Cath. seminarian with cancer opposes Conn. assisted suicide bill: My suffering has unleashed love

03/20/2015 Comments (11)
Photos courtesy of the Diocese of Raleigh

– Photos courtesy of the Diocese of Raleigh

I suffer, but this suffering has unleashed love into my life in ways that I could have never imagined. -- Seminarian Philip Johnson, in testimony before Connecticut legislators

This week, Connecticut state lawmakers heard testimony in response to proposed legislation that would legalize assisted suicide. One state representative testified that her father had needlessly suffered during the final stages of Parkinsons' disease, and finally killed himself by drowning. 

But Raleigh, N.C. seminarian, Philip Johnson, offered a very different message of hope amid the painful headaches and debilitating seizures that accompany his own battle with terminal brain cancer.  The Diocese of Raleigh...READ MORE

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If you asked most people, "What would Jesus say about somebody who says one thing and does another?" they would reply: "Jesus called such people 'hypocrites" and denounced them."

This is true as far as it goes. But as is nearly always the case with our Lord, this was not the only thing Jesus had to say about inconsistency between words and deeds. Surprisingly, at other times he commended such inconsistency as a paradoxical mark of sanctity.

Consider, for instance, the parable of the two sons. Their father came and said "go and work in the vineyard" and the first son said "I will go" but then sat down and started watching the Jerry Springer show. The second son said "No way!" but then...READ MORE

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Making Abortion Clinics Safer is Unsafe. What?!

03/19/2015 Comments (27)

A bill to increase state regulations of abortion clinics is causing all sorts of crazy testimony from those opposing the bill at the state capitol in Nebraska.

The Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a bill that would require abortion clinics be defined as ambulatory surgical centers.

As Greg Schleppenbach of the Nebraska Catholic Conference says, abortion clinics must be equipped for emergencies. Makes sense, right? Oh but wait, the Nebraska Catholic Conference is anti-abortion so that's why they're actually supporting these measures, right? That's what's often said. But the two don't necessarily follow. In fact, it's quite logical that a group such as the Nebraska Catholic Conference...READ MORE

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Italian Senate Passes 'Speedy Divorce' Bill

03/19/2015 Comments (4)

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The Italian senate yesterday overwhelmingly passed a bill which will drastically speed up divorce proceedings.

228 senators backed the bill, with just 11 against and 11 abstentions. Due to additional amendments made by the senate, it must now go back to Italy’s parliament for final and expected approval.

At present, divorces in Italy can be granted after three years of consensual separation. The proposed changes will significantly reduce that time period to six months, or a year if one side contests the split.

The new measures also include separation of assets: the bill stipulates they should be divided the moment a court authorizes a couple to live separately.

The senate amendments...READ MORE

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Keep Company With St. Joseph

03/19/2015 Comments (8)

As head of the Holy Family, St. Joseph’s silence speaks eloquently about the company we keep.

Who did he spend time with every day? Who did he live with, and who did he talk to and listen to? Mary and Jesus.

What a lesson he gives to fathers and what a model he provides for them as a foundation for leading their families. In fact, what a lesson it is for every member of the family, too.

Fathers today — and this goes for father figures, whether they have biological children or not, because they might have godchildren or nephews and nieces — need to spend time with Jesus and Mary every day, modeling themselves after St. Joseph. He shows the way.

There is daily Mass, if possible. There is...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Approves Canonization of St. Thérèse's Parents

03/18/2015 Comments (3)

Pope Francis today approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of the parents of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Louis and Zelie Martin, paving the way for their canonization.

The Holy Father issued a decree confirming the miracle at an audience this morning with Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the Vatican said in a statement.

Pope Francis is now expected to consult with cardinals on possibly holding the canonization ceremony during the Ordinary Synod on the Family, to take place Oct. 4-25.

Louis Martin (22 August 1823 - 29 July 1894) and Marie-Azelie Guérin Martin (23 December 1831 - 28 August 1877) were beatified in 2008 in the basilica...READ MORE

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San Fran Church Official to Union Critic: We Need Teachers Who Are Fulfilled in the Faith

03/17/2015 Comments (100)

The challenge is to really be in dialogue with the culture.  What the archbishop needs is for you to be bridging the gap between what appears to be ancient, awful teachings and where kids are. -- Father Anthony Giampietro, C.S.B. Archdiocese of San Francisco

Last night, various players in the ongoing dispute between Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco and the local Catholic teachers' union and its allies, who oppose the proposed "morality clauses" to be added to the new teacher contracts, got a chance to air their arguments.   

The San Francisco forum, sponsored by City Visions, will serve as a wake up call for anyone who thinks it is still business as usual for Catholic...READ MORE

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The Inner Ring

03/15/2015 Comments (34)

Once there was a sketch on Saturday Night Live featuring the character of an incredibly self-important secretary for some minor star (the sort of star who hosts low-rating game shows). The secretary is utterly oblivious to his client's puny standing in the grand scheme of things and instead, basking in the reflected two-watt glory of his boss, treats every visitor to the office with the utmost snobbery and officiousness. Each person asking to see the star is treated with withering haughtiness and asked: "And you are....?" As the day wears on, half a dozen fabulously famous people stop by the office (including, at last, Jesus Christ) and all are greeted with the same belittling arrogance:...READ MORE

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