A Hell of an Argument

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One nice thing about being Catholic is that when a Dimestore Origenist (who is pretty certain nobody’s going to Hell) goes up against Dimestore Calvins (who are certain they know just exactly who is in Hell), you don't have to feel as though TIME magazine is arbitrating a dispute that never ever ever occurred to Christians before.

Just because some Christian has, by his self-supposed two cent papal authority, taken it upon himself to declare that Gandhi is in Hell, that does not anoint another Christian with the two cent self-supposed papal authority to declare that Hell is, for all intents and purposes, impossible.  Jesus talks this way for a reason:

"Whoever causes one of these little...READ MORE

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Buena Vista Social Club: A Taste of Cuba for the Pope’s Visit

09/20/2015 Comment

By Ice Boy Tell [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

The sounds of Cuba struck me like a hurricane. I was in high school when the first Buena Vista Social Club album jumped the embargo and drew me to the rhythms of Havana. I’m not generally one for jazz (or pop music) so it’s hard for me to explain why this music laid hold of my imagination. It was vibrant, vivacious, compelling, capturing—the Latin beats, the sounds of the Caribbean. The music continues to speak to me in a way that most modern music does not.

Cuban music is truly catholic in the sense of uniting disparate things together—with its Spanish roots and European influences, blended with the African music brought to the new world by the slaves. The African tradition introduced new...READ MORE

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Full Texts of Pope's Homily, Angelus, Vespers in Havana

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* Watch the Pope in Cuba LIVE on EWTN.


Homily of Pope Francis

Holy Mass, Havana, Plaza de la Revolución - Havana

Sunday September 20, 2015


The Gospel shows us Jesus asking a seemingly indiscreet question of his disciples: “What were you discussing along the way?”  It is a question which he could also ask each of us today: “What do you talk about every day?”  “What are your aspirations?”  The Gospel tells us that the disciples “did not answer because on the way they had been arguing about who was the most important”.  The disciples were ashamed to tell Jesus what they were talking about.  As with the disciples then, we too can be caught up in these same arguments: who is the most...READ MORE

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Our Silent Little Martyrs Speak a Thunderous Truth

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Tiny hands that long to clasp a finger. Small legs that await to take a first step. Little eyes that desire to return a loving gaze. A mighty heart that beats to the fullness of life. Then, stops.

In the name of health care. In the name of family planning. In the name of choice.

This silent human being has the face of a child—yet, the courage of a warrior. Sedated, trapped, with no choice, but to accept the fate that deliberately ends its beating heart.

This small human bravely accepts the only choice it is given—death. An end chosen by others. An end celebrated as a freedom. An end that popular opinion has forbade us to mention. To those choosing, death comes as a welcome end to an...READ MORE

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4 Takeaways from Pope Francis’ Arrival in Cuba

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Pope Francis is on the ground in Cuba. He arrived on Saturday afternoon after a nearly twelve-hour flight from Rome. Upon dis-embarking from the volo papale, Francis was greeted by Cuban President Raul Castro and representatives of the Cuban Episcopal Conference.

At the start of his extraordinary visit to the land of Our Lady of El Cobre, here are four takeaways from the Pope’s opening remarks.

First, Pope Francis arrives in Cuba on the side of the people, not necessarily the government. 

At the opening of his cordial remarks to Cuban President Raul Castro, Pope Francis drew a distinction between the Cuban government and the Cuban people. One reading of the Pope’s comments would place...READ MORE

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Full Text of Pope Francis's Address On Arrival in Havana

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Mr President,

Distinguished Authorities,

Brother Bishops,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank you, Mr President, for your greeting and your kind words of welcome in the name of the government and the entire Cuban people. I also greet the authorities and the members of the diplomatic corps present at this ceremony.

My gratitude also goes to Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, Archbishop of Havana, the Most Reverend Dionisio Guillermo García Ibáñez, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba and President of the Episcopal Conference, the other bishops and all the Cuban people, for their warm welcome.

I thank, too, all those who worked to prepare for this Pastoral Visit. Mr President, I would ask you to...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: 5 Ways to Avoid Being a Hypocrite

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Photo credit: romana klee/Foter / CC BY-SA

When I became an atheist, I was very disillusioned with Christians. My father worked for the Church in some capacity for most of my childhood and this exposed me to wonderful, loving people but also to what I like to call the “underbelly” of the Church.

My dissatisfaction with religion was fueled by interactions and models of behavior among some Christians that were nothing like Christ.

Now that I wear a veil and am a visible symbol of the Church, I am acutely aware that my sinfulness could push someone away from the faith. I try not to let this awareness cripple me, or push me to act like a Stepford nun, but I do allow it to spur me to desire greater holiness.

Pope Francis has spoken a...READ MORE

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Pope Giving Shelter to Christian Refugee Family in Vatican

09/19/2015 Comments (6)

By Andreas Tille [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Pope Francis is giving shelter to a Melkite Greek Catholic refugee family from the Syrian capital Damascus in a Vatican apartment close to St. Peter's basilica, it was revealed Friday afternoon.

According to the Vatican, the family arrived in Italy on Sept. 6, the day the Pope called on every parish in Europe to house at least one family of refugees. The family, consisting of a father, mother and two children, are to remain anonymous until Italian authorities have ruled on their asylum request.

On Saturday morning, the family visited the Pope's residence at the Casa Santa Marta to personally thank the Holy Father for letting them stay in St. Anne's parish in the Vatican. They also wished...READ MORE

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