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11/03/2014 Comments (9)

My Dear Slimemold:

I am gratified at your latest report concerning the spectacle of fratricidal malice among the patients who participate in the Christian email list we are monitoring.

I see that Pusfang has got one of the hairless bipeds into that delightful state where it can set out to attack a fellow human's faith in the Eucharist with bad satirical poetry (coated in a veneer of greasy humour) and then take offense when the attack is seen for what it is and objected to! Excellent! I must remind Pusfang in my next communiqué to be sure to play on the creature's thwarted will to bully and abuse by teaching it to say that it has a "sense of humour" whereas all around it are simply...READ MORE

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All Souls Day

11/02/2014 Comments (14)

This morning when I got to Mass, I saw that they were having one of those craft fairs that they occasionally have at the parish.

People set up booths and put out their wares—homemade potholders and jewelery and quilts and things like that.

I’ve strolled through these a couple of time and never found anything that interested me, which made the experience a little frustrating—taking the time to look but not finding anything for one’s efforts.

After a while, I started ignoring these events. They seemed to be designed to appeal to a different demographic than I fall into. Specifically, they seem designed to appeal to a feminine demographic.

This morning, I quickly walked past the exhibits...READ MORE

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The Grace of Yes: A Book Worth Rereading

11/01/2014 Comment

Lisa Hendey’s new book, The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living (Ave Maria Press), is one you won’t want to miss. I don’t say that because I know Hendey personally and am friends with her (though both are true). I say it because it was nothing like I expected.

Generous living entails both openness to God’s plan and a plan of our own. We each need a plan for total engagement in the virtues that lie at the heart of generous living: belief, love and generativity, work and creativity, integrity, humility and forgiveness, vulnerability, saying no, and rebirth. I hope that recognizing and seizing the grace of yes in your life will be a gift for you, as it has been for me, and will...READ MORE

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The Church Should Shush On 'Science'

10/31/2014 Comments (140)

When I read headlines like this one: "Pope Francis Officially Endorses Evolution and The Big Bang Theory," I can do nothing other than shake my head and sigh.

The media breathlessly reports this as just another sure sign that Pope Francis is so radically different from those other Popes.  Except that is not what the Pope said and he is not the first Pope to say it.

What the Pope said, in an address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, is that such concepts are "not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve."

Of course that is true, so far as it goes.  The breathless media hype is merely additional unneeded testimony to the...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Occult Curiosity and Dealing with Death

10/31/2014 Comments (2)

This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke and renowned exorcist Father José Antonio Fortea warn us about the dangers of opening the door of curiosity to the devil. Also, Brittany Maynard and Glenn Campbell face their mortality quite differently. What would you do? Jeanette DeMelo and Priests for Life’s Janet Morana talk about the ways of dealing with death.

The Dangers of Curiosity in the Occult with Fr. José Antonio Fortea

Fr. José Antonio Fortea is a native of Spain. He’s a specialized theologian in demonology. Fr. is also author of several books about demonic possession and exorcism, and he’s given lectures on this in many different countries.

According to Fr. Fortea, “There are two...READ MORE

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HellCo's Corporate Propaganda

10/30/2014 Comments (8)

October is, among other things, the month in which the devil sends out the most press releases about how business is booming, what with Halloween and all. Of course, like any big international business operation, Hell has to maintain several faces depending on the public it is talking to. To secularists, it frequently issues press releases from the Materialist Myth Manufacturing Ltd. subsidiary of Hell, reminding its customers that Hell doesn't exist, that God doesn't exist, and that everything is just atoms and energy, followed by the long long night of death (so be sure to pick up as much sex, drugs, rock n' roll and self-indulgence as your shopping cart can hold in our Life Clearance...READ MORE

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How to Make Your Halloween Magnificent

10/30/2014 Comments (24)

It's Advent that's supposed to be a mini-Lent, when we take a hard look at our souls and make whatever changes we need to, in preparation for Christmas. But really, there's nothing like Halloween to highlight just exactly what is wrong with me as a wife, mother, Catholic, and human being.

Besides carving jack-o'-lanterns, I have long since abandoned the idea of decorating the house for Halloween. We have no trouble getting decorations up, but taking them down again? Ain't happening. Our low point came a few years ago when the five-foot spider made of garbage bags that we nailed to the shed did not, as I anticipated, get taken care of by hurricane season. We did add a Santa hat when Giant...READ MORE

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Where Are the Translations of Synod's Final Report?

10/30/2014 Comments (6)

They may well be published imminently, but the time it’s taking to translate the Synod on the Family’s final report into various languages is becoming something of a mystery.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the “relatio finalis” was released in Italian. By contrast, the controversial interim relatio had been translated into several languages only 48 hours after the first phase of the synod had ended. Both reports are roughly the same length. 

The speed at which the 6,000 interim report was written and translated, the discrepancy between its content and the matters raised in the interventions, and irritation among participants that it was sent out with minimum scrutiny, led to well...READ MORE

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