More on the Evangelists Not Making Stuff Up

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What evidence do we have that the authors of the four Gospels didn't feel free to simply make stuff up about Jesus?

Just a quick note on the reliability of the Gospels.

I’ve written before about the fact that the Evangelists did not feel free to simply make stuff up about Jesus.

One of the signs of that is the fact that, despite the fact that St. Paul’s letters were extremely influential in the early Church and though they generally predate the Gospels, we don’t find the four Evangelists lifting statements from St. Paul and attributing them to Jesus.

Neither, in fact, do we find the Jesus of the Gospels interacting with many of the controversies that characterize the period in which the epistles were written.


Some Examples

Evangelical scholar Michael F. Bird makes the point well when he writes:


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‘9 Days for Life’ is a Digital Pilgrimage

01/10/2015 Comment

It will be a few years before I find myself at either the March for Life in Washington, D.C., or the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. Though I may long to go, it’s just not feasible for my state in life.

But, thanks to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, I can make a digital pilgrimage and unite my prayers with those of others around the country and the world in a novena to end abortion.

From January 17-25, the bishops are inviting all Catholics to make a nine-day digital pilgrimage. This “9 Days for Life” is for the protection of life at all stages. This nine day period is significant, because it’s surrounding the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe v....READ MORE

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Register Radio - Threats To D.C. Catholic Schools / Spiritual Life in the New Year

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This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo talks to the Cardinal Newman Society's Patrick Reilly about a serious threat to religious freedom on Catholic university campuses in our nation's capitol. And in the second part of the show, Dan Burke and Father of Mercy Father Wade Menezes discuss setting a routine of prayer and making daily duties holy in this New Year.

Patrick Reilly on Threats To D.C. Catholic Schools

Patrick Reilly is president and founder of the Cardinal Newman Society, a wonderful organization dedicated to safeguarding faithful Catholic education. He is a frequent contributor and source to Register news, as well as a regular guest here on Register Radio.

Reilly...READ MORE

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Joint Statement from the Confraternities of Catholic Clergy in Support of Marriage

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The Confraternities of Catholic Clergy, a group of anglophone priests from dioceses across the world, have issued the following statement pledging their "unwavering fidelity" to traditional Church doctrine regarding marriage and the true meaning of human sexuality.

The priests, who represent nearly 1,000 clergy worldwide, have been holding their annual meeting in Rome. 

Here below is the full text of their statement:

"The International gathering of Confraternities of Catholic Clergy meeting in Rome (January 5th to 9th 2015), have discussed issues pertinent to the forthcoming Synod on the Family in response to the Holy Father's call for reflection. The fathers pledge their unwavering...READ MORE

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Corkscrew and the Art of Sloth

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My dear Slimemold:

I note with pleasure the High Command is proceeding apace in its inducement of profound spiritual torpor in the American humans. The humans themselves, though made for union with the Enemy and therefore always in search of Him, are still half ready to embrace such torpor, especially under the justification that they are "hard workers" and therefore deserve to be let off from "thinking too much" about issues of life, death, truth, falsehood and such. They can be headed off from Him by pleasures and gifts which, precisely because they are gifts of His goodness, can be palmed off by us as "good enough" and sufficient to satisfy the craving of their hearts. In teaching them...READ MORE

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The Abortion Lie that Just Won't Die

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Abortion advocates will always have one major weapon on its side: our eagerness to accept lies.

We accept the lie that women want abortion while men want to deny them access. In fact, men are more likely than women to favor abortion on demand.  

We accept the lie that unborn babies, who jump and dance away from a playful, prodding finger, somehow can't feel a scalpel in their flesh until the law says they can.  

We accept the lies that abortion is good for women, that it is generally safe, that it frees women, that it's necessary in order for women to have full liberty and self determination.The truth is, some women have abortions and continue to be happy. What does this prove? It proves...READ MORE

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Ten Things to be Sought

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In the New Year’s first weekend, I attended the mega conference put on by FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) called SEEK2015 and it was undoubtedly impressive.  Held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, the five day event drew nearly 10,000 attendees.  Students hailed from the 100 colleges and universities that have a FOCUS program, as well as more than 50 other schools.

SEEK2015 also drew archbishops, chaplains, vocations directors, religious sisters, seminarians, representatives from many Catholic groups and a troop of well-known Catholic speakers and entertainers such as: Chris Stefanick, Jason Evert, Leah Darrow, Abby Johnson,...READ MORE

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Atlanta's Fire Chief Fired for Espousing Christian Beliefs

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The mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed announced today the firing of the city's fire chief for the crime of being a Christian, according to news reports.

It seems the fire chief, Kelvin Cochran, wrote a book for his Bible study group in which he espoused actual Christian beliefs. How dare he?

But his firing doesn't infringe on religious freedom at all, so says the mayor. "This is not about religious freedom, this is not about free speech" the mayor reportedly said. "Judgement is the basis of the problem." So there you have it. If you're fired for being a Christian it's not because you're a Christian it's because you displayed bad judgment in being a Christian. You get the difference, right?


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