The Disappearance of the Real University?

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(Photo credit: Yinan Chen,, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Catholic Church invented the university about a millennium ago. It isn’t an eternal institution, but it has lasted a very long time. Unhappily, the combination of economic pressures and virtual (online) classes may well bring its historical demise. I do not wish that to happen—I teach at Franciscan University—but the possibility is very real, and must be understood and addressed.

First, I want to begin with an economic lesson from an area outside education that offers a warning to us about the danger actual universities are facing. I call it the Amazon Effect.

Actual, physical bookstores have been around for hundreds of years—thousands, if you go back to the scroll stalls of the...READ MORE

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What I Learned on a Walk With My Little Boy

07/18/2016 Comments (5)

Severin Nilsson (1846-1918), “In Daddy's Arms”

Long, long ago--when the giant man in my house named Peter (who just turned 21) was only 3 and his kid brother Sean was only 2--it was a daily occurrence that (barring rain) I would be summoned "owside" as my two year old Sean said and bidden to take his and Peter's hands and get going. It didn't really matter where we went as long as we saw certain important sights.

The first important sight was "the doggie by the gate" (a creature sufficient to satiate Sean's fascination with dogs yet safely locked behind a gate at the end of a 50 foot driveway and therefore capable of causing thrills without terror). The second critical sight was "the fire hydrant" which Peter thought intensely...READ MORE

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Why We Should All “Face East” During the Eucharistic Prayer

07/17/2016 Comments (57)

Israhel van Meckenem, “The Mass of Saint Gregory” (c. 1515-1520)

Cardinal Robert Sarah has made additional comments about the so-called “ad orientem” or eastward direction for the Eucharistic Prayer wherein priest and people all face one direction for the canon of the Mass.  As widely reported, he has expressed a desire for priest to teach on and implement the option by the first Sunday of Advent.

I have noted earlier my support for his view and my hope to further teach and implement this option on a more regular basis. As I continue to teach the faithful about the Eastward “orientation” of Mass I want to present some of what I have offered. Soon enough I want to put my reflection in a letter format to my congregation. What follows is a series of...READ MORE

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Live This Day as if it Were Your Last and Only Day

07/17/2016 Comment

William Michael Harnett, “Memento Mori” (1879). Death is symbolized in this painting by the skull, the extinguished candle, the empty hourglass, and a quote from the graveyard scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

With news of the most recent act of senseless violence in Nice, France, we are reminded again of the need to prepare our own souls for the journey home. Terrorists strike when we are most off-guard and in the most ordinary circumstances of life. This means today could be your last day on this earth and you may not have the time to prepare your heart for a sudden death.

Are you ready?

There is an old saying that goes, “If the Lord tarries…” Typically it is said about the possibility of doing something in the future and is referencing the fact that Christ’s Second Coming could be here before the future event occurs. It is a healthy saying that reminds us life is short. We do not know what...READ MORE

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Christian Humility and Sexual Orientation, Armenia: Pope Uses the Word Genocide, and More. . .

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/17/2016 Comment

Click on Christian Humility and Sexual Orientation by Timothy Kirchoff of Ethika Politika link to read more.

Christian Humility and Sexual Orientation – Timothy Kirchoff, Ethika Politika

In Armenia, Pope Francis Uses the Word “Genocide” – Diane Montagna, Aleteia

Breaking Down Whole Woman’s Health: A Critical Abortion Ruling – Stephanie H. To, Catholic Stand

Considering Obergefell v. Hodges and the Sublime Dignity of Marriage – Veronica Artz, Truth and Charity Forum

In Defense of the Journey – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand

Suffering Loss of a Child? Nathan & RyAnne Carr of Immaculate Hope Ministries – Matt Vander Vennet, epicPew

Six Ways to Avoid Being a “Stealth” Catholic – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

On Converting for the Wrong Reasons – Nicholas Senz, Crisis Magazine

The Brexit...READ MORE

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14 Reasons Why God Wants Nothing To Do With Deism

07/16/2016 Comments (28)

The 14 Stations of the Cross depict 14 more good reasons to abandon the tired philosophy of deism. (Image credit: Rangan Datta Wiki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

How do we know that God didn't wind up the Cosmos and simply walk away, as Deism professes?

Fourteen reasons come immediately to mind.

First, there's no evidence such a thing happened, and a great deal of evidence to contradict this presumption.

Second, it's odd in the extreme to think God would make an anthropic universe designed specifically for us only to simultaneously be apathetic about us. If He were apathetic towards us, why did He bother with the tiniest details on the subatomic level and make them consistent throughout space and time?

Third, the universe has purpose and order. The Anthropic Principle clearly shows the Creator had foresight and omniscience (i.e., knowledge...READ MORE

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Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument, Pope No on Death Penalty, and Much More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/16/2016 Comment

Click on Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument by Bishop Robert Barron of Word on Fire link to read more.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski Calls Out Bishop Lynch for Judgmental Pro-Homosexual Remarks – Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Miami Archdiocese

Watch Apologist Trent Horn Masterfully Debate God’s Existence – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew

Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument – Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire

There’s No Excuse For It: Pope Francis on the Death Penalty – epicPew

19 Amazing Quotes from the Last Month of St. Therese of Lisieux’s Life – Theresa Williams, Ignitum Today

Book Review: “Invited” and Interview With Author Stephanie Calis – Anabelle Hazard, Catholic Stand

Orlando and the Mysterious Sacredness of the Other – Anna O’Neil, Aleteia

Is There a Religion Ghost in...READ MORE

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St. Swithin's Day If Thou Be Fair

07/15/2016 Comments (3)

St. Swithin's shrine at Winchester Cathedral (Photo credit: “”, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

On a recent road-tripping holiday with my family, we immersed ourselves in Howard Pyle’s land of fancy in the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. In the stories we caught a glimpse of a merry medieval England, but another thing we got a sense of was a continual reference to the intercession of the saints. There were favorite saints of the time, like St. Dunstan and St. Aelfrida and it made my husband and I want focus even more on saints and their feast in our family lives.

I want my children to grow up knowing about things like St. Swithin’s day, which is July 15, and on that day you say this rhyme:

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be...READ MORE

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