Best Practices for Parents and Children on Social Media, The Tweetable Pope, and More Great Links!

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06/25/2016 Comment

Click on Best Practices for Parents and Children on Social Media by Emily Stimpson of OSV Newsweekly link to read more.

Best Practices for Parents and Children on Social Media – Emily Stimpson, OSV Newsweekly

Social Media, World Youth Day (WYD), and a ‘Tweetable’ Pope – Evangelizing in a Digital Era - Elise Harris, Catholic News Agency

Just Too Cool: New Bishop Makes His Own Crosier as a New Jedi Makes His Light Saber – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z's Blog

An Admirable Riposte to Resurrection Sceptics, Book Review – Edward Short, Catholic Herald

On Orlando Massacre, The Pope’s “Deepest Horror” – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia

Not Me Before You, You Before Me; Movie Review – Jeannie Ewing, Catholic Exchange

The “Me-ternity Leave” Argument Is Actually Logical – Elizabeth Anderson, The Dispatch via The...READ MORE

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One Priest’s Concern About Recent Remarks by the Pope

06/24/2016 Comments (109)

(Photo credit: Daniel Ibáñez/Catholic News Agency)

I would like to make, as a parish priest in trenches, a few remarks concerning the Pope’s recent statements in Rome at a gathering of priests and seminarians. Others have admirably remarked on his troubling remarks on marriage and cohabitation. I will not add to those. But I would like to focus on two other reported remarks the Pope made about priests to the effect that some of us are cruel, are putting our noses into people’s moral life and possibly that he even called some of us animals.

And while most of these remarks, recorded and widely reported, were not included, or were “adjusted” in the Vatican transcript, they cannot simply be unsaid. And even the clarifications remain troubling....READ MORE

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Abp. Wenski: "Regime of Political Correctness" Must End

06/24/2016 Comments (8)

(Photo credit: Piotr Drabik, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Delivering the homily at the Fortnight for Freedom Mass earlier this week, Archbishop Thomas Wenski invoked the martyrdoms of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher as increasingly relevant in today's culture of intolerance toward Christianity. Speaking at the Little Flower Church in Coral Gables, Archbishop Wenski described the two martyrs as "men for our season."

"Today, a regime of 'political correctness' wishes to impose itself on us and force us to conform ourselves, our values and our beliefs to the ascendant secularism of our time," he said.

The original Fortnight for Freedom in 2011 was created in light of the Obama administration's increasing intolerance of religious liberty as seen in...READ MORE

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In the Resurrection, God Renders Our Expectations Unacceptable

06/24/2016 Comments (1)

Johan Ludwig Lund (1777-1867), “The Resurrection of Christ”

For the last two weeks I’ve discussed the Incarnation of Christ, when he became man, and the Crucifixion, when he voluntarily handed himself over for death on our behalf. These two events are truly absurd, startling, disturbing, and defy the laws of the universe.

They are so ridiculous to us because they are the least likely course of action, the least predictable means in which we would figure a God would reveal Himself. But that’s just what God is in the business of doing: the impossible for revelation’s sake.

What do I mean by “reveal Himself”? He already revealed himself to Moses, and Abraham, and Isaac, and Daniel, and David, and Amos, and… the list goes on with Old Testament...READ MORE

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There's a Right Way to Fight Tyranny, and a Wrong Way

06/24/2016 Comment

Father Jerzy Popiełuszko is pictured in a Solidarity mural in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland (Photo credit: “Krugerr”, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

During this Fortnight for Freedom, the US Bishops have asked us to “Hold firm, stand fast, and insist upon what belongs to you by right as Catholics. — Our First, Most Cherished Liberty.” Furthermore, Archbishop Lori has pointed out that we must fight for freedom in a spirit of joy, signaling out the Little Sister of the Poor saying, “Look at the Little Sisters of the Poor, They are certainly defending themselves, but they are also joyful. They are not just trying to win a lawsuit. They are bearing witness to the Gospel, and doing so joyfully.”

This type of resistance stands in stark contrast to a common fallacy that is easy to ascribe to: fight fire with fire. When faced with oppression...READ MORE

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Need Help? Don't Ask the Internet; Go Ask Dad

06/24/2016 Comments (1)

I guess I just don’t watch enough television, because I missed a TV commercial put out by Gillette pegged to Father’s Day. Fortunately for me, after hearing about it, I found it on YouTube.

Gillette set up a kind of contest between fathers and the internet. They asked teenage boys from different countries to learn certain tasks using the internet as their source of information. Their assignments included frying an egg, asking a girl out on a date, and learning to shave.

It’s fun to watch the teens as they attempt to master each undertaking while watching instructional videos. And even more fun—and heartwarming—when their dads come in to help.

You can watch the commercial, which they...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Mentions Genocide in Context of Armenia's Tragedy

06/24/2016 Comments (1)

Pope Francis has set aside diplomatic sensitivities with Turkey by unexpectedly referring to the word “genocide” in a speech in the Armenian capital Yerevan this afternoon.

Addressing Armenian President Serzh Sargsián, Catholicos Karekin II, and civic dignitaries, Pope Francis departed from his prepared text to say the word while referring to the visit Karekin made to the Vatican last year.

In April 2015, Armenian Church leaders and the Holy Father commemorated in St. Peter’s basilica the centenary since the massacre of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians.

Turkey has condemned the use of the word genocide as it believes the number killed to be an exaggerated figure, and it claims they...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Gives Thanks for 'Light of Faith' in Armenia

06/24/2016 Comment


In a world marked by division, poverty and conflict, ecumenism offers a “convincing witness” to Christ’s love, mercy and reconciliation, Pope Francis said in his first discourse on arrival in Armenia.

Speaking at a joint prayer service in the Apostolic Cathedral in Etchmiadzin together with Karekin II, the Orthodox supreme Patriarch-Catholicos of All the Armenians, and a select group of around 100 other dignitaries, the Holy Father said the world “expects from a Christians a witness of mutual esteem and fraternal cooperation capable of revealing to every conscience the power and truth of Christ’s resurrection.”

For this reason, he said, the “patient and enduring commitment to full unity”...READ MORE

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