Herding Cats

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Truly Reformed[TM] Protestantism suits a particular personality type: the sort of person who likes diagrams, neat hand-writing, little lists of facts, mathematical formulae, and a certain kind of precision. In its own limited sphere, Truly Reformed Christianity is handy because its love of diagrams, rigorous logic and TRVTH tends to breed apologists who are fit foils for the mad men who have lost everything except their reason, such as the New Atheists. The intense focus on either/or thinking that so dominates the binary logic gates of the Truly Reformed brain can be very helpful in answering truly either/or questions such as “Does God exist or not?” So Reformed folk can be lethal in debate...READ MORE

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Pope Canonizes Six New Saints

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Pope Francis canonized six new saints this morning in St. Peter's Square on Christ the King Sunday. Those raised to the altars were:

* Kuriakose Elias Chavara, a priest whose leadership saved the Church in Kerala from a schism and who founded the Congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate;

* Mother Eufrasia Eluvathingal of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of Carmel;

* Amato Ronconi, Third Order Franciscan and the founder of the hospital known as the “Blessed Amato Ronconi Nursing Home”;

* Giovanni Antonio Farina, the bishop of Vicenza and the founder of the Institute of the Sisters of Saint Dorothy,

* Daughters of the Sacred Heart. Nicola da Longobardi, a professed...READ MORE

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Making Music into More than Just Pretty Sounds

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Don’t think music is important? Go to Mass where the music isn’t what you expected or isn’t what you like or is just plain awful. Then attend a Mass where the music blows you away with its quality.

There’s a difference. And while music is NOT why we go to Mass, it can really impact things.

I don’t know why, then, it should surprise me that music can play such a big part in changing how my days go…with my kids, with my work, with my outlook on life. Sometimes, all I have to do is turn on something quiet in the background to feel a little sanity returning. Other times, a more upbeat playlist hits the spot.

The team at Making Music Praying Twice has fused the importance of music and their...READ MORE

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Obamacare and Abortion:  Website Breaks Silence

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This week, a pro-life Connecticut couple, Barth and Abbie Bracy, won their battle against their state's health exchange that only offered plans that cover elective abortion, with every policyholder paying a surcharge to underwrite the procedure.  On Wednesday, the couple's lawyers voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit against the exchange after state  officials agreed to include "plan options that, for the first time in Connecticut, will not require participants to pay for others' elective abortions," according to a news report.

If you hope to enroll in an insurance plan authorized under Obamacare,  and you share the Bracy family's pro-life values,  it may not be easy to identify a plan that...READ MORE

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German Bishops to Unveil 'Hidden Bombshell'

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Father Hans Langendörfer SJ, secretary of Germany's bishops' conference, is said to be spearheading changes to the Church's labor laws.

– www.dbk.de

In the latest in a series of attempts by German bishops to align Church teaching with secular values, a sub-committee of the German episcopal conference is planning to amend Church labor law to allow Church employees who are homosexual or divorced and civilly remarried to work in ecclesiastical institutions.

Until now, those employed in the German Church – the second largest employer in the country – are required to adhere to lifestyles consistent with Church teaching.

But on Nov. 24th, a majority of bishops are expected to vote to introduce changes to Church rules to allow such employees to continue working in administrative positions or as heads of departments, or to employ them in the...READ MORE

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SDG news! Deacon schoolin’! Reel Faith! Mockingjay! More!

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Hey! Long time no posts!

Well, deacon schooling has been keeping me busy, among other things. My fellow seminarians and I hit a new milestone a few weeks ago as we were installed as acolytes by our archdiocese’s coadjutor archbishop, Bernard Hebda. (That’s the event pictured on the right, with me in my alb and my lovely lady.) This is our last big milestone before ordination in 2016!

I’ll also confess that I’m hard at work on an exciting project, one that I won’t come right out and announce, but I’ll say this: It’s getting ve-ery hard for me to look at my own website right now — a problem likely to persist for several weeks yet. More to come!

Reel Faith news! This week David DiCerto and...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Man vs. Woman? and The Year of Consecrated Life

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This week on Register Radio… “man versus woman?” Or better yet, how about “man and woman?” Jeanette De Melo and Sister Mary Prudence Allen, a Religious Sister of Mercy of Alma, discuss this week’s Vatican's conference on the Complementarity of Man and Woman. Then, Dan and Sister Agnes Mary Donovan of the Sisters of Life talk about the Year of Consecrated Life which begins November 30. 

Sister Mary Prudence Allen on Man vs. Woman?

Sister Mary Prudence Allen is a Religious Sister of Mercy of Alma, Michigan. Formerly the chair of the philosophy department at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, she's now a part of the chaplaincy team at Lancaster University in England.  


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Paranoia is the Serious Business of Heaven: New Horizons in Conspiracy Cinema

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One of the many advantages Christians have over those who live in the world is the range to which we can extend our angst. Secularists, forced by their own principles to live in a one-floor ranch style universe, inevitably wind up wasting time on neuroses which are small beer in the Grand Scheme of Things. That's why a secular media is unable to conceive of any higher conspiracy than the hackneyed "Who Killed JFK?" question.

But suppose Oliver Stone was a good Fundamentalist filmmaker with a truly cosmic conspiratorial perspective. Then we might be reading film reviews like this:

Stone Breaks the Silence on the Silent Planet

Whether you love him or hate him, agree or disagree, you've got...READ MORE

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