You Are Created in the Image and Likeness of God and Redeemed by Jesus Christ

10/15/2015 Comments (13)

A reader wrote in to ask what I think about this story, where a young boy underwent monstrous “reparative therapy” because he exhibited feminine behavior, only to end up killing himself at 38.

As you may have gathered, I think it monstrous. This will no doubt confuse people who have noted that I think homosexual acts to be sinful and believe much homosexual agitprop to be militant, intolerant, and totalitarian in intent.

So why do I think this particular “therapy” monstrous? For the same reason I oppose totalitarian attempts and acts of violence calculated to force me to approve of homosexual acts: because I believe in human freedom and dignity.

Here’s the thing: Grace builds on and...READ MORE

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Have Faith! The Catholic Church Can Never Teach Heresy

10/15/2015 Comments (23)

Basilio de Santa Cruz (1661-1696), "Immaculate Virgin Victorious Over the Serpent of Heresy"

My dad was a theologian so I learned the word “heretic” very quickly. I remember spouting off the definition to a family friend when I was around 6 years old. The friend was very impressed.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” he said.

Little did he know how right he was.

Like my father, I strayed from the faith I was raised in, although he had the excuse of being raised nominally Episcopalian and then finding the Catholic Church after several interesting twists and turns.

I, on the other hand, was definitely raised Catholic. My parents were black-belt Catholics and passed on the faith with enthusiasm and vigor. I had no excuses.

Nevertheless, I became an atheist. And when I...READ MORE

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Mother Teresa Knew That Mercy and Truth Are Never In Conflict

10/15/2015 Comments (5)

By Manfredo Ferrari [CC BY-SA 4.0]

At the core of the divisive campaign to coerce the Synod of the Family, into approval of reception of Communion by divorced-remarried Catholics and of homosexual behavior, lies this defamatory assertion: That the Church leaders who insist on upholding key Catholic teachings about these matters are cold and harsh pastors, insensitive to today’s complex human realities.

Really? Then somebody must have forgotten to send this important moral memo to Blessed Mother Teresa, and to her spiritual daughters in the selfless Missionaries of Charity order she founded. And the word obviously must not have gone out to passionately pastoral shepherds like Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, who...READ MORE

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Four Takeaways from the Floor of the Synod

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VATICAN CITY – This afternoon in Rome, Father Federico Lombardi delivered the tenth Synod briefing in the St. John Paul II Hall inside the Holy See Press Office. Spanish, French, and German media attachés translated his remarks and commented on interventions made in their languages. Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki from Poznań, President of the Polish Episcopal Conference since 2014, and Archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes from Tlalnepantla in Mexico, until recently President of the Latin American Episcopal Conference (or, CELAM), fielded questions from journalists.

At the top of his remarks, Father Thomas Rosica indicated ninety-three interventions were made on the floor of the synod aula between...READ MORE

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An Uninvited Pope and the Power of Words

10/15/2015 Comments (16)

Pope Francis walking to the hall of the Synod of Bishops on October 12, 2015. (© L'Osservatore Romano)

There was some head-scratching after Pope Francis offered an apology at his general audience on Wednesday. According to the BBC, the Pope said

Before I begin the Catechism, in the name of the Church, I want to ask you for forgiveness for the scandals that have occurred recently either in Rome or in the Vatican. I ask you for forgiveness."

He most likely meant the scandal, and the resulting eruption of anti-Catholic sentiment in the popular media, that came when Msgr. Krysztof  Charamsa, a Vatican official, announced on the eve of the Synod that he had been flouting his vow of chastity and was "happy and proud" of his gay identity. Charamsa called the Church "backward" and "inhuman"...READ MORE

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Pope Asks Forgiveness for Church Scandals; Questions Raised About Cardinal Danneels

10/14/2015 Comments (36)

Cardinal Godfried Dannels

Pope Francis today asked for forgiveness for scandals that have taken place in the Church, the Vatican and also in the city of Rome.

Before beginning his catechesis at his weekly general audience, in which he underlined the need to remain loyal to the promises we give to our children, the Holy Father said:

“In the name of the Church, I would like to ask you for forgiveness for the scandals that have happened in these recent times, whether in Rome or in the Vatican, for which I ask forgiveness.”

A slew of scandals have plagued the Church and the Vatican over the past few years, including most obviously the clerical sex abuse crisis, but also scandals over Vatican finances, and the...READ MORE

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3 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Family Life

It's time to start a revolution for your family. Here’s how to do it.

10/14/2015 Comments (10)

Karl Lemoch (1841-1910), “Parent’s Joy”

Moms and dads, I want to let you in on a secret. You don't need permission from your children's coaches, teachers, youth ministers, scout leaders, etc, etc, etc, to have a family life. All those people have to ask YOU permission to borrow your kids. NOT the other way around.

At my wife and my recent presentation at the World Meeting of Families, the above statement earned an unexpected ovation. In our talk, we asserted the completely counter-cultural and Catholic idea that family life, itself, is an activity and not an accessory. We are used to having a family life but working at everything else; school, sports, work, lessons, you name it. We have time for everything except working,...READ MORE

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Synod Saboteurs and the Cancer of “Relevance”

10/14/2015 Comments (13)

Inside the Synod Hall during the meeting of bishops and cardinals on October 14, 2015. (Daniel Ibanez/CNA)

Learning the Catholic faith in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and much of the 90s was a tough business in the United States. Few Catholic schools and areas of parish life were left unaffected by the chaos that ensued after Vatican II. Since many members of the clergy, religious life, and educators felt liberated from the constraints of the old Church, the consensus seemed to be that new ideas of one’s own design would really make the Church relevant in the modern world.

The catechetical low-points swung anywhere on the pendulum between sleep-inducing biblical interpretation explaining away miracles to eye-rolling emotional meditations on what it is like be a rock in a river, followed by journaling on...READ MORE

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