Pro-Life Groups Accuse Synod Organizer of Sowing Confusion

01/26/2015 Comments (15)

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, second from left, at last week's Vatican conference on the synod.


Pro-life groups attending an international conference at the Vatican last week have accused the chief organizer of the upcoming Synod on the Family of sowing confusion over the Church's teaching on the indissolubility of marriage.

Voice of the Family, an international coalition of pro-family groups, said in a Jan. 25th statement that Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, who addressed the conference hosted by the Pontifical Council for the Family, was "undermining" doctrine by defending the right of theologians to contradict the Church’s teaching in this area.   

The 74 year-old former Holy See diplomat reportedly told delegates the Church should not be “shocked” by theologians contradicting...READ MORE

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Co-Creators with Christ

01/25/2015 Comments (3)

God creates from nothing, we create using the stuff God supplies us. As creatures in his image and likeness, it is our right and proper office to be "sub-creators" as J.R.R. Tolkien called us. Therefore, teaching our children how to cooperate with God in the work of creation is a perfectly fitting job for us as Catholic parents.

Genesis points out five tasks given the human race in the Garden: marriage, fruitfulness, rule, work, and worship. In all these tasks, we become more fully human and, for the baptized, become more profound participants in the life of the Blessed Trinity through Christ. Let's look at them briefly.

Marriage: Man and woman are made to be "one flesh" by God. But, of...READ MORE

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Intellectual dishonesty and the "Seamless Garment" argument

01/25/2015 Comments (75)

Why did Cardinal Muller accuse some theologians and Catholic politicians of "intellectual dishonesty"?

"The image of the 'seamless garment' has been used by some theologians and Catholic politicians, in an intellectually dishonest manner."

That’s a sentiment that many Catholics, particularly in the pro-life movement, have expressed.

What’s significant about this expression of the sentiment is the person who uttered it: the pope’s own doctrinal watchdog.

Here are 11 things to know and share . . . 


1) What is the “seamless garment” argument?

It’s the claim that Catholic teaching on life is like a seamless garment, so that if you accept one part of it, you need to accept it all.

This is sometimes referred to as having a “consistent ethic of life."


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Theology of the Body for Toddlers and the Bible as Beautiful

01/24/2015 Comments (14)

Leave it to the Daughter of St. Paul…when I first heard about their “TOB for Tots” books, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical.

I mean, REALLY? Can this be possible?

As it turns out, yes.

I’ve read John Paul II’s Theology of the Body twice. I’ve studied commentaries on it and I’ve resolved that someday, in a different season of my life, I shall attend one of those institutes on it.

I’ve watched it become popular and even become a bit of a buzzword in some Catholic circles in the decade-plus since I’ve been Catholic. I’ve tried to explain it and, even more importantly, to internalize and live what it teaches.

There have been a number of resources for teens and even pre-teens that I’ve seen....READ MORE

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St. Paul and the Liar’s Paradox

01/24/2015 Comments (4)

Should people disrespect St. Paul about the Liar's Paradox or are they fundamentally misinterpreting what he said?

Back when I was a philosophy student, I had a fondness for logical paradoxes.

One of the most famous is the Liar’s Paradox, which takes different forms, like:

  • I am lying.
  • This sentence is false.

This paradox is particularly useful for talking androids to death in the Star Trek universe, though it has less immediate practical value in our own.

It’s a fun paradox, but I get tired of people dissing St. Paul over it.

Let’s talk about that . . .


People diss St. Paul over it?

Yeah. You see, sometimes people say that one version of the paradox is called the Epimenides Paradox, after a guy who lived around 600 B.C.

St. Paul quotes him, and some commentators claim that St. Paul didn’t...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Family Mustn't Be Used for Ideological Battles

01/23/2015 Comments (3)

The family is not a subject of debate or a terrain for ideological skirmishes, but rather an environment in which we learn to communicate, Pope Francis has said in his message for World Day of Communications published Friday.

In the 49th message for the Day, which will be celebrated on March 17, the Pope stressed that it is in the context of the family that we first learn to communicate. It enables us to pray, to embrace and support one another, and reach beyond itself to help others to help build up the Church – the “family of families.”

The Pope, who chose the message's theme of the family in view of the continuing Synod on the Family process, said it is also a place where we “daily...READ MORE

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Register Radio - eMANgelization and Practical Theology

01/23/2015 Comment

This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo talks with Matthew James Christoff, founder of the Catholic men's organization The New eMANgelization about challenges facing men and women to authentically live our their God-given masculinity and femininity. In the second part of the show, Dan Burke and Peter Kreeft discuss Kreeft's new book on St. Thomas Aquinas, Practical Theology.

Matthew Christoff on eMANgelization

Matthew James Christoff converted to Catholicism in 2006. He founded The New eMANgelization project in 2013 to develop a new ardor, method, and expression of evangelization of men. One way Matthew has done that is by engaging top Catholic thinkers on the causes and solution...READ MORE

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Brigid Loves Her Sister, Amy, and Asks Others to Welcome Children With Down Syndrome

01/23/2015 Comments (2)
Yesterday's March for LIfe in Washington and tomorrow's Walk for LIfe in San Francisco remind us that every life has equal dignity, and that unborn children with genetic disorders should be welcomed with love and acceptance.
I have known Patty Ann and Jim White and their four children since the mid-1990s, and have never failed to be inspired by their legacy of love, mutual respect and witness to life. The Whites' youngest daughter, Amy, has Down syndrome, and Amy's older sister, Brigid, has been her cloest friend and supporter.
Brigid is heading off the college next fall, and last week she gave an address at her school assembly that celebrated Amy's special gifts. Brigid urged her fellow...READ MORE

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