Would You Abort a Gay Baby?

01/13/2012 Comments (53)

When former Senator Rick Santorum was campaigning in New Hampshire earlier this week, a disgusting thing occurred on the campus of a local Catholic college.

But it’s one that I think is highlights the disconnect between those who advance a culture of life and those who preach so-called tolerance.

As Santorum was leaving the podium following a Rivier College event the day before the New Hampshire primary one anonymous questioner barked one of the most disgusting questions I’ve ever heard asked of a presidential candidate.

Someone asked Santorum: “Would you abort a gay baby?” Here’s the shocking video:

Santorum, as you can see, simply rolled his eyes and continued on his way. But you can...READ MORE

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Men Behaving Badly—I Hate Ogling

01/10/2012 Comments (197)

Where have all the gentlemen gone?

One of the main functions of a culture commentator is to say things that should go without saying.

So it is quite unremarkable to remark that there are few gentlemen left.  When you think of a gentleman, do you conjure images of some tuxedoed dandy with jutting chin and a long nose, the better for looking down?  That is not the kind of gentleman I mean.

Every generation has had its share of base men and those with gentlemanly airs.  What they both had in common was their lack of respect for their fellow man.  As it is with the cowardly, lack of respect for your fellow man is most visibly made manifest in their treatment of women.

The way I hear some...READ MORE

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3 Unwise Men and a Baby

01/08/2012 Comments (15)

Talk about the worst birthday gift ever. Cute baby! Here’s some myrhh for His funeral to hide the stench of the corpse!

Dude. Killjoy much? I mean, who does that?

And it’s not like this was some last minute shopping these guys did and they were up against the clock running around the Bethlehem Wal-Mart minutes before closing. They traveled thousands of miles to give this. It’s tacky. I don’t care who you are. (I’m betting they didn’t even wrap the gifts. They were guys. Guys never wrap anything.)

I’m betting Joseph and Mary kinda’ shrugged their shoulders, shook their heads, and said, “Foreigners.”

The wise men, I’m thinking, don’t seem so wise if you ask me. But hey, they weren’t...READ MORE

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Is Violence Sometimes The Answer?

A Good Christian Smack In The Head

01/06/2012 Comments (38)

Two very different stories got me thinking about the very valuable nature of a good smack upside the head.  The first story is about the last Catholic high school in the US has finally done away with corporal punishment.  The other about a very rude person who got his comeuppance.

Oh, I know that in our enlightened society, hitting anyone for any reason whatsoever is considered the height of barbarism.  It is a wondrous thing that a society such as ours which routinely sacrifices its young at the altar of convenience without raising an eyebrow can still be so rigorous in observing the proprieties, no? And while hitting is not the answer to everything and oft abused, perhaps a zero...READ MORE

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Get off the Hulu, Save America

01/04/2012 Comments (36)

America is being pulled apart at the seams. It’s a technological balkanization. America has become a bizarro Babel.

In Babel, everyone was talking but nobody could understand each other. But in America it’s now the opposite. Nobody’s even allowed to talk because the main topic of what we talk most often about -television- is now off limits as a conversation point. Let’s face it folks, television has formed the foundation of 70 percent of my workplace conversations in my life and 90 percent of my good ones. And now we’re being silenced because there’s people who are three or four or even five episodes behind.

Nowadays, anyone says anything about what they watched on television and you get...READ MORE

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Generation Porno

01/02/2012 Comments (70)

In defense of taboo.

Liberal intelligentsia circa 1990:  “You know, you fundamentalist types are all hung up on sex.  If you would just lose your hangups, things would be better.  Take pornography for instance, it is the taboo associated with it that makes it “forbidden” and therefore tantalizing.  If we could just get rid of the taboo, most people would lose interest in it.”

Well, they got their wish.  For the last fifteen years, almost every last bit of the taboo against pornography has been eradicated from our culture.  Pornography is everywhere.

Once upon a time, pornography was a rare thing.  When I grew up, my only exposure to pornography was from that sweaty kid down the street. ...READ MORE

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Abortion Clinic House of Horrors Leads to Murder Charges

12/30/2011 Comments (17)

Two Maryland abortionists have reportedly been charged with murder by a grand jury in the case where a police search of the clinic revealed a house of horrors where authorities discovered a freezer full of dead babies, the victims of late term abortions.

This, of course, is reminiscent of the Gosnell clinic in Philadelphia where police found babies crammed in jars.

In this case, police reportedly discovered a freezer with 35 late term unborn babies inside, including one believed to have been aborted at 36 weeks.

It’s believed that authorities were first turned on to investigating the clinic when, after botching a late term abortion on a young woman, the doctors, Steven Brigham and Nicola...READ MORE

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No-Good Rotten Blue-Dog Dastard To Retire

12/28/2011 Comments (38)

Everybody remembers the pro-life treachery in the House of Bart Stupak.  Stupak sold babies into government funded death with his last minute support of Obamacare.  His name, like Benedict Arnold before him, quickly became synonymous with his dastardly deed.  So reviled was he, that he announced his retirement soon after.

Well, Stupak’s doppelganger in the Senate, the other no-good rotten dastard in the whole sordid affair Ben Nelson has announced that he will retire rather than face his very deserved electoral comeuppance.

Senator Ben Nelson is the same guy who swore up and down that he would stand firm against abortion funding in the healthcare bill only to suffer the world’s most...READ MORE

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