Vatican Official Offers Blunt Talk and Deep Wisdom About Family Life

08/26/2015 Comments (4)

Abundant life and enduring happiness: Those are among the blessings which come in family life. Pope Francis has spoken frequently about the family this year, as the Catholic Church gears up for the World Meeting of Families on September 22-25 in Philadelphia, and the Synod on the Family October 4-25 in Rome.

In January 2015, speaking to crowds at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines, Pope Francis said that what is needed are “holy and loving families to protect the beauty and truth of the family in God's plan.” And visiting Latin America in July, the Holy Father told Ecuadorians, “In a family, parents, grandparents, and children feel at home; no one is excluded.” He described the...READ MORE

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When We Witness Atrocity, We Must Also Be Eyewitnesses to Christ's Majesty

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Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890), "An angel comforting Jesus before his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane"

The first person I ever saw murdered was Lee Harvey Oswald.

I was a kid at the time. President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated on Friday. My family sat in front of our small-screen black and white television all that weekend. We watched obsessively.

As I said, I was a kid, a newcomer to the horrors of life. In a way, all Americans were kids, newcomers, at least to this kind of horror. My parents had grown up in the Great Depression and lived through World War II and Korea, so they were hardly rubes when it came to the horrors that evil can wreak.

But unknown to all of us at that time, America had passed through a membrane a little bit after noon on Friday, November 22, 1963. The...READ MORE

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Rome Correspondent Edward Pentin Joins Register Staff Full-Time

08/26/2015 Comments (13)

Credit: EWTN's World Over


Here's some great news from EWTN CEO and Register publisher Michael Warsaw:

I am pleased to announce that veteran Vatican reporter Edward Pentin will be joining EWTN as the full-time Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Register on September 1st. This allows the Register to dramatically expand our papal and Vatican news coverage. Previously, along with his part time work on articles and blogs for the Register, Edward has also reported for a number of other publications including Newsweek, Newsmax, Zenit, The Catholic Herald, and The Holy Land Review. Edward's 13 years of reporting from Rome, his extensive knowledge of the Vatican and Catholicism,...READ MORE

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Call Him Emmett

08/25/2015 Comments (7)

But now, thus says the Lord,
    who created you, Jacob, and formed you, Israel:
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name: you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1

This quote from Isaiah is true of every child whoever has been, or whoever will be, conceived.

It’s also true of every child taken by Planned Parenthood from his mother’s womb – perhaps with heart still beating – and pulled apart in order to harvest his body parts to sell.

The series of undercover videos being systematically released by the Center for Medical Progress has revealed the increasingly vile methods Planned Parenthood uses to procure tissue from aborted fetuses. Frequently those fetuses are intact and...READ MORE

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Does a UK Court Plan to Kill Baby Jake?

08/25/2015 Comments (7)

A UK court has ruled that it would be lawful to withhold some medical treatments from the severely ill 10-month-old son of developmentally disabled parents, even if the baby dies after those treatments are withheld.

The baby's name is Jake, and it's a heartwrenching story. But is it a story about euthanasia?

I would like to set aside, as a separate issue, the question of whether the court or someone else ought to be making decisions about Jake's medical care. In this post, I will only address the issue of whether the care itself, as described in the news story, is ethical.

One Catholic pro-life site reports

Since 10-month-old baby Jake is not expected to live long enough to enjoy his...READ MORE

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Fr. Longenecker Building "A Church That Looks Catholic" in Bible Belt

Our Lady of the Rosary Breaks Ground for Its Romanesque Church Building

08/25/2015 Comments (12)

The title of Our Lady of the Rosary was originally Our Lady of Victory that was given after her critical help for the victory in the Battle of Lepanto. Putting the proverbial two-and-two together, there is another victory for a parish and for church architecture going on as Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, S.C. On July 5, with Charleston Bishop Robert Guglielmone, it broke ground for a new Romanesque edifice.

Like Lepanto, what a tremendous challenge for a small parish of 500 families in what is considered a poor section of town to take on in building a new church. But the victory is assured from the fortitude of the pastor, Father Dwight Longenecker, the passionate...READ MORE

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Stephen Colbert, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Henry Newman, and the Providence of God

08/25/2015 Comments (32)
Just last week, Stephen Colbert gave an interview in which the depth of his Catholic faith was on pretty clear display. Discussing the trauma that he experienced as a young man—the deaths of his father and two of his brothers in a plane crash—he told the interviewer how, through the ministrations of his mother, he had learned not only to accept what had happened but actually to rejoice in it: "Boy, did I have a bomb when I was ten; that was quite an explosion...It's that I love the thing that I wish most had not happened." Flummoxed, his interlocutor asked him to elaborate on the paradox. Without missing a beat, Colbert cited J.R.R. Tolkien: "What punishments of God are not gifts?" What a...READ MORE

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Conservationism and Conservatives

08/25/2015 Comments (19)

Victor Meirelles (1832–1903), "The First Mass in Brazil"

"The Mass is the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven."
—Fr. Frederick Faber

The essence of conservatism is the desire to conserve something.

Whether it's traditional Christian morality or the rainforests, we are all driven to conserve what we are most passionate about.

This is true, even if a lot of people don't naturally see themselves as 'conservative'.

It makes sense therefore to ask what Catholics are 'conservative' about. What does the Church wish to conserve?

In the secular world, the government might protect a terrible building simply because it’s a good example of a noted school of architecture — something therefore worthy of preservation.

Similarly, it is often the case...READ MORE

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