Pope Francis on God’s Universal Fatherhood

01/14/2016 Comments (47)

Pope Francis recently said all people have God as their Father. Is that true?

Pope Francis has a new video out in which he offers a prayer intention for the month of January.

And some people are freaking out about it.

Here are 10 things to know and share . . .


1) Where can I watch the video?

Right here:

Also, you can use this link.


2) What does Pope Francis say in the video?

He says:

Most of the planet’s inhabitants declare themselves believers.

This should lead to dialogue among religions.

We should not stop praying for it [i.e., dialogue] and collaborating with those who think differently.

Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways.

In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty...READ MORE

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Here's How the Anglican Battles Might Affect the Catholic Church

01/14/2016 Comments (36)

The gatehouse of Lambeth Palace, the London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (Photo Credit: Peter Jordan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

This week’s suspension of the Episcopal Church of the USA from the Anglican Communion is a surprising move because it is so un-Anglican. Part of the historic Anglican mentality is to maintain corporate unity at all costs. Incredible theological sleight of hand, “re-interpretation” and ecclesiastical double think has been used down the decades to keep Anglicans together—some who believe in women priests and some who do not, some who believe in the sacraments and some who do not, some who believe the Bible and some who do not. Now, it seems the elastic cord that has held them all together has been stretched to its limit and snapped.
Without doubt the Anglican bishops’ decision was driven...READ MORE

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FOCUS Founder Curtis Martin Wants College Students Known, Loved, and Cared For

01/14/2016 Comments (2)

Photo Credit: Karlie Brown/FOCUS

At the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Leadership Summit from Jan 1-5, I met and talked with FOCUS founder and CEO Curtis Martin. If you’re not familiar with FOCUS, the organization’s missionaries “meet college students where they are and invite them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.” This bi-annual leadership conference equips college students in leadership, evangelization, prayer, and discipleship techniques.

As campus minister for Texas Woman’s University in Denton, I’m able to see the fruits FOCUS brings to our campus and to our ministry, so it was a great opportunity to meet the man behind the mission.  Below is my interview with...READ MORE

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Anglicans Step Back From the Brink, Suspend Episcopal Church for 3 Years

01/14/2016 Comments (11)

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby (Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The primates of the Anglican Communion have suspended the Episcopal Church from full participation for three years following their unilateral decision last year to authorize same-sex “marriages”.

In a statement released this evening, the primates said the “recent developments” in the American branch of the Anglican Communion “represent a fundamental departure from the faith and teaching” held by the majority of the 38 provinces of the ecclesial community.

It also warned that “possible developments” in some of the other provinces “could further exacerbate this situation.”

Instead, the primates chose to uphold “the traditional doctrine of the church in view of the teaching of Scripture,”...READ MORE

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What is Salvation?

01/13/2016 Comments (8)

We Catholics often toss terminology around with the assumption that we all, of course, understand it and agree on its meaning. It is only when somebody (often it seems to be our children) asks "What do you mean by that?" that we find we don't really know what we mean.

One such commonly used, but little understood term, is "salvation." What do we mean by "salvation"?

Our very stammering at such a point-blank question shows something we don't mean. We do not mean salvation is "simple." Catholics are often embarrassed by this. We have grown submissive to bullies who like to attack us for taking the "simple message of Jesus" and (allegedly) "complicating it with dogmas, doctrines and...READ MORE

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Cardinal Rodriguez: Homosexual Lobby Exists in the Vatican

Honduran cardinal also rules out the Pope ever supporting same-sex 'marriage', saying the "natural law cannot be reformed".

01/13/2016 Comments (33)

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga

– Wikipedia

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has confirmed the presence of a homosexual “lobby” in the Vatican and revealed that Pope Francis is trying “little by little to purify it.”

The Honduran Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, who coordinates the Council of Nine cardinals advising the Pope on reform of the Roman Curia and Church governance, was responding to a question from a Honduran newspaper reporter who asked him whether there had been “an attempt to infiltrate the gay community in the Vatican, or a moment when that had actually happened?”

Cardinal Rodriguez replied: “Not only that, also the Pope has said there is even a ‘lobby’ in this sense. Little by little the Pope is trying to purify it.” He...READ MORE

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A Catholic Deacon in Post-Abortion Ministry

01/13/2016 Comments (1)

Deacon Mark Armamentos serves as a Catholic Deacon in the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois.  In the following interview, we discover that within his calling to the Deaconate, Rev. Armamentos found another very special invitation from the Lord.

How did you come to discover God's call to the Catholic Deaconate?

For a couple of years many people, from various ministries I was involved with, asked me if I considered being a deacon, to which I responded “no”. After a person had asked me a couple times about it, I said I would pray about it, but nothing further came of it.

During a weekend retreat for teenagers, I was giving a talk about sharing our faith with others and proclaimed to the...READ MORE

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Now Let Us Praise the Extraordinary Freedom of Catholic Life and Skin Care

01/13/2016 Comments (10)

If you heard some wild cackling last night, that was just me, lying on the couch and getting a little too much fun out of reading the latest exquisitely inane piece from Slate's Rebecca Schuman. 

“Radical Self-Care: Meet the feminist academics who love K-beauty” is the article that gave me so much pleasure. In it, Schuman explains that she likes to put a lot of fancy creams and things on her face to make her skin look good. At first she felt weird about it, because something something patriarchy, but then she realized it was actually the most radical feminist thing ever, because something something reasons something.

If you think I'm being unfair, I invite you to read Schuman's piece in...READ MORE

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