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07/27/2016 Comment

Click on Finding the Way of Beauty by Carrie Gress, Ph.D., of The Catholic World Report link to read more.

Finding the Way of Beauty – Carrie Gress Ph.D., The Catholic World Report

Universal Call to Detachment – Mike Eisenbath, Catholic Lane

Bearing One’s Cross – Ken Kniepmann, Catholic Stand

3 Latin Eucharistic Hymns Every Catholic has Once (Maybe?) Heard – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia

An Apologia for Deviancy? – John Paul Meenan, Crisis Magazine

Hilarious Catholic Jokes That Everyone Should Memorize – Matt Vander Vennet, epicPew

Why the Universe Can’t Be Merely a Brute Fact – Karlo Broussard, Catholic Answers

8 Big Ways Women’s Healthcare Has Failed Women – Jessica McAfee, epicPew

Rogue Priest, Mexico’s George Washington – Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine

Caught Not Simply Taught, Then...READ MORE

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In First Address in Poland, Pope Urges 'Spirit of Readiness' to Welcome Refugees

07/27/2016 Comments (2)
Paulina Krzyżak/WYD2016

Pope Francis waving to crowds on arrival in Krakow, July 27, 2016.

– Paulina Krzyżak/WYD2016

Pope Francis has called on Polish authorities to exercise "great wisdom and compassion" in dealing with migrants and refugees, and to have a "spirit of readiness" in welcoming those fleeing wars and hunger. 

He also called for international efforts to be made to resolve conflicts and wars that force many people to migrate. 

In the first speech of his five day visit to Poland, the Pope urged civic leaders and members of the diplomatic corps in Krakow this afternoon to “hope and trust” in God, adding that progress is achieved when there is “courage of truth and constant ethical commitment” so that decisions and relationships will always respect human dignity. 

He said this is true in all...READ MORE

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The DNC's Odd Nod to Religion in Philly's Cathedral

07/27/2016 Comments (12)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation and being booed down at a breakfast of her state’s delegation was not an official event at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, although given the coverage of the latest Hillary-related e-mail scandal, you could be forgiven for thinking it was.

What was one of the Dem confab’s first official events got little or no coverage. And it symbolized all that is bewildering about the Party’s approach to religion vis-à-vis the public square.

The event in question was the “Interfaith Service of Prayer for the Nation” held at Philly’s cathedral, the Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul. Planning for the event began in February by the...READ MORE

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Tired of Bad News? Watch This Video of Kids Mowing Lawns…

07/27/2016 Comments (1)

What started out as a punishment by Barbara Wilson inspired her son Travis to mow not just her neighbors’ lawns, but yards across the Louisville, Kentucky area. 

For free.

Travis got his brothers and a cousin involved, and now Wilson says she and her husband are taking the kids to Disney. They’ve raised more than $72,000 via GoFundMe for their trip, and Wilson is going to make the trip an annual one “to show, not only our kids, but the kids in our community that there is a world out here so much bigger than ‘our hood!’”

The boys’ Facebook page, entitled “It Takes A Village, Together We Stand Strong,” has more videos of the kids working, maintaining their equipment, etc.

Did I mention...READ MORE

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Before and After: A Fairytale

07/27/2016 Comments (11)

Honoré Daumier (1808-1879), “1830 et 1833”

Lots of my friends are selling "wellness" products -- shakes and powders, juices, creams and wraps meant to tighten your tummy, brighten your baggy eyes, and generally turn you into a startlingly more magnificent version of your current schlubby self. Before and after pictures illustrate the progress you can make: She used to look like this (awwwwww), but now she looks like THIS (oooooooh!).

Pictures never lie, right?

Ha. Sure they do. A few years ago, this amazing piece ran in the Huffington post: Personal trainer Andrew Dixon demonstrates how to produce inspiring "before and after" photos . . . on the very same day.

He says:

About six months ago I was around 185 pounds and about 16...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: World is At War, But It's Not a War of Religions

07/27/2016 Comments (31)
Alan Holdren/CNA

Pope Francis about to speak to reporters on the papal plane to Krakow, July 27, 2016.

– Alan Holdren/CNA

On the papal plane to Krakow, Pope Francis has stressed that the world is at war, but it is not a "war of religions." 

Asked about the slaying of 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel in a Normandy church on Tuesday, the Pope replied: "The real word is war...yes, it's war. This holy priest died at the very moment he was offering a prayer for all the Church."

He said that "for some time the world has been in piecemeal war", but added. "This is a war."

"There was one in 1914, then that from 1939 to 1945. In the world now there's this. Perhaps it is not so organic, so organized," he said.

Recalling the murder of Father Hamel, the Pope also remembered the "many Christians", the "many innocent...READ MORE

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They Have Come For Us Before

07/27/2016 Comments (2)

Francesc Torras Armengol (1832-1878), “Martiri dels Sants Servand i Germà”

Beloved, do not be surprised that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as if something strange were happening to you.

They have come for us before but it has always made us stronger. They have visited darkness upon us throughout two thousand years of history, yet it has only served to contrast with testaments of courage, love and light. They have danced while covered in Christian blood and celebrated the carnage. Starved and panting lions have been uncaged before. It has all happened before.

Yesterday, Islamist radicals raided a morning Mass in Normandy, France and beheaded an 86 year old priest. One nun, reportedly named Sister Danielle, was taken hostage and described the awful...READ MORE

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Full Transcript of Cardinal Dziwisz's Interview with EWTN

07/27/2016 Comment

– YouTube

Just days before World Youth Day opened in Krakow, EWTN Germany’s Robert Rauhut sat down for an extensive interview with Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. The archbishop of Krakow and long-serving private secretary of Pope St. John Paul II not only shares his hopes and expectations of World Youth Day, but also discusses various other highly significant topics including John Paul II’s legacy to the world, the Third Secret of Fatima and the consecration of Russia, his friendship with Joseph Ratzinger, and John Paul's love for youth, the future of the Church and society.


Your Eminence, this year is particularly interesting for the Church in Poland. It is the 1,050th anniversary of the Baptism...READ MORE

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