Qaddafi's Days (Mins) Are Numbered. Now What?

08/21/2011 Comments (5)

Reports have abounded around the Internet Sunday night. By the time you read this, things may or not have significantly changed. But the situation, as it seems right now is that Libyan rebels have been continually pushing back loyalist troops and have now entered Tripoli. It now seems that brutal Qaddafi’s 42-year rule is effectively over. And while Qaddafi’s fate is not yet known, it seems the Libyan rebels have won the day.

With all the talk of Libyan rebel’s victories and advances with our military help, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that President Obama got us involved in Libya under the pretense of a pending humanitarian crisis. We had no choice but to go in and protect the...READ MORE

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You Can Never Afford Them

08/18/2011 Comments (88)

I have a smart mouth. My brain, not so much. But I know I’ve done enough damage to people with my words that I’ve learned over the years to hold my tongue. So I tend to… ruminate, as my wife calls it. (She thinks that’s better than calling me dumb.)

But when confronted by a smart aleck comment, my mouth wants to attack. Maybe it’s growing up with five smart aleck brothers and one smart aleck sister but I learned to aleck. I may not be smart but oh boy do I aleck. I aleck lots.

I’m telling you this because a friend of mine had a barbecue this past weekend. As my kids and I got out of our car and walked up the driveway, I spotted a man getting out of a huge black SUV. As God as my witness...READ MORE

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Obama's Assault On Religious Freedom

08/16/2011 Comments (29)

The title of this post is not hyperbole.

Every once in a while a court case comes along that could have profound ramifications for our liberty. Many times, everyone knows about these cases. Sometimes they do not. Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC could be one of those cases.

This particular case is about the Ministerial Exception. In a nutshell, the Ministerial Exception allows for religious organizations “to decide for themselves, free from state interference, matters of church government as well as those of faith and doctrine.”

Based on this right, twelve federal circuits have recognized the “ministerial exception.” (The Federal Circuit has no jurisdiction...READ MORE

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The Horrible Meanings Behind Nursery Rhymes

08/14/2011 Comments (58)

My wife went out to a shower today. I’m still not even sure if it was a baby shower or a wedding shower. I don’t really ask a lot of questions. All I know is she got dressed up and left me home with the five kids.

It was raining so me, being Super Dad, picked out a large book of nursery rhymes from our bookshelf to read to the four-year-old. I asked my six-year-old son if he wanted to listen and he looked at me like I had three or maybe four heads that were each speaking Portuguese in Pig Latin.

OK. I’ll take that as a no. I’m perceptive like that.

I started with Humpty Dumpty, the epic tale of an unfortunate egg. My eight-year-old daughter, sitting nearby, interrupted by asking “What’s...READ MORE

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This Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

08/11/2011 Comments (11)

This is probably the most beautiful and wonderful thing I’ve seen on television in years (or ever.) Truly inspiring and a great restorative of my faith in humanity.

HT Jill Stanek

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That Fateful Day Ten Years Ago

08/08/2011 Comments (25)

It is hard to believe it has been ten years since that fateful day in which the President addressed us to discuss the death of thousands.  No, not that day.  It has been ten years since President Bush made his decision to allow federal funding for research into how we could use the death of other human beings for maximum benefit.

A little refresher.  On August 9, 2001, just a month short of another fateful day in American history, President Bush addressed the nation to explain his decision to allow federal funding on existing stem cell lines.

President Bush acknowledged the profound ethical questions involved but in a misdirected attempt at Solomonic wisdom decided to split the baby.  He...READ MORE

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American Unexceptionalism

08/07/2011 Comments (11)

So we have been downgraded.  The Standard and Poors downgrade of our credit rating was the big thud you heard Friday evening.  No doubt, the next few weeks will be spent in earnest effort by anyone in need of votes to ward off impending unemployment making sure you understand how the other guys are to blame for it.  It is always the other guys.

As we listen to the clamor of “The tea party did it!” and “Tax and spend liberals did it!” know this.  Many of those screaming loudest are the most culpable.  Some of yesterday’s big spenders are today’s tea partiers.  Of course, all economic policies are not created equal but that is not my point today.

The downgrade, in as much as it is a...READ MORE

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Let's Pimp the Popemobile!

08/04/2011 Comments (28)

OK. I’m gonna’ play it straight with you. The original old school 21 foot long Popemobile with the bubble on top is up for sale. And I don’t know how to say this without seeming indelicate but…I want it. I want it bad.

That’s right the 1964 Lincoln Continental Limousine, built at the special request of the Vatican to Ford Motor Company to convey Pope Paul VI through New York to address the United Nations on World Peace, is for sale. And I want it.

Dont’ think this is some flight of fancy. Pat and I have wanted something like this for a long time. Back in the 90’s we spent a lot of time after rehearsals for our “Spandau Ballet” cover band (until Patrick went all Flock of Seagulls on me)...READ MORE

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