Register Radio - Occult Curiosity and Dealing with Death

10/31/2014 Comments (2)

This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke and renowned exorcist Father José Antonio Fortea warn us about the dangers of opening the door of curiosity to the devil. Also, Brittany Maynard and Glenn Campbell face their mortality quite differently. What would you do? Jeanette DeMelo and Priests for Life’s Janet Morana talk about the ways of dealing with death.

The Dangers of Curiosity in the Occult with Fr. José Antonio Fortea

Fr. José Antonio Fortea is a native of Spain. He’s a specialized theologian in demonology. Fr. is also author of several books about demonic possession and exorcism, and he’s given lectures on this in many different countries.

According to Fr. Fortea, “There are two...READ MORE

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HellCo's Corporate Propaganda

10/30/2014 Comments (8)

October is, among other things, the month in which the devil sends out the most press releases about how business is booming, what with Halloween and all. Of course, like any big international business operation, Hell has to maintain several faces depending on the public it is talking to. To secularists, it frequently issues press releases from the Materialist Myth Manufacturing Ltd. subsidiary of Hell, reminding its customers that Hell doesn't exist, that God doesn't exist, and that everything is just atoms and energy, followed by the long long night of death (so be sure to pick up as much sex, drugs, rock n' roll and self-indulgence as your shopping cart can hold in our Life Clearance...READ MORE

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How to Make Your Halloween Magnificent

10/30/2014 Comments (24)

It's Advent that's supposed to be a mini-Lent, when we take a hard look at our souls and make whatever changes we need to, in preparation for Christmas. But really, there's nothing like Halloween to highlight just exactly what is wrong with me as a wife, mother, Catholic, and human being.

Besides carving jack-o'-lanterns, I have long since abandoned the idea of decorating the house for Halloween. We have no trouble getting decorations up, but taking them down again? Ain't happening. Our low point came a few years ago when the five-foot spider made of garbage bags that we nailed to the shed did not, as I anticipated, get taken care of by hurricane season. We did add a Santa hat when Giant...READ MORE

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Where Are the Translations of Synod's Final Report?

10/30/2014 Comments (6)

They may well be published imminently, but the time it’s taking to translate the Synod on the Family’s final report into various languages is becoming something of a mystery.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the “relatio finalis” was released in Italian. By contrast, the controversial interim relatio had been translated into several languages only 48 hours after the first phase of the synod had ended. Both reports are roughly the same length. 

The speed at which the 6,000 interim report was written and translated, the discrepancy between its content and the matters raised in the interventions, and irritation among participants that it was sent out with minimum scrutiny, led to well...READ MORE

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Retiring? Cardinal George Weighs in on the Synod, Celibacy and Politics

10/29/2014 Comments (8)

Francis Cardinal George of Chicago, who is due to retire next month, may be battling cancer, but he still has much to say about the Synod debate, church-state hostilities, and celibacy for priests, among other topics. You can check out the entire interview here.

Asked if "the bishops have been more politically active in recent years...?"  George replied:

Since the common good is expressed in this country by law, the bishops have always addressed changes in our legal system that would undermine the biblical anthropology that our doctrines presuppose. In other words, we are no longer a biblical people, and the law sees only individuals and their rights instead of persons and their...READ MORE

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Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete: The Unkempt Man, the Brilliant Priest

10/28/2014 Comments (3)

I first met Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete on Capitol Hill. I was the Press Secretary for Congressman Bill Archer and he was the featured talent in a Knights of Columbus initiative to teach hill staffers about the Bible.

He sat with us in an empty House committee chamber eating a sandwich that dribbled down his chin and onto his jacket, while sharing incredibly deep and original thoughts about God.

Everyone who knew him has their Msgr. Albacete stories, and they all tend to dwell on those two aspects of his personality: the uncouth man and the brilliant priest.

As Robert Royal put it, he was a “certifiable eccentric and a proven genius.”

Albacete was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1941 and...READ MORE

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How's Common Core Working Out for You?

10/28/2014 Comments (32)

Because I have no wish to suffer my Purgatory on earth, I've haven't said much about Common Core. Most of what I heard about it was on Facebook, and, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The thing about the internet is that you can just make stuff up and nobody will bother to check facts." So when I heard that Common Core was going to teach my children to hate their country, parents, and apple pie, to worship Baal, and to switch to the metric system, I thought I would wait and see how it actually pans out.

We also met with our school's curriculum coordinator, who explained which things would change, which would stay the same, what were the good effects they expected to see, what were some of...READ MORE

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Saints and Virtues, All in One New Book

10/28/2014 Comments (1)

One of the attractions the Catholic Church has always held for me is the communion of saints. I don’t pretend to understand it, but it resonates with me: this group of heroes who had their own faults and failings and still overcame them to reach the prize of heaven.

In the years I’ve been Catholic, I’ve made friends with quite a few of them — there’s no shortage of friends in heaven for almost anything.

What I’ve struggled with, though — and from what I gather, I’m not alone in this — is applying the lessons of the saints to my own sloppy and messy life.

In Seven Saints for Seven Virtues (Servant Books, 2014), Jean Heimann has given readers a close-up of seven saints who are, all too...READ MORE

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