Pope Francis Receives SSPX's Bishop Fellay in Private Audience

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Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of St. Pius X.

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Pope Francis held a private and informal meeting with the superior general of the Society of St. Pius X at the weekend, fueling expectations that an agreement on canonical status for the Society could be achieved soon.

In a statement, the SSPX said the Holy Father received Bishop Bernard Fellay and the Society’s second general assistant, Father Alain-Marc Nély, at the Pope’s Domus Sanctae Marthae’s residence on April 1.

It added that Pope Francis “had wanted a private and informal meeting, without the formality of an official audience”. The meeting lasted 40 minutes and “took place under a cordial atmosphere,” the statement said.

“After the meeting, it was decided that the current...READ MORE

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J.R.R. Tolkien, the Feast of the Annunciation and the Defeat of Sauron

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"This is the Master-ring, the One Ring to rule them all. This is the One Ring that he lost many ages ago, to the great weakening of his power. He greatly desires it – but he must not get it." ― Gandalf the Grey, The Lord of the Rings, "The Shadow of the Past"

Much to the chagrin and fury of secularist aficionados of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, the author often said that his The Lord of the Rings is "a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." He admitted that his Middle-earth is modeled with the same moral contours and parameters as is our universe. As the Faithful read his books, this becomes immediately obvious despite the lack of overt references to the Christian Gospel or Catholic...READ MORE

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Breaking Records for Vocations, What’s the Secret of This Viennese Monastery? and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Breaking Records for Vocations, What’s the Secret of This Viennese Monastery? by John Gottfried of Catholic Herald link to read more.

Breaking Records for Vocations, What’s the Secret of This Viennese Monastery? – John Gottfried, Catholic Herald

Confession: The Light Is On for You – Pete Socks, Catholic Stand

The Order and Symmetry in the Rosary – Stacy A. Trasancos Ph.D., Science in the Light of Faith

The Third Option – Caitlin Sica, Ignitum Today

The Anglican Ordinariate Was Once a Dream, Now I Can’t Imagine Any Other – Fr. Matthew Pittam, Catholic Herald

Catholic Is As Catholic Does – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand

Fictional Reads for the Year of Mercy – Emmy Nika, The Nika Girls

Eastertide Explained: The 50 days of Easter – Robin Armit, HolyArt.com

The Best Thing You Can do For Your Children – Vicki Burbach,...READ MORE

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What in the World?

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A reader writes:

I'm wondering if you can either help me understand this or else point me in the right direction?

I have zero experience with Thomas Merton. But last August I picked up one of his books and it spoke to my heart. So you know I have to go and buy a Year with TM because much of what he says goes way over my head but the parts that don't are useful.

From this morning's meditation:

On March 3, 1951, he writes in his journal, I have come to the monastery to find my place in the world, and if I fail to find this place, I will ... There is a world which Christ would not pray for. But the world also was made by God and is good, and, unless that world is our mother, we cannot be...READ MORE

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The Magisterium and the Human Knowledge of Christ, Cute Expressions of Mother Angelica and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/03/2016 Comment

Click on The Magisterium and the Human Knowledge of Christ by Jimmy Akin of The Catholic World Report link to read more.

The Magisterium and the Human Knowledge of Christ – Jimmy Akin, The Catholic World Report

The Many Sweet, Hilarious, and Heartwarming Expressions of Mother Angelica – Laura Hensley, Epic Pew

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Grasped the Nature of the New Age of Terrorism, Why Did Nobody Listen? - Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald

Confession’s Sacrament – Ann Casey, Catholic Stand

The Lies Muslims Tell and the American Bishops Who Believe Them – Robert R. Reilly, The Catholic Thing

Correcting a Lady on the Need for All-male Altar Servers – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Defending the Early Christians’ Belief in Miracles – Karlo Broussard, Catholic Answers

Conversion from Modernity...READ MORE

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17 Things Jesus Revealed to St. Faustina About Divine Mercy

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As a person, as a country, as a world, do we not need God’s mercy more and more in these times? For the sake of our souls, can we afford not to listen to what Jesus told us through St. Faustina about his mercy and what our response to is should be?

Benedict told us “It is a really central message for our time: Mercy as the force of God, as the divine limit against the evil of the world.”

Let’s remind ourselves right now. Or learn the highlights for the first time. Divine Mercy Sunday is the perfect day to start listening to what Jesus himself tells us:

(1) I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. On that day the very depths...READ MORE

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Getting to Know Krakow, the Soul of Poland

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(Photo Credit: “RaNo”, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

During my first trip to Krakow nearly twenty years ago, as the train rattled through Austria toward the Polish border, the thought came to mind that these tracks were likely the same used to transport the Jews and other so-called enemies of the Nazi state to Auschwitz. When the air conditioning went out that warm day in late June, I could scarcely muster a complaint thinking of the terrifying conditions others had experienced in boxcars on the way to meet their death five decades before. Like most Americans without Polish ancestry, my knowledge of Poland was limited to Pope John Paul II, the movie Schindler’s List and a few stray details about life behind the Iron Curtain. Little did I...READ MORE

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Why Should You Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

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When I first heard about the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I thought it was ridiculous.

That was in the year 2000, when St. Pope John Paul II canonized St. Faustina and granted universal observance of the Feast of Divine Mercy annually on the Second Sunday of Easter. Up to that point, I’d never heard of Divine Mercy, nor did I know much about chaplets in general. So, I knew nothing about the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

We have the Rosary; why do we need anything else? I thought to myself.

I figured one bead-related devotion was plenty. The Blessed Mother herself had given the devotion to St. Dominic (d. 1221), citing 15 promises to all who pray the Rosary. “Whatever you ask in the Rosary will be...READ MORE

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