This Law Effectively Targets Religion, What Is Your Cross Made Of, and Many More Great Links!

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08/22/2016 Comment

Click on ‘This Law Effectively Targets Religion’ by Archbishop William E. Lori of OSV Newsweekly link to read more.

‘This Law Effectively Targets Religion’ – Archbishop William E. Lori, OSV Newsweekly

U.S. Government Signs Bill Bill Forcing Christian Doctors and Pregnancy Centers to Push Abortion – Jay Hobbs,

5 Myths and 5 Truths Regarding Church’s Teachings on Sacrament of Marriage – Justin McClain, epicPew

Abortion and Deportation: Not Morally Equivalent – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

6 Courageous Modern-Day Martyrs You Need to Know – Chloe Mooradian, epicPew

Reorienting Family Life—Living the New Evangelization – Sarah Huntzinger, Catholic Stand

Blessing of the Cheese, We Kid You Not: There Is One in the Rituale Romanum – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia

What Is Your Cross Made Of? –...READ MORE

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The Eucharist: Lord, Help Our Unbelief; This Catholic Emoji app Is Just Awesome and More Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/22/2016 Comment

Click on The Eucharist: Lord, Help Our Unbelief by James Hooper of Catholic Stand link to read more.

The Eucharist: Lord, Help Our Unbelief – James Hooper, Catholic Stand

This Catholic Emoji app Is Just Awesome! – Shaun McAfee, epicPew

Mother Teresa’s Formative Years in the Periphery - Ines A. Murzaku, The Catholic Thing

#PrayForTheWorld – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today

3 Ways That St. André Bessette Can Help Prepare Us for the New School Year – Justin McClain, epicPew

Catholic Relief Services: Not Very Catholic – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

Three Reasons Why Writing Is Good for You – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia

The Lost Defender: King Henry VIII – Ann Casey, Catholic Stand

A Flawed Search for Japan’s Hidden Christianity – Eric Cunningham Ph.D., The Catholic World...READ MORE

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A Crown for a Crown: Celebrating the Queenship of Mary

08/22/2016 Comments (12)

Girolamo Romani (1484–1566), “Pala di San Domenico”

Since the sixth century, the Church has honored Mary using the title, “Queen,” and on August 22 of each year, we celebrate the feast of the Queenship of Mary.

Historically, the mother of the King was known as the Queen Mother. Simply put then, Mary is Queen because her Son, Jesus Christ, is King.

Theologically speaking, Pope Pius XII summed it up in his Radio message to Fatima in 1939:

He, the Son of God, reflects on His heavenly Mother the glory, the majesty and the dominion of His kingship, for, having been associated to the King of Martyrs in the unspeakable work of human Redemption as Mother and cooperator, she remains forever associated to Him, with a practically unlimited power,...READ MORE

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Comfort Catholicism Has to Go; It is Time to Prepare for Persecution

We are at war for our own souls and the souls of people we love. We are at war for the soul of this culture and nation. And like any soldier, we must train to fight well.

08/21/2016 Comments (124)

Jean-Léon Gérôme, “The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer” (c. 1863-1873)

There is a growing consternation among some Catholics that the Church, at least in her leadership, is living in the past. It seems there is no awareness that we are at war and that Catholics need to be summoned to sobriety, increasing separation from the wider culture, courageous witness and increasing martyrdom.

It is long past dark in our culture, but in most parishes and dioceses it is business as usual and there is anything but the sober alarm that is really necessary in times like these.

Scripture says, Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle (Psalm 144:1). Preparing people for war — a moral and spiritual war, not a shooting war — should...READ MORE

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Church’s Understanding of Miraculous Takes Many Forms, Strict Vatican Scrutiny and More Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/21/2016 Comment

Click on The Church’s Understanding of the Miraculous Takes Many Forms, All Requiring Strict Vatican Scrutiny by Michael O’Neill of OSV Newsweekly link to read more.

The Church’s Understanding of the Miraculous Takes Many Forms, All Requiring Strict Vatican Scrutiny - Michael O’Neill, OSV Newsweekly

Quæritur: Future Spouse Doesn’t Want Kids to Attend Novus Ordo, But I Do – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Celebrating the Life of a Stillborn Child: Seven Ways to Say Goodbye – Sebastian Mahfood O.P., epicPew

The Unsolved Mystery of Mr. Dickens – Sean Fitzpatrick, The Civilized Reader via Crisis Magazine

Quæritur: Reading Gospel from the Right, Symbol of Preaching to Pagan Barbarians – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

A Reader Laments the Lack of Attention to “Externals” in the Liturgy – Peter Kwasniewski Ph.D., New Liturgical Movement

The Doctrine...READ MORE

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Exorcism is a Powerful Sacramental, Not a Sideshow

08/20/2016 Comments (5)

Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, “The Exorcism”, Folio 166r

Helpless victims fall to the sidewalk, contorting and screaming while two men dressed as Catholic priests hold out crucifixes and invoke the name of Jesus Christ. These scenes occurred around the building where Comic-Con was being held in San Diego, California. The outbursts initially surprise and disturb crowds who quickly recover with many pulling out cell phones to record the horrific drama. The reoccurring scenes, it turns out, are “flash exorcisms” performed by actors to promote FOX TV’s new series The Exorcist.

Having interviewed several exorcists over the years to write on the topic of spiritual warfare, I found the flash exorcisms unsettling. For FOX, it’s an advertising ploy to...READ MORE

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When Mozart Disobeyed the Pope

08/20/2016 Comments (7)

Barbara Krafft (1764–1825), “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”

In his lifetime, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed more than 600 works including symphonies, concertos and operas. From his earliest years, he had an ear for music; the child prodigy began composing at only four or five years of age, and completed his first symphony by the age of eight.

But did you know that he disobeyed an edict of the Pope—thus risking excommunication? Mozart was raised a devout Catholic; but when he was only fourteen, he pirated a musical composition which had been commissioned for use exclusively in the Sistine Chapel.

In the 1630s, Pope Urban VIII had enlisted the Italian composer Gregorio Allegri to write a hymn to be sung during matins in Holy Week—as part of the...READ MORE

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The Words of the Prophets Are Written on the Subway Walls

08/19/2016 Comments (17)

(Photo credit: “The All-Nite Images”, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Among my New York City circle of friends, I am considered to be the best read. This is not because I am the most educated or gifted with the highest I.Q. It is because I have the longest commute. When one lives in the outer boroughs, as our less enlightened, Manhattan-centric brethren call them, one can expect a bus or subway commute of as much as one and a half hours each way. When I first moved to Brooklyn and then to Queens, with a brief sojourn of six months on Staten Island in between, I came to realize that three hours of each workday that would otherwise be wasted could be better spent improving myself. I recall the first book I brought with me all those years ago: Thomas Merton's...READ MORE

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