Nobody Gets "Time and Place" Anymore

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You ready for the cringeworthy headline of the day: "Holocaust Museum to visitors: Please stop catching Pokémon here." #21stcenturyproblems

The problem isn't the Pokémon people making millions of dollars. The problem isn't even people enjoying a game. The real problem here is that nobody understands that there's a time and place for things anymore. Let's face it, very few people even teach their children about time and place anymore. Think about it. Enough people walked into the Holocaust museum in search of Pokémon that they needed to put up a sign.

Nowadays, "But I want it" is a hedonistic permission slip. We are all so up in our own heads and our own subjective "truths" that nothing we...READ MORE

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Thomas More and Birth of New Hollywood, Dress for Church Like a Roman Tourist, and More Great Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/13/2016 Comment

Click on St. Thomas More and the Birth of New Hollywood by K.V. Turley of Crisis Magazine link to read more.

St. Thomas More and the Birth of New Hollywood – K.V. Turley, Crisis Magazine

Problem Isn’t Invalid Marriages, It’s Our Reluctance to Present Church Teaching – Ed Condon, Catholic Herald

This Summer, Dress for Church Like a Roman Tourist – Carrie Gress Ph.D., The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

Pin The Tale On The Christian? An Ancient Blame Game Still In Use – John Clark, Seton Magazine

Apparition of Blessed Virgin Mary Approved in Argentina! – Shaun McAfee, epicPew

Pope on Brexit: It’s the Will of the People, Peaceful Co-Existence Must be Guaranteed – Aleteia

Missouri Music Director of 31 Years Retires with Inspiring Words – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew

Why Is My Faith So...READ MORE

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Exorcists Fear No Evil, and Neither Should You

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(By Matthäus Schiestl, 1869-1939, via Wikimedia Commons)

Exorcists encounter evil up close—sometimes in bizarre, hair-raising ways. They are in the person of Christ, in humble obedience to their Bishop and with access to the power of God and his Church to drive out demons.  Their courage comes from certainty that God is the ultimate power.  Exorcists warn lay people not to take up ghost busting or deliverance on their own, yet we have access to the same courage through our faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Reasons not to Fear

In an interview with Msgr. John Esseff, an exorcist for the diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years, he said people should always remember that spiritual warfare is not a fight between equals.  The...READ MORE

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What I Saw When I Missed My Usual Sunday Mass

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When I stepped out of my Sunday morning routine recently, I think Christ gave me a glimpse of what he sees when everyone else is at church.

I got up one Sunday a few weeks ago with plenty of time to make the 9 a.m. Mass at my parish. But I was a bit too leisurely with breakfast. Then I couldn’t find the dress I’d decided to wear. After several searches, I was even more determined I had to wear that dress because I couldn’t think about coming up with another outfit. When I finally found the elusive dress, badly in need of ironing, it was 8:53. Not only would I miss that Mass, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my service as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.

The next Mass wasn’t for...READ MORE

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Only a Virtuous Nation is Capable of True Freedom

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In this especially divisive election season it’s easy to become disheartened, to lose hope for America’s future.  Many people I know who are well-educated, well-informed on the issues and consider themselves to be good citizens are seriously considering not casting a vote for president this November.  That’s how discouraged they feel about this country. 

Eric Metaxas, author of Miracles and biographies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce, is out with a new book, If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty.  The title comes from the eyewitness account of a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, held in1787 in what is now Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.  As...READ MORE

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Henryk Sienkiewicz: From ‘Quo Vadis’ to the Heart of Poland

07/12/2016 Comments (4)

Annibale Carracci, “Domine Quo Vadis?” (1602)

In the back of a Polish parish, an elderly woman whispers a prayer: “Lord, please help Jan, that he may be safe in battle and route our enemies.” She lights a candle and leaves. It is 1885 and the Jan she is praying for lived centuries before. His story, however, has been told afresh in the local papers with the characters painted so lifelike that many a Pole tucks them into their prayers.

The author, Henryk Sienkiewicz, is best known for his novel Quo Vadis: A Narrative at the Time of Nero. When it came out in the 1896, it sold 800,000 copies in the United States in just 18 months and 2 million copies in Poland and Germany alone. It has since been printed into 50+ languages, and was made...READ MORE

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Here's the Skinny on Gluttony

07/12/2016 Comments (10)

Georg Emanuel Opiz, “Der Völler” (1804)

Never eat more honey than you need; too much may make you vomit. (Proverbs 25:16)

Neil Simon once observed that there are two immutable universal laws: (1) the law of gravity and (2) the fact that everybody likes Italian food.

As an Italian, I've been exposed to the finest cuisine the world has ever known, due to the limitless access I had to the kitchens of both my mother and grandmother. It was there that I came to realize what Christ meant when He compared Heaven to a celestial feast.

And if Heaven is literally a celestial feast, surely the first course will be pasta al pesto served al dente.

Had I been consulted, I wouldn't have included gluttony on a list of Deadly Sins. One can't...READ MORE

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Should Catholics in America Assimilate, Science and the Evidence for God, and Many More Great Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/12/2016 Comment

Click on Assimilation has been the Preferred Strategy of Catholic Leadership in America Since the Days of John Carroll, but Should It Always Be? There Is Good Reason to Think It Shouldn’t by Russell Shaw of The Catholic World Report link to read more.

Assimilation has been the Preferred Strategy of Catholic Leadership in America Since the Days of John Carroll, but Should It Always Be? There Is Good Reason to Think It Shouldn’t - Russell Shaw, The Catholic World Report

One Bishop’s Bold Move to Restore the Sacred – Liturgy Guy

Science and the Evidence for God – Nicene Guy, Ignitum Today

The Chastity, Mercy, and Love of Saint Maria Goretti - Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand

9 Eye-Opening Books that Flannery O’Connor Wants You to Read – Stephen Mirarchi, epicPew

Fortnight For Freedom: Archbishop John Ireland on Patriotism – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

An Inexpensive Pilgrimage? – Dan Byron, Catholic Stand

Kimberly...READ MORE

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