Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument, Pope No on Death Penalty, and Much More!

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07/16/2016 Comment

Click on Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument by Bishop Robert Barron of Word on Fire link to read more.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski Calls Out Bishop Lynch for Judgmental Pro-Homosexual Remarks – Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Miami Archdiocese

Watch Apologist Trent Horn Masterfully Debate God’s Existence – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew

Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument – Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire

There’s No Excuse For It: Pope Francis on the Death Penalty – epicPew

19 Amazing Quotes from the Last Month of St. Therese of Lisieux’s Life – Theresa Williams, Ignitum Today

Book Review: “Invited” and Interview With Author Stephanie Calis – Anabelle Hazard, Catholic Stand

Orlando and the Mysterious Sacredness of the Other – Anna O’Neil, Aleteia

Is There a Religion Ghost in...READ MORE

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St. Swithin's Day If Thou Be Fair

07/15/2016 Comments (3)

St. Swithin's shrine at Winchester Cathedral (Photo credit: “”, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

On a recent road-tripping holiday with my family, we immersed ourselves in Howard Pyle’s land of fancy in the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. In the stories we caught a glimpse of a merry medieval England, but another thing we got a sense of was a continual reference to the intercession of the saints. There were favorite saints of the time, like St. Dunstan and St. Aelfrida and it made my husband and I want focus even more on saints and their feast in our family lives.

I want my children to grow up knowing about things like St. Swithin’s day, which is July 15, and on that day you say this rhyme:

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be...READ MORE

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Pope Francis and His Unofficial Spokespeople

07/15/2016 Comments (12)
Edward Pentin

Pope Francis and Father Federico Lombardi speaking to reporters on the papal plane to Armenia, June 24, 2016

– Edward Pentin

Pope Francis raised eyebrows this week by choosing a Protestant theologian, Marcelo Figueroa, to edit a new Argentine edition of L’Osservatore Romano.

From September, Figueroa, who is a personal friend of the Holy Father and former head of Argentina’s Biblical Society, will begin editing the edition that will combine eight pages of exclusive local content with the weekly Spanish-language edition of L'Osservatore Romano.

His appointment follows reportedly increasing opposition to the Pope in his native country.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nacion last week, Francis denied he had any problems with the country’s new center-right president Mauricio Macri (the Pope recently...READ MORE

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Abortion Lobby Thinks Abortion Makes Good Comedy

07/15/2016 Comments (2)

It’s a commercial you might think some clever but unsavory pro-life folks created in order to make their opponents look bad. Really, really, terribly bad. But it’s not.

NARAL/Pro-Choice America created this video to highlight all the supposed barriers that stand between a pregnant mother and her “right” to get un-pregnant. It is nearly impossible to overstate how crude, callous, insulting and vile this piece of work is. But NARAL is quite proud of their work, wanting as many people to see it as possible. Ironically, pro-lifers want the same thing, perhaps even more so. It would advance the pro-life cause tremendously if every pair of eyes over the age of 15 viewed it. It’s that...READ MORE

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The Saints Proclaim the Happy News: In Heaven, We'll Meet Again!

07/15/2016 Comments (3)

Hans Sandreuter, “An der Himmelspforte” (1894)

I wrote at the Register a couple weeks back that I had no idea there was so much that saints said about life in heaven, and how we’ll meet again.

Growing up as a Protestant I received the gamut of opinions, arguments, and exegesis on the possible outcomes.

Then there was that confusing book turned movie, The 5 People You Meet In Heaven. The story is about a guy who dies in an attempt to save a young girl, and in heaven he meets 5 people who impacted him or he had an impact on. They each teach him an important lesson. As a Catholic, I can only entertain it as a nice spin on Purgatory, but it still put a stalling question in my mind, Other than God, who DO we meet in heaven?

The question...READ MORE

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Act Like a Christian. The World is Watching

07/15/2016 Comments (4)

I recently read a piece about an Islamic convert to Christianity who withstood torture at the hands of Islamic radicals. It's an amazing story but it's not the one I want to focus on here. (That has to be the worst lede ever.)

In explaining his conversion, he said what made Christ intriguing to him was meeting Christians at college who seemed at peace and ready to forgive wrongs done to them. He said their openness to sacrifice shocked, surprised, and inspired him to begin reading about Christ. He didn't go into the particulars about what he specifically saw in Christians and it would likely make for boring reading. It may have been something as simple as forgiving gossip or a harsh word....READ MORE

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Pope Francis Condemns 'Blind Violence' of Nice Attack

French bishops call on the nation to pray for the victims and their families at Mass this Sunday.

07/15/2016 Comments (4)

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, has sent the following message of condolence on behalf of Pope Francis to Archbishop André Marceau of Nice following last night's terrorist attack in the southern French city.

"While France was celebrating its national day, blind violence struck the country in Nice, causing many casualties, including children. Condemning such acts again, His Holiness Pope Francis expresses his deep sorrow and his spiritual closeness to the French people. He entrusts God's mercy on those who lost their lives, and shares deeply the pain of bereaved families. He expresses his sympathy to those injured and to all those who contributed to the rescue, asking the Lord...READ MORE

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The Catholic Church has Something to Say about Your Paycheck and Many More Great Links!

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07/15/2016 Comment

Click on The Catholic Church has Something to Say about Your Paycheck by Adelaide Mena of Catholic News Agency link to read more.

Europe as a ‘Soft Utopia’ - Todd Huizinga, The Catholic World Report

It’s All About You, Dr. Spurrell, Isn’t It; Responding to a Time Magazine Post – Theresa Bonopartis, Reclaiming Our Children

Knights of Columbus Bring Attention, Aid to Persecuted Christians - Matthew Bunson, OSV Newsweekly

The Catholic Church has Something to Say about Your Paycheck – Adelaide Mena, Catholic News Agency

Scrupulosity: What It Is and How to Overcome It – Charlie Johnson, Catholic Stand

13 Unfortunate but Common Excuses for Not Going to Confession – Laura Hensley, epicPew

Advocacy Group Seeks Reparations Against Iraq – Eddie O’Neill, OSV Newsweekly

What Catholics Can Learn from Orthodox Disputes –...READ MORE

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