schaetzel, Fully Christian

The Most Holy Rosary: Our Simple Breviary (Part 2) – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand

Brant Pitre’s The Case for Jesus Debunks Scripture Skeptics – Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, Pursued by Truth

12 Vintage Pictures of Elizabeth of the Trinity – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew

‘Gender-Inclusive Housing’ Pilot Program Launched at Jesuit University – Adam Cassandra, Catholic Education Daily

The Beauty of Fr. Scalia’s Funeral Homily – Michael Pakaluk, Crisis Magazine

Secretary General Backdoors Abortion, L.G.B.T. “Rights” Into U.N. Humanitarian Goals – Susan Yoshihara Ph.D., Catholic Lane

The Roots of “Risen” Start in Iraq – Diane...READ MORE

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A Lesson on Love from Ronald Reagan

03/11/2016 Comments (2)

(Image Credit: White House Photo Office)

President Ronald Reagan was in love with several women at the same time, and he was completely unabashed about it. In fact, he wrote about them in a Christmas letter to his wife, Nancy.

That’s because Nancy was all of those women.

The letter, dated December 25, 1981, was read at Mrs. Reagan’s funeral service in the White House by Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. That was the Reagans’ first Christmas in the White House.

In the letter, President Reagan described his admiration for all of the women he’d come to love so deeply—mother of his children, First Lady of his presidency, the sentimental and fun woman, the “peewee powerhouse” that worked beside him on their ranch, and...READ MORE

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Surrogate Parenting Damages Families and Offends Human Dignity

03/11/2016 Comments (3)

A disturbing trend we hear more and more about is “surrogate parenting”, where a woman agrees to carry someone else's pregnancy.

In a bizarre case out of California, a set of triplets was born two weeks ago to a surrogate mother and a "father" who is a 50-year-old deaf postal worker living with his parents and is the sole caretaker for his disabled mother. His mother is completely bedridden and in need of constant nursing care. Additionally, his elderly father has said the children cannot be raised in their home.

Melissa, the surrogate mother, agreed to carry the pregnancy, unaware at the time of the agreement with the man seeking fatherhood that she would carry triplets. When the...READ MORE

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