Could New Tests Lead to “Extinction” of People with Down Syndrome?

01/22/2016 Comments (7)

By a follower of Jan Joest of Kalkar, via Wikimedia Commons

As pro-life Americans prepare for their annual March for Life to end abortion, it is worth remembering that the culture of death engendered by Roe, combined with prenatal screening for birth defects, have conspired to dramatically reduce the number of children born with Down Syndrome.

Now, a British journalist has raised the possibility that people with Down Syndrome will one day be extinct.

“Down's Syndrome people risk 'extinction' at the hands of science, fear and ignorance” read the headline in the British newspaper, The Telegraph.

The words stunned me for a moment, as the  people I know with Down Synrome came to mind: sisters Mary and Margaret, Amy, Danny and another Mary.


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Pro-Woman is Pro-Life, and Pro-Life is Pro-Woman

01/22/2016 Comments (6)

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926), “Sleepy Baby”

Almost a year ago, I had the honor of meeting a young woman named Andrea. Months earlier, on learning she was pregnant, she had taken the first drug in the RU-486 abortion regimen, and immediately regretted her decision. Racing against the clock, she found a doctor about an hour away from her home in New Jersey who would immediately begin a reversal protocol that stops the starvation of the baby. Her son Gabriel was born healthy on Dec. 31, 2014.

Andrea and her boyfriend are not married. Andrea was in nursing school when their unexpected pregnancy propelled her to Planned Parenthood. She worried that the baby’s birth would spell the end of her dreams.

How does she feel now? You only have...READ MORE

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Did John Write John? The Evidence is Clear.

01/22/2016 Comments (11)

El Greco (1541–1614), “Saint John the Evangelist”

A common notion floating around in Pop Culture is that "modern scholarship" has somehow proven the Gospel of John is more or less unhistorical fantasy written by a pseudonymous author.

Here’s the facts: the tradition of the Church, supported by the unbroken line of patristic testimony, as well as internal evidence from the text itself, is that the gospel is rooted in the testimony of the Apostle John, son of Zebedee.

St. Irenaeus tells us (circa 180 A.D.) that the fourth gospel was published by the Apostle John, the teacher of his own mentor Polycarp. Numerous other witnesses in the second and third centuries corroborate this basic witness. In addition, various elements within the gospel...READ MORE

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They Live In An Abbey—But They Are Not Monks

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J.A.F. Kronenburg, “Sint Norbertus” (1900)

Indeed, they do live in an abbey, under an abbot (from the Hebrew “abba” and the Latin “abbas” meaning “father”), but they are not monks. They are “Canons”. Specifically “Canons Regular”. Or, in this particular case, even more precisely “Canons Regular of Prémontré”, variously nicknamed “Praemonstraensians” or “Norbertines” (after their founder) or “White Canons.” Again: they are not monks. They are Canons.

But what is a “Canon”?

Like the metric system or soccer or Formula One motor racing there are some ideas that flourish throughout Europe and yet never find the same sort of home (or acceptance) in America. Canons are a bit like that: like the metric system and soccer and Formula One,...READ MORE

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John Paine is the Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth

01/21/2016 Comments (1)

Some of us can be nudged out of our complacency with just a subtle thought, a conversation, an inspiration.

God chooses a more dramatic and painful path for others.

We often wonder how God wants to use the deepest suffering in our life to transform our heart and soul.

John Paine is a Dallas husband, father, businessman who now knows what God had in mind in his life.  He and his family "had it all."  Great times together, great friends, generally happy and healthy, went to church on Sunday, "in control" of every aspect of his life. 

The Paines were a Christian family.  "Everything looked great on the outside," says wife Margaret.  Everyone was healthy, they took fabulous family vacations...READ MORE

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People Who Kill Innocent People Have Nothing to Brag About

01/21/2016 Comments (4)

Public bragging about abortion is the latest attempt to fight a losing battle. Abortions are at record lows as Americans grow increasingly intolerant of it.  Last summer’s undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s lucrative “resale” parts market, especially ripped another chunk off the abortion industry’s pro-women veneer.

Planned Parenthood’s public relations brainstorming to counteract this has brought post-abortive women and abortion doctors out of hiding to tell the world that abortion is simply marvelous!

Celebrity Braggers

Feminist icon Gloria Steinman ushered in radical feminism in the Seventies and apparently will continue marching into delusion even if she eventually needs...READ MORE

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Lutheran Group Reportedly Given Holy Communion in St. Peter's Basilica

Priests seem to have known the group were Lutherans but gave them Holy Communion anyway, contravening canon law.

01/21/2016 Comments (53)

St. Peter's basilica. Photo: Edward Pentin/

A Lutheran group from Finland, led by their bishop, Samuel Salmi of Oulu, reportedly received Holy Communion in St  Peter’s basilica this week, despite indicating to the priests present that they were ineligible to do so.

According to Finnish news agency Kotimaa, and reported here in Estonian, the priests celebrating the Mass were aware that they were Lutherans.

The report said that at the time of Communion, the Finnish Lutherans put their right hand on their left shoulder to show they could not receive the Eucharist and wanted to receive a blessing instead. 

The Finnish Lutheran bishop said the priests distributing Communion ignored the sign and offered the Lutherans Communion anyway....READ MORE

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Pope Changes Rules for Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday

01/21/2016 Comments (65)
Edward Pentin/

– Edward Pentin/

This post has been updated with an explanatory note from Archbishop Arthur Roche, Secretary at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Pope Francis has decreed that from now on, the people chosen for the washing of the feet in the liturgy of Holy Thursday may be selected from all the People of God, and not only men and boys.

In a letter, dated 20 December 2014 and published today, to Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Holy Father informed the cardinal that he had, for some time, reflected on the "rite of the washing of the feet contained in the Liturgy of the Mass in Coena...READ MORE

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