Discussion vs. Ear-Piercing Debate Online, Chinese Baroque, Call Mary Mom and More!

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05/19/2016 Comment

Click on Discussion vs. Ear-Piercing Debate Online by Fr. Matthew Schneider, L.C., of Catholic Stand link to read.

Discussion vs. Ear-Piercing Debate Online – Fr. Matthew Schneider L.C., Catholic Stand

Why This One Subject Is the Most Important Thing You Can Study – Shaun McAfee, epicPew

How to Pray When You’re Sick – Erin Cain, Ignitum Today

Mary: Woman, Why Not “Mom?” – Guy McClung J.D. Ph.D., Catholic Lane

Not Just A Father But A Dad – David Torkington, Catholic Stand

Baroque Landscape: Chinese Baroque! – David Clayton, The Way of Beauty

Pope Francis and the Joy of Judging – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts

Some Feminine Observations About Deaconesses (a.k.a. Deaconettes) - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

The Ghent Altarpiece, What Makes It So Suited for the Liturgy? – David Clayton, New...READ MORE

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Donald Trump Names His 11 Top Picks to Replace Antonin Scalia

05/18/2016 Comment

Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumed nominee for the presidency, has released his list of 11 potential judge picks to succeed Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. The announcement, first broken by the Associated Press, comes in the middle of an effort by Trump to unify a GOP coalition, where a number of its conservative and pro-life constituents have expressed reservations about supporting him in November’s presidential election.

“Justice Scalia was a remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice. His career was defined by his reverence for the Constitution and his legacy of protecting Americans’ most cherished freedoms. He was a Justice who did not believe in legislating from...READ MORE

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Resounding Gongs and Clanging Cymbals Are Worse Than Blaring TVs

05/18/2016 Comments (4)

(Image: “The Hunter of Happiness” by Harry Popoff, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Do your kids watch too much TV? There is, believe me, such a thing as too much screen time, for kids and for adults, too. It's something I panic about every so often, because my kids do spent time almost every day watching something or other, so I can get some writing done.

There are screen time guidelines from various pediatricians' groups, and they usually tell you that if you kid is within such-and-such ages, he should watch no more than such-and-such number of minutes of TV. It's not the worst approach, but, like many broad guidelines, it's rather reductionist.

This essay takes a different approach. Rather than focusing on the number of minutes of screen/eyeball minutes, it asks...READ MORE

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5 Big Problems With President Obama’s New Transgender School Policy

05/18/2016 Comments (13)

A gender-neutral sign is posted outside a bathroom in Durham, North Carolina. (Sara D. Davis/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

On May 13 President Obama, through the power of his Department of Justice and Department of Education, declared that every public school facility should no longer have sex-distinct bathrooms or changing rooms. No facility should be restricted to either male or female. Any school that does so, his administration says, is discriminatory and in violation of Title IX.

This understanding of the DOJ and DOE directive is not hyperbole or conservative political spin. It is the bottom-line, bare-bones consequence of the President’s dramatic and far-reaching action. Like a NASCAR race car, the thin and fragile chassis over the powerful guts of this directive is “that transgender students enjoy a...READ MORE

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St. John Paul II is a Witness That Great Light Can Emerge From Deep Darkness

05/18/2016 Comments (10)

Portrait by Zbigniewa Kotyłły in the Seminary Church of Lublin (Image Credit: “Zkoty1953”, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Today would have been Pope Saint John Paul II’s 96th birthday. It is interesting to think of how time has passed since his death and to remember that for many of the youth attending World Youth Day, Pope John Paul II is a dim memory. When many were born, his most vital days had passed, and the memories they have of him—if they have any—are of an old man trapped in a body that was slowly freezing up. There are no memories of the young, vibrant and strong skiing pope, the courageous pope who told us over and over again “Do Not Be Afraid”, or even the humorous pope whistling with the youth decades ago at Madison Square Garden.

There are, of course, many fantastic resources to help those...READ MORE

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VIDEO: SSPX's Bishop Fellay Speaks Exclusively to the Register

05/18/2016 Comments (25)

The interview transcript has now been added to the end of this post. 

Here below is video of a May 13th interview with the superior general of the Society of St. Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay. My write up on the interview can be found here

Part 1/3: The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X gives a rundown of the reconciliation process and explains that the SSPX is at a "very interesting" but "more confusing" stage in its relations with the Holy See. He says the Pope and the CDF have a different approach to the Society, but the same conclusion: to give the SSPX recognition. He also responds to whether Archbishop Lefebvre's insistence that reconciliation would only be...READ MORE

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What Should I Know About Pope Francis and Women Deaconesses and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/18/2016 Comment

Click on What Should I Know About Pope Francis and ‘Women Deacons’? by Deacon Jim Russell of Catholic Answers link to read.

What Should I Know About Pope Francis and ‘Women Deacons’? – Deacon Jim Russell, Catholic Answers

Religious Schools Are Fundamental to Liberty – Gene Van Son, Catholic Stand

Review: Happiness! D.V.D. Series by Ignatius Press – Jessica McAfee, epicPew

The Trouble with Time – Marissa Standage, Ignitum Today

How To Give Your Children A Great Catholic Education - Theresa Thomas, Dynamic Women of Faith

Angela’s Orderliness – Kevin Aldrich, Catholic Stand

How Many Sacrilegious Communions Will Now Occur? – Frank Rega, The Shield of Faith

Choosing Classical Education Over Common Core - Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

Campus Speakers: Why They Matter – CNS Staff, Catholic Education...READ MORE

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Why This Sister Started Wearing a Traditional Habit Again

05/18/2016 Comments (16)

Jan van Helmont (1650-1714), “Portrait of the Black Canon Augustinian Nuns in Antwerp”

Why She Returned to her Habit

The Sixties were rough on religious sisters. Actually they were rough on everyone: the Vietnam War, the assassinations of JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King; Vatican II misunderstood, and the Pill—all topped fittingly by the counterculture three-day blowout of Woodstock. We entered the decade through one door and came out of quite another. And so it was for many Catholic sisters.

In 1960, a woman who took vows as a religious sister accepted a new name, a vow of obedience and a habit that covered all but her face and hands. A large rosary hung from her belt and in places like Michigan, Catholic school kids would whisper to one another on hot, sticky,...READ MORE

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