It Would Be Irresponsible for Pro-Lifers to Donate to Komen Now

02/06/2012 Comments (37)

Did they cave or didn’t they? Did Susan G. Komen buckle under the pressure from Planned Parenthood, the media, and the party of death which all got their thug on to kick Komen’s teeth in.

Here’s the thing - it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it would be absolutely irresponsible for pro-lifers to fund Susan G. Komen.

As we know, Komen is currently funding Planned Parenthood and very well may continue funding them next year. We don’t know what will happen in the future. It’s impossible to know for sure what they intend to do. I believe they intend to. Others are praising Komen’s nuanced announcement and believe they won’t. But here’s the thing, pro-lifers always get smacked upside the...READ MORE

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Craven For the Cure: Komen Caves To Pro-Abort Pressure

02/03/2012 Comments (39)

It was nice while it lasted, all of four days.  A very well known charity dropped support for the abortion industry.  Yay. Pro-lifers cheer and donate money in record amounts (purportedly doubling donations after the announcement).

Cue the MSM and Planned Parenthood owned politician outrage and the the well known charity reverses course. Four measly days!  Hey guess what, donating breast cancer money to a company that causes breast cancer and does not perform mammograms is a really good idea after all.

This is the height of politically correct groveling.

Our only goal for our granting process is to support women and families in the fight against breast cancer . Amending our criteria will...READ MORE

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Are The Bishops The Problem?

02/03/2012 Comments (88)

Following the decision of the Obama Administration’s HHS department to dispense with religious liberty and force religious groups to violate their consciences, it seems the Bishops are roused from their slumber. It seems. I am not so sure. They may still be asleep.

Many Bishops have been speaking out and calling for Catholics and Christians of all stripes to contact the Obama administration and demand a revision to the conscience clause in the mandate. If that is their argument, they have already lost. They might win the battle, either through the courts or the election year largess of the emperor, but the war is lost.

In order to win the argument they must change the argument. In order...READ MORE

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Catholics, Get Ready to Suffer

01/31/2012 Comments (109)

I remember coloring in the lions on the paper my Catechism teacher had handed out. The lions in the coliseum were approaching a group of huddled Catholics.

My CCD teacher asked us if we too were willing to suffer for our faith the way the martyrs of old did? I remember looking at those cartoon lions and deciding that yes, I very much had the stuff to stare down a cartoon lion. Easy.

But it’s easy to answer in the affirmative when we’re talking about cartoon lions. It’s different when we’re talking real life. Real lions have teeth.

And make no mistake, real life is what we’re talking now. We have a government that mandates what pro-life counselors must say. We have a government now that...READ MORE

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Sometimes Prayer Is Not Enough

01/30/2012 Comments (73)

We are in a war.  It is not a war of our choosing, but a war upon us none the less. And if we choose to act as if we are not at war, we will lose.  We can pray for the end to war, but if we choose not to fight, we will lose.  Prayer cannot help those who refuse to engage in the battle.

The word war seems like the exclusive domain of hyperbole, nobody really does war anymore after all.  But whether we like to admit or or not, we are at war.  War has been declared on us, open war.  The only question is whether we have the will to fight.

I do not choose my words lightly.  This is war, a war declared by the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, militantly secularist Obama administration.  I worry...READ MORE

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New Movie About the Vatican Sure to Thrill Anti-Catholics

01/27/2012 Comments (32)

Hollywood will be making a movie about The Vatican. What could go wrong?

And it’s even worse than you think.

Warner Bros is making a movie called The Vatican, and it’s reportedly some kind of horror/conspiracy movie. Hmmm ... a movie that says the Church is up to something nefarious? Well, a movie like that has never been made, right?

But wait. It gets even worse. The director of the movie Devil Inside is directing The Vatican. Here’s the poster for that movie:

Yup. That’s a possessed nun with dollar signs in her eyes.

The Devil Inside movie opened up with a saying on screen: “The Vatican does not approve this film.” Something tells me that the Vatican won’t approve the next one...READ MORE

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The Dumbest Phrase In The English Language Is…

01/24/2012 Comments (11)

What is the dumbest phrase in the English language? In a moment.

As I grew up I learned the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. As a young man, the world was very black and white. Young men can think like that. I remember discussing politics and religion with my father when I was a young firebrand. While my father and I shared most beliefs, he seemed less willing than I to call all those who held opinions and acted in opposition to the truth names, names like ‘evil.’ I did. My father didn’t. He would often say cryptic things like, “There but for the mercy of God.”  “But Dad, the things they do and say are evil. I would never do that.” He would look at me and repeat, “But for...READ MORE

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Some Things Moms Can't Do

01/20/2012 Comments (57)

I’m used to being the only Dad wherever I go in a sea of Moms. A few days ago I was at my daughter’s basketball game. I sat with my other four children in the bleachers cheering my daughter near a few other Moms. I was near them but not with them. There’s a difference. After all these years I’m still seen as kind of separate from the Moms. And make no mistake I’m OK with that. I don’t chit or chat easily and when asked to do both together, it usually ends badly. After some years of study I’m accepting of the fact that Moms and Dads are just different.

I’m still unable to understand the ability women have of spelunking so quickly into the depths of each other’s lives so quickly, telling...READ MORE

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