9 things you need to know about the prophecy of St. Malachy

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Who was St. Malachy, what was his mysterious "prophecy of the popes," and what should we think of it?

[Editor's Note: In a recent interview with Paul Badde, Archbishop Georg Gänswein—Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's personal secretary and Prefect of the Papal Household—briefly discussed a collection of predictions purported to have been made by St. Malachy in the 12th century. Due to the renewed interest in the alleged “Prophecy of St. Malachy” that resulted from the interview, the Register is re-running this article, which originally appeared on February 24, 2013.]


With the announcement of Pope Benedict's resignation, many people have been talking about the "prophecy of the popes" attributed to St. Malachy.

Who was he, what is the prophecy, and what should we think of it?

Here are 9...READ MORE

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It's Time for a Nobel Prize for Mothers

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Mary Cassatt (1844–1926), “The Child's Bath”

These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a young lady saying “I want to be a M-O-M!” when she is asked what she wants to do with her life. Have kids? Sure – maybe some day, after more adventurous and challenging feats are admiringly accomplished. Be a mother – sure, I guess... But what else? Isn't motherhood, after all, more like a hobby of a successful woman's life – something done on the side as time allows?

I suppose I could not say it better than Pope St. John Paul II did when he wrote this statement about dedicated mothers in Evangelium Vitae:

In living out their mission, these heroic women do not always find support in the world around them. On the contrary, the cultural models...READ MORE

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Here's How You Can Tell That the Universe is Designed

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Is the universe designed? When it comes to scientific evidence of God to refute atheism, people search for order in nature and for specific cases that demonstrate whether the order was created intentionally and intelligently. Thus, the evidence offered up tends to be truncated, selective based on what qualifies as design to the one posing arguments. My concern is that the bigger picture gets lost.

For example, the language of the genetic code is often called evidence of intelligent design, but I have never heard anyone call a decaying pile of peat moss proof of a designer, even though the genetics of dried Sphagnum direct the properties of peat moss. In the debates, “nature” is spoken of...READ MORE

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VIDEO: Pope Francis' Answers to 3 Questions on Papal Plane from Armenia

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Pope Francis answered seven questions in total on the papal plane from Armenia last night, including one from the Register on the Brexit vote. The full text of the press conference can be read here

I wasn't able to film all of it, but I did catch his responses to three questions: on whether there are two popes, if the Church should apologise to homosexuals, and how he would be approaching his visit to the Nazi extermination camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau when he travels to Poland for World Youth Day next month. To view the English translation of his comments, make sure you click on the CC (closed caption) icon on the bottom right.

1. Elisbetta Piqué, La Nacion: "Congratulations on...READ MORE

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10 Kids You Definitely Can’t Miss in Vacation Bible School This Summer and More Great Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/27/2016 Comment

Click on 10 Kids You Definitely Can’t Miss in Vacation Bible School (VBS) This Summer by Mel West of epicPew link to find out more.

10 Kids You Definitely Can’t Miss in Vacation Bible School (VBS) This Summer – Mel West, epicPew

Are We Special? New Thoughts about the Anthropic Principle – Robert Kurland Ph.D., Reflections of a Catholic Scientist

Is Patriotism a Virtue? – Jerry Salyer, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

The Bishop Who Brought the Church in the East of England to Life - Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

Are You Certain There Isn’t Anyone to Forgive? – Dan Byron, Catholic Stand

Where Would Brexit Leave Catholic Organisations Reliant on European Union Funding? – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Herald

The Near Occasion of Sin and Restroom Debates – Luke Arredondo, Ignitum Today

The Way Ahead With...READ MORE

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There is Only One “Real Jesus”; Accept No Substitutes

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Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819-1895), “Christ of the Cornfield”

Here's an email about a website called "New Covenant Ministries" (a self described "No-nonsense, Honest, Direct, Prophetic, Apostolic, Priesthood of All Believers [Men and Women], Post-Trib, Sabbatarian, Messianic-Israelite, Patriarchal, Evangelical, Received Text, Johannine Tradition & Communion, End-Time Gatherers, New Birth, Holiness, Restorationist, New Covenant Torah, Non-Charismatic, and Sola Scriptura" group which styles itself "One Spotless Church Gathered from the Corpse of Christendom.")

That warm affirmation of ecumenism should be a tip off that this group is unlikely to be tremendously reliable when their assertions wander off the beaten path of Christian orthodoxy. But still...READ MORE

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As the World Gets Meaner and Crazier, Follow Jesus Christ

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Mihály Munkácsy, “Ecce Homo” (1896)

Peoples is crazy. And they are getting crazier.

They are also getting meaner. And more deadly.

California’s euthanasia law locked on recently, allowing medical murder. The support for this law comes from claims that killing people is actually a kindness to them, and those who opposed this killing lack compassion.

New York City’s Commission on Human Rights recently released a “guidance” for employers and landlords, requiring them to learn a new language or be fined $125,000 for accidentally saying the “wrong” thing, and up to $250,000 for saying the “wrong” thing on purpose.

What does it take to fall afoul of this newness in employment behavior? Well, if you accidentally refer to a man...READ MORE

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Pope Francis in Etchmiadzin: 'We Have Embraced as Brothers'

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At a Divine Liturgy with the Armenian Apostolic Church, Pope Francis has made a heartfelt appeal for unity, saying the two churches have “embraced as brothers” and “believe and experience that the Church is one.”

In his address on Sunday in Etchmiadzin, where the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church is located, the Holy Father called on the Holy Spirit to “re-establish us in unity” so that “communion between us [may] be complete.”

He said a unity must be sought that is not about “submission of one to the other, or assimilation, but rather the acceptance of all the gifts that God has given to each.”  

He also urged both churches to “respond to the appeal of the saints” to...READ MORE

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