Pamela Anderson Playing the Virgin Mary Says It All

11/20/2011 Comments (28)

Pamela Anderson, the silicon enhanced sex tape star and Playboy centerfold, will be playing the Virgin Mary in a sketch comedy show that will appear on the Comedy Network and in Canada.

Anderson will play the mother of Jesus opposite comedian Russell Peter Joseph in a mock manger scene in a comedy sketch Christmas special. CTV described the special as Peters’ “irreverent twist” on the Christmas special.

But I have to wonder—what’s the twist? There’s no twist to irreverence anymore. It’s been done and overdone.

Irreverence is so commonplace that it’s now the norm.

Honestly, how is it an “irreverent twist” when nobody’s making reverent Christmas specials anymore? You want to shock us,...READ MORE

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My God, My God. Why Hast Thou Left The Gun And Taken The Cannoli?

11/16/2011 Comments (46)

Were I to say to any man between the age of 18 to 60,  “Leave the gun, take the cannoli,” I would venture to say that 99% would know exactly what I was taking about. Don’t you?

Of course, I am quoting “The Godfather.”  Any self-respecting dude has memorized almost every line of that movie.  It is our mutual cultural reference point.  If I say to someone “You gotta go to the mattresses,” they automatically understand that I am encouraging them to fight with everything they have and to bring that fight to the enemy.

I was working overnight on a major systems upgrade.  Some colleagues and I were sitting around while the systems engineers did their voodoo.  Somehow the conversation turned to...READ MORE

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Is the Obama Administration Anti-Catholic?

11/15/2011 Comments (63)

A majority of Catholics voted for Barack Obama. And for it, we got a nice photo op at the University of Notre Dame and some ameliorating verbiage. But since then, we’ve seen a long list of actions that’s caused obvious displeasure among many Catholics, including priests and bishops.

And it has some asking if the Obama administration anti-Catholic?

For answers, let’s look at some recent actions by the administration.

Recently, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) filed a Freedom of Information Act request to discover why the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declined to renew a grant to them to aid victims of human trafficking. But it’s clearly because the...READ MORE

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The Machine That Changes Everything

11/13/2011 Comments (34)

One day, somebody, somewhere will invent the machine that changes everything.

What if one day, somebody, somewhere was last month, in Italy and the guy is named Rossi?

If you haven’t heard of Andrea Rossi, you will be forgiven. He hasn’t received much press, and the press he has received has been largely unflattering. Most scientists think that he is a quack at best, a fraud at worst. But what if, just what if, he is something else entirely? Right.

The story goes back more than 20 years ago (longer actually) when two scientists named Fleischmann and Pons wowed the world and the press with their experimental findings of cold fusion. Cold fusion is the holy grail of energy production, a...READ MORE

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Senators Demand Answers Why USCCB Cut Off by HHS

11/11/2011 Comments (35)

Just days after The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) filed a Freedom of Information Act request to discover why the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declined to renew a grant to aid victims of human trafficking, a group of Senators are publicly demanding answers.

In a public letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Senators including Marco Rubio and Roy Blunt, among others, are demanding to know why the USCCB contract to provide services to victims of human trafficking was not renewed.

Here’s the text of the letter:

“We are writing you to express our deep concerns with your department’s recent decision not to award the U.S. Conference of Catholic...READ MORE

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Joe Paterno is a Good Man

11/11/2011 Comments (112)

When I grew up my father and all my brothers watched football on Saturday. Our team was Notre Dame and we pretty much viewed all the other teams (especially Miami) as evil. There were exceptions. The service academies, of course were an exception. And Penn State. My Dad told us that Joe Paterno played by the rules and was a good man. We still wanted Notre Dame to win but it didn’t hurt so bad if we didn’t.

I still believe Joe Paterno is a good man. He’s a good man that deserved to be fired for doing something very wrong. Joe Paterno did inform a university official that a graduate assistant had told him in 2002 about witnessing former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky with a young boy in the...READ MORE

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The Silly Liberals Who Stole Christmas

11/09/2011 Comments (20)

You have to hand it to the Obama administration, they are remarkably consistent.  Stupid, but consistent.

They honestly believe, all evidence to the contrary, that the best way to create more of something is to tax it.

Want more economic activity?  Raise taxes on the economy.

Want more prosperity? Raise taxes on the prosperous.

Want more energy?  Tax it to death until it turns green or something…

But now, the Obama administration has come up with the winningest idea since Charlie Sheen decided to make a youtube video.

Tax Christmas trees to promote Christmas trees.

In the Federal Register of November 8, 2011, Acting Administrator of Agricultural Marketing David R. Shipman announced...READ MORE

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Say, What's a "Fertilized Egg" Anyway?

11/07/2011 Comments (11)

Right now there are 356 mentions of “fertilized eggs” in the news, according to a quick Google News search, due to the Personhood amendment being voted on in Mississippi.

You see, a fertilized egg to you, me, and anyone with a brain is called an embryo.

As David Schmidt of Live Action points out, “Well there is no such thing as a fertilized human egg. Once a human egg is fertilized, it is no longer an egg but rather called a human zygote or human embryo.”

But that doesn’t stop the media from continuously calling an embryo a “fertilized egg.” In fact the terms “embryo” in related articles has about 1/3 the news mentions as “fertilized egg.” That’s a rout, folks. The media has found a...READ MORE

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