What Is A Good Catholic Science Curriculum, C.S. Lewis and a Writing Group and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/16/2016 Comment

The Best in Catholic Blogging

What Is A Good Catholic Science Curriculum? – Stacy Trasancos Ph.D., Science in the Light of Faith

C.S. Lewis Would Want You to Join a Writing Group – Rachel Motte, Catholic Stand

Francis and the Deaconesses – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Open Your Eyes to Creation – Erin Cain, Ignitum Today

Feels Every Christian Has Had While Praying – Alex R. Hey, epicPew

You Can’t Make a Silk Purse Out Of A Sow’s Ear – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand

Newman Society Responds to Obama Administration’s ‘Guidance’ on Gender Identity - Cardinal Newman Society Staff, Catholic Education Daily

May 12, 1935: First Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic


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Mary: Mother of God

05/16/2016 Comments (26)

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617-1682), “La Virgen del Rosario”

Why does the Church bother having dogmas about Mary anyway? Why not just stick to talking about Jesus?

To find out why, consider Nestorius. He was a fifth-century bishop and theologian who disliked the way common folk talked about Jesus and his mother because it played havoc with a theory he had concocted. Nestorius’ theory was rooted in a deep discomfort that is as old as the Church: the discomfort with the fact that the Word really and truly became flesh. This discomfort with the Incarnation is a continual pattern among false teachers from New Testament times (1 John 4:2) down to today. It animates everybody from the ancient Gnostics (who held that spirit was good and matter was evil) to...READ MORE

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Still Threatened by Genocide, Ancient Christian Artifacts at the Louvre and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/15/2016 Comment

Click onStill Threatened by Genocide, We Must Heed Message of an Armenian Saint by Vahan Dilanyan of Catholic Herald link to read.

Still Threatened by Genocide, We Must Heed Message of an Armenian Saint – Vahan Dilanyan, Catholic Herald

Lessons Learnt at Home: Prayers and Other Christian Customs – David Torkington, Catholic Stand

Ancient Christian Artifacts at the Louvre – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Despite Hopes of Being a Nun, St. Frances of Rome Became a Model of Piety – David Werning, OSV Newsweekly

Book Review: The Knights Who Took on Pirates, Sultans and Hitler – Michael Duggan, Catholic Herald

Tradition: A Guide for Better Living – James Kalb J.D., Crisis Magazine

Ancient Churches in Northern Italy – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

The Mass and the Recovery of Transcendence –...READ MORE

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Choosing Gender Ignores Truth of Human Person, Anne de Gaulle and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/14/2016 Comment

Click on ‘Choosing’ Gender Ignores Truth of Human Person by Theresa Farnan and Mary Rice Hasson of OSV Newsweekly link to read.

Anne de Gaulle – Donald R. McClarey J.D., Catholic Stand

‘Choosing’ Gender Ignores Truth of Human Person – Theresa Farnan and Mary Rice Hasson, OSV Newsweekly

Latin Figures in Property Dispute between Nuns and Katy Perry – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Our Lady of the Mount Anjara, Jordan: A Miraculous Weeping Statue – David Clayton, New Liturgical Movement

Pope Francis and Orthodox Leaders Ask World to Respond to Refugee Crisis – Cindy Wooden, Catholic Herald

Looking for a Good Book for the Year of Mercy? Read Lord of the Rings – Elizabeth Anderson, The Catholic World Report

Warping Words: On “Hate” and “Mercy” – Nicholas Senz, Crisis Magazine

Western Civilization in the...READ MORE

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Scrapping the Just War Teaching is a Bad Idea

05/13/2016 Comments (51)

(Photo Credit: Catholic News Agency)

Participants at a conference hosted by the Vatican called for the Catholic Church to renounce her just war doctrine and instead develop a new peacemaking framework “consistent with Gospel nonviolence.”

Count me among those who are less than enthusiastic about such a demand.

The Just War Theory (or teaching) is admittedly poorly named. For indeed, it role is not to justify war per se, but to rationally and reasonably limit recourse to it, and when it does come, limit the means and tactics used.

Perhaps as never before, the many nations are taking its claims more seriously;  more on that in a moment. But lets review the teaching, which is stated clearly in the Catechism of the Catholic...READ MORE

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Katie Couric and the Progressive Science-Loving Church

05/13/2016 Comments (20)


Katie Couric was on the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert talking about her recent visit to a scientific conference at the Vatican, and she said:

“I was at a scientific conference at the Vatican a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was actually very progressive of the Catholic Church to want to understand science…” (Deacon Greg Kandra, Aleteia)

Deacon Greg Kandra, among others, brought this to our attention, and his response was to offer Epic Pew’s list “11 Amazing Catholic Scientists You Should Know” by Shaun McAfee. This enjoyable list includes scientists such as Copernicus, St. Albert the Great, Georges Lemaître, Gregor Mendel, Nicholas Steno, George V. Coyne, and (my favorite)...READ MORE

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Flash of Light Marks Moment When Human Life Begins and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/13/2016 Comment

Click on Flash of Light Marks Moment When Human Life Begins, Scientists Seek to Exploit It by Matthew Archbold of Creative Minority Report link to read.

The Journey to Emmaus: A Model for Educators – Ramon Antonio A. Aldana, Catholic Stand

Flash of Light Marks Moment When Human Life Begins, Scientists Seek to Exploit It – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Are Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. John Paul II “Feeling the Bern”? – Michael Severance and Alvino-Mario Fantini, The Catholic World Report

Recommended Reading for Your College-bound Teen – Richard Becker, Crisis Magazine

The Church in Crisis: Roots and Realities, a Book Review – Carl E. Olson, The Catholic World Report

Cardinal Turkson: Encyclical on Just War Theory ‘Plausible’ – Staff Reporter, Catholic Herald

The Drive for Vatican Reform Has Stalled – Phil Lawler, Catholic...READ MORE

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Have You Ever Asked Your Priest Over For Dinner?

05/13/2016 Comments (11)

Eduard von Grützner (1846-1925), “Three Monks”

I’m not sure about your parish but at mine we’ve got three priests and an equal amount of deacons. It’s one of the larger parishes in the diocese, so perhaps you have a smaller number then these at your parish. Either way, there is so much to do for them, it can be very difficult to get a break. I really feel for them, too, and I really can’t grasp the level of energy it must take to be a parish priest.

When you think about it, they’re almost constantly involved in high-stress, high-emotion events on a near-daily basis. From the sacraments and celebrations involved at the beginning of life, to those that come with the end of one’s life, a week for a parish priest can almost always consist...READ MORE

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