New Study: More Americans Consider Christianity Extremist; Anger Trumps Reason and More!

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Click on New Study: Increasing Number of Americans Consider Christianity “Extremist”by Carl E. Olson of The Catholic World Report link to read.

Considerations on the Question of Politics for (American) Catholics – Luke Arredondo, Ignitum Today

New Study: Increasing Number of Americans Consider Christianity “Extremist” – Carl E. Olson, The Catholic World Report

Three (3) Things I Wish Someone Told Me in R.C.I.A. – Scott Eric Alt, Epic Pew

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast: No Last Rites for Catholics Who Seek Assisted Suicide – Simon Caldwell, Catholic Herald

Anger Trumps Reason – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

How “Progress” Led to the Dehumanization of Man – Michael Quinlan, Crisis Magazine

The Mass: Calvary Made Present for Each Generation – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand

Adult Coloring Books: Business and...READ MORE

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Election Year Madness; Three Falls of Christ; Pope on Building Walls: Not in the Gospel and More!

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03/18/2016 Comment

Click on Election Year Madness by H.L. Duncan of Catholic Stand link to read.

Election Year Madness – H.L. Duncan, Catholic Stand

Trump and the Mob: A Theological Observation – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

What Happened in Chicago to Trump Isn’t New – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

Called to Unity, A Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Writes – Andriy Chirovsky, First Things

The Three Falls of Christ – Sean Connolly, Ignitum Today

Hagia Sophia: “It Is Fortunate You Are Here Now” – Quartermaster of the Barque

Pope Francis on Building Walls: “This Is Not the Gospel” – Mel West, Epic Pew

How The West Wing Can Help Catholic Choirs – Charles Cole, New Liturgical Movement

Real Rights and Imaginary Rights – Mitchell Kalpakgian Ph.D., Truth and...READ MORE

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What's the Story with Relics? (Part 2)

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The relics of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina and Saint Leopold Mandic arrived at the Basilica of San Lorenzo Outside-the-Walls in Rome, Italy on February 3, 2016. (Alexey Gotovskiy/CNA)

Relics generally fall into first, second, or third class. A first class relic is (usually) part of the body of a saint. Many Catholics do not know that relic are found in their altars (our parish has a relic of the True Cross, which falls somewhere between a first and second class relic given its absolutely essential place in the Passion of our Lord).

The point of all this is deeply Catholic: the Church is the principal sacrament of Christ, spreading out through the world and mediating his grace to us. What relics “say” is that the gospel is the life of Christ who comes to us bodily, not only in the Eucharist consecrated on the altar, but in the body of Christ that is the Church herself....READ MORE

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Palm (Passion) Sunday: 9 Things to Know and Share!

03/17/2016 Comment

Why is Jesus' entry into Jerusalem so important? What is going on here?

Palm Sunday--or is it Passion Sunday?--marks the beginning of Holy Week.

This day commemorates not one but two very significant events in the life of Christ.

Here are 9 things you need to know.


1. What is this day called?

The day is called both "Palm Sunday" and "Passion Sunday."

The first name comes from the fact that it commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when the crowd had palm branches (John 12:13).

The second name comes from the fact that the narrative of the Passion is read on this Sunday (it otherwise wouldn't be read on a Sunday, since the next Sunday is about the Resurrection).

According to the main document on the celebration of the feasts connected with...READ MORE

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A Rome Miracle Celebrated by a Mass With Cardinal Burke

The Patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta celebrated Mass March 16th to commemorate a famous Rome miracle involving St. Philip Neri.

03/17/2016 Comments (4)

Every year on March 16, the owners of the Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne in the center of Rome throw open its doors to the public for just one day to mark the miracle involving St. Philip Neri and Prince Paolo Massimo.

Always a popular event, attended by hundreds of pilgrims, some coming from other parts of Europe just for the occasion, this very Roman tradition unofficially marks the beginning of Spring in the Eternal City and the imminent arrival of Easter.

To commemorate what happened on March 16, 1583, priests celebrate Masses all morning at the three altars in the palazzo’s ornate chapel, with the main Mass usually celebrated by a cardinal. This year, that honor was given to Cardinal...READ MORE

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Blessing Abortion Clinics? “You Can’t Call Upon God to Destroy Human Life”

03/17/2016 Comments (11)

1 Kings 18 tells the story of the Prophet Elijah and the false prophets of Baal and Asherah. Elijah challenged the idolaters to a spiritual contest: they would each attempt to offer a sacrifice on Mount Carmel, to see whose offerings might be accepted with a supernatural manifestation. Elijah won the challenge, as the true God sent down fire from heaven on his sacrifice; the blasphemous invocations of the false prophets brought only empty silence. (Image: Albert Joseph Moore, “Elijah's Sacrifice”, 1863)

Radical feminists and female pastors may be able to assert their will here on earth, but no amount of ranting is going to get God to bless mortal sin.  Last October, the women who called down God's blessing for abortion in front of the Cleveland, Ohio abortion facility Preterm, did more than just waste their time, they made a mockery out of prayer.  United Methodist Church pastor, Reverend Laura Young and her entourage of  pastors and radicals gave a blessing to the Preterm facility. It was the very place that was involved in the abortion-related death of Lakisha Wilson.

Young accused pro-life advocates of judgment and hate. The self-proclaimed “progressive religious leader,” said she...READ MORE

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St. Louis to Host the OneFaith Experience on April 23

03/17/2016 Comments (2)

St. Louis, Missouri (Image Credit: Daniel Schwen, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

On April 23, St. Louis will play host to the OneFaith Experience — an event featuring popular Catholic speakers such as Fr. Larry Richards, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Tim Staples, Hector Molina, Teresa Tomeo and Adam Blai. A concert will follow the conference that evening, headlined by Matt Maher, John Tibbs and The Thirsting. Following is an interview with EWTN Radio host Jerry Usher (Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie), co-host of the event.

What's the OneFaith Experience all about?

The OneFaith Experience is designed to bring like-minded people together who want to enjoy an atmosphere of dynamic faith presentations, great contemporary Christian music and energetic fellowship. There are many...READ MORE

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How the Most Holy Rosary Can Kill Your Sin, Catholic Social Teaching, Praying for Others and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on How the Most Holy Rosary Can Kill Your Sin by Charlie Johnson of Catholic Stand link to read.

How the Most Holy Rosary Can Kill Your Sin – Charlie Johnson, Catholic Stand

Catholic Social Teaching: A New Synthesis, Rerum Novarum to Laudato Si’ - Thomas Storck, The Distributist Review

Praying “For” Others – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today

How to Have a Happy Marriage (Even When You’re Busy with Kids) – Betsy Kerekes, Catholic Lane

Catholics and the Sin of Human Respect – Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg, Catholic Stand

The Witness of True Love – Allison LeDoux, Truth and Charity Forum

Georgetown University Finds a New Low – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

On Doors, Windows, Fences, Bridges, and Walls – Fr. James V. Schall S.J., Crisis Magazine

11 Fascinating Quotes from Elizabeth of...READ MORE

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