My Last Baby?

12/12/2011 Comments (38)

We’re not supposed to feel this way.  We’re supposed to be the strong ones.  Us men, we face facts, we see things as they are and we move on.

Except I don’t want to move on.

My wife loves babies.  The smell of them, the feel of them.  She likes ‘em chubby and happy.  I do too.

My youngest turned four years old a few weeks ago.  She is getting to be so big it is amazing.  But her growing up creates a situation in our house that we have never had before.  There is no baby.

Ever since our first baby 11 years ago, my wife and I have had a baby in the house.  One baby didn’t get to 2 years old before a smelly little playmate joined the household.  There was always a baby and that is the way...READ MORE

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"This is totally not a religious thing. This is about Christmas."

12/08/2011 Comments (25)

When I first saw this story, I filed it in the “War on Christmas” file I have in my head. And make no mistake there is a war on Christmas. You seriously can’t be online for twenty minutes before you bump into a story where some government official or some organization of atheists is harumphing over a Christmas tree or…gasp…a nativity creche.

I know. I know. We all get laughed at by the harumphers when we mention the war on Christmas. But I’m here to tell you that the war on Christmas isn’t just an us against them thing. No. It’s a war with two fronts. I’ll call them the harumphers and the hollowers. And both are present in this news story. I’ll explain.

In this first case, a bus company...READ MORE

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Liturgy Of The What?

12/07/2011 Comments (19)

Did you know there are more pages in the missal after the homily?

One of the most wonderful results of the implementation of the new translation of the missal in English speaking countries is just now starting to be seen, at least by me.

One of the things that I have noticed is that many people, many of whom never read from the missal at all, are now following the Mass with it. And what they are discovering is not limited to some new words, but a whole other part of the mass, the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

I have seen so many people following all the priest’s prayers during the Liturgy of the Eucharist who may have never done so before. Before the new translation, most people in my parish...READ MORE

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Just a Dad Playing Hero

12/04/2011 Comments (19)

I’ve played Barbies.  I’ll admit it. Don’t you dare judge me.  I’m a father of four girls. I had no choice.

When my oldest was a toddler it was just her and me during the week while my wife worked. So we played Barbies. A lot. She would often toddle out of the bedroom in the morning rubbing her eyes with Barbies already in her hands, ready to start playing.

“Take this please,” she’d say and simply hand the Barbie to me and sit with her legs cris-cross apple sauce next to me.

I didn’t even get to be Ken. I was a Barbie. Not even a good one. I was the leftover Barbie, you know, the one whose left arm kept falling off and whose spangled pants didn’t match the plaid shirt. It’s not even...READ MORE

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Catholic Girls Get All The Good Topics

12/01/2011 Comments (42)

As a male non-clergy blogger in the Catholic world, I wish to lodge a discrimination complaint.  Well, not really discrimination per se, but more of a whine about the unfair advantage that female Catholic bloggers have over their male counterparts.

Girls get all the good topics.  By good, I mean the kind that lead to lady cat fights in the comboxes, ya know, good.  Guys just don’t have this kind of well from which to draw from.  I think some examples are in order.

Breastfeeding.  Girls can go there, guys can’t even drive by the neighborhood.  I am even uncomfortable writing the word.  But female Catholic bloggers always have the breastfeeding font from which to draw material.  I realize...READ MORE

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The Seven Worst Christmas Specials…Evah!

11/30/2011 Comments (73)

I’ve got a bunch of kids. And I’ve got a television. This is a recipe for disaster, especially around Christmas time. If my kids see an ad for a Christmas special they’re on their knees pleading

And I invariably say yes mainly because Christmas specials were a big deal for me as a kid. A really big deal. But I’ve noticed something while watching Christmas specials with my kids…they stink. Most of them stink really bad. Never mind the fact that most don’t even mention Jesus outside of that weird long eared donkey one. They’re just really...READ MORE

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Triple My Non Sum Dignus, Please

11/27/2011 Comments (22)

Its official, we are now blessed with the new English translation of the Roman Missal which went into effect this past weekend.  By way of reporting, all went very well in my parish.  The people seemed ready, they payed attention more than usual, and hit all changes well.  Our priest had a tougher time of it.  He caught himself falling back on old habits more than once, correcting himself by reading veeeeeerrrrrryyyyy slooooooowly.  It made me smile.

But now a little confession. For the first time in years I actually said the “Lord, I am not worthy….” Actually, for the first time in years I actually said it in English.  The translation of this particular line of the liturgy was so off,...READ MORE

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PETA Ad Features Baby as Main Course for Thanksgiving

11/24/2011 Comments (26)

The nutjobs at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) always try to get noticed for how loony they’ve actually become. And let’s be honest, they do a good job at that. Well, this week, they’ve outdone themselves.

According to the LA Times:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put its Thanksgiving baby feast up for display in Philadelphia and, most recently, on Tuesday in Baltimore.

“They set up a table” on a Baltimore sidewalk, PETA media coordinator Adam Miller told the Los Angeles Times, “like a Thanksgiving spread, with silverware and plates and stuff and the baby in the middle.”

Not a real baby but a doll, he said, and the display featured signs that read,...READ MORE

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