A Little Trick to Help You Evangelize Everywhere You Go

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Josef Wagner-Höhenberg (1870-1938), "Die neusten Nachrichten im Wirtshaus"

Don't you just hate waiting?  At the doctor's office, maybe the train station or DMV, we all  have appointments or other waiting times that leaves us with little to do but wait — and read.
Anywhere people are waiting, there's usually a table or two with a bunch of magazines on top.  Folks sitting around waiting will often pick up anything available to flip through. Especially after they've finished anything of interest on their phone, they could pick up a four-year-old issue of Sports Illustrated or Better Homes & Gardens. 
This is where I do some of my best evangelizing. For years when I've read something really great, easy to understand, concise and with a countercultural point,...READ MORE

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Grace, Coast to Coast

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It was a diverse crowd of believers, who seemed to share both a love for the Holy Father and a love for St. Junipero Serra. Everyone was watching the beautiful Mass on the big screen, although it felt as though we were directly participating in the holy Mass, as the grace flowed through the Great Stone Church that day.  

The faithful rose and sat, as those in Washington did. At the sign of peace, we offered a peaceful greeting to those next to us and all stood and joined in reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

“Rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again, rejoice!” 

These were the words that the Holy Father used to begin the homily of his first Mass in the United States. They represent St. Paul’s...READ MORE

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Dissenters Express High Hopes for Synod

Meanwhile orthodox-thinking Catholics to reassert Church doctrine with four major Rome conferences scheduled for this week

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As the Synod on the Family approaches, those pushing for radical reform in the Church — or rather dissent from established Church teaching — and those upholding the Church’s doctrine, are both making their views more widely known.

Beginning with the dissenters, Swiss Vaticanist Giuseppe Rusconi has helpfully summarized their views on Pope Francis and the synod. The heterodox views of 30 individuals including Italian priests, a bishop, and a leftist politician appear in a special issue of “Micromega”, a secularist journal, published in time for the synod.

With the exception of two who are strongly critical, the other contributors are very satisfied with the Pope and see him as a vehicle...READ MORE

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“Ideological Colonization”: An Apt Description of Modern Imperialism

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An Englishwoman in a sedan chair, date unknown

Pope Francis has frequently mentioned the problem of “ideological colonization.” In many ways it is a masterful phrase which turns the tables on many of the Western Liberal Democracies.

For indeed, in America and in many European countries there is an often self-congratulatory narrative  that we have shaken off our colonial era where we often ruthlessly suppressed native or indigenous peoples in the Americas, India, Africa and as far as the South Pacific. The usual notion is that our ancestors were bad people for doing this and acted unjustly and oppressively. We on the other hand have been enlightened and no longer do this terrible stuff. The sun now does set on the British Empire and...READ MORE

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The Urge to Prophesy

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John William Waterhouse (1849-1917), "The Crystal Ball"

Back when I was in high school (Cascade High 1976: Home of the Bruins, School of Pride), one of the trendier ideas being talked about was Futurism — literally, the “study of the future.” I remember watching some film with Orson Welles narrating it at his most pompous “I am from the elite, and this is what we are all talking about at our wine and cheese parties” best. And being a dumb kid from the suburbs, I took him at his word because he had a beard, an important-sounding voice, and his thoughts seemed really smart, almost English smart, which, as every American high schooler knows, is as smart as a person can get. The only thing more potent than getting Welles to intone something about...READ MORE

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Pilgrims’ Family-Festive Time

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Susan Klemond

– Susan Klemond

In an atmosphere like that of a summer sports event, thousands passed the time near the gray metal fencing that separated them from Benjamin Franklin Parkway where the Holy Father was expected to pass in the popemobile Saturday evening.

“We are blessed for the opportunity to see the Pope — it’s exciting and emotional,” said Elizabeth Aroca, who, with her husband, Fernando Mendez, sat on the north side of the parkway. The couple, who live in Bogota, Columbia, help support marriages as members of the Communidad Matrimonial Alegria, of Minuto De Dios.

They came both to see the Pope and to attend the World Meeting of Families, where they said they found ideas and information to use in their...READ MORE

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Answer God's Call Now, For You Never Know When He'll Call Again

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Saint Katharine Drexel (photograph c. 1915)

We never know when we’ll be called.

That’s the message that rang true in my heart as I meditated on Pope Francis’ homily during his private Mass with bishops, clergy, and religious at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

The Holy Father cited the example of St. Katherine Drexel’s calling by Pope Leo XIII. He related the story of Katherine approaching the elderly Pope and expressing her concern about the needs of the missions.

Pope Leo’s wise and thoughtful response to St. Katherine was, “And what about you? What are you going to do?”

Those words made Katherine realize that she was being called to do her part, changed her life and set her on the road to...READ MORE

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At the Lincoln Lectern, Pope Francis Imparts Prophetic Message

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(Photo from YouTube)

Pope Francis speaks in a way that encourages dialogue among peoples and nations, addressing issues that have become divided in the common mentality. He proclaims a prophetic politics that transcends reductionist schemes and polarizations, eschewing a fundamentalist interpretation of the Gospel that trumpets certain truths to the exclusion and neglect of others. 

His is not a message intended for a select political group that parcels out the Christian creed in half truths. Rather, he comes among us as the 266th successor of St. Peter, standing in the tradition of St. John XXIII, Blessed Paul VI, St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, teaching the entirety of the Christian Gospel.

And so,...READ MORE

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