How Can You Grow in Devotion?

08/18/2015 Comments (2)

How do you grow in devotion? From St. Peter of Alcantara, we find advice that is very relevant to us in the here and now.

Nine Means to Acquire Devotion, from Finding God through Meditation, by St. Peter of Alcantara

The things which promote devotion are many, of which we will handle a few.

Completion of the exercise: First, it helps much devotion if those exercises be undertaken with a generous resolution, ready to undergo whatever difficulty shall occur for the obtaining of this precious pearl. For it is certain that nothing is excellent which is not difficult, of which kind is devotion, especially in beginnings.

Custody of the heart: Secondly, a diligent custody of the heart from...READ MORE

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New Movie About "Chariots of Fire" Runner Will Ignore His Christianity?

08/17/2015 Comments (3)

A new movie being made about one of the most famous Christians of the 20th century, an Olympic runner Eric Liddell, will reportedly ignore his Christianity.

You might remember Liddell's story because of his refusal to run in the 1924 Olympics on a Sunday because of his Christianity. He didn't run in the 100m on Sunday but instead ran in 400m and won gold. Pretty amazing story, right? Yeah, a movie was made about it called Chariots of Fire which focused on Liddell's Christianity. It won like a gazillion Academy Awards.

But Liddell's story only became more amazing later in life. Instead of becoming a professional athlete or returning to the Olympics, Liddell then went to China as a...READ MORE

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Beware Those Who Push "Relevance" at the Expense of Truth

08/17/2015 Comments (56)

Ary Scheffer (1795–1858), "The Temptation of Christ"

Beware those who warn the Church of being out of step with the age. Statistics belie their notions.

In these past fifty years of the cultural revolution the Church has often been scolded and warned by the most radical proponents of the revolution. We are told that if we do not conform to and celebrate to the new parameters of marriage, family, sexuality, life, choice, gender, secularism, relativism, reductionism and every other “ism” you can imagine, the Church will become irrelevant and dismissed as of no account to a world “come of age” and newly liberated from old structures and strictures.

We were told that married couples would abandon us in droves due to our “silly and out of touch...READ MORE

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What Catholics Need to Know About Marriage and Sex, Part I

08/17/2015 Comments (30)

Raphael Coxie (c. 1540–1616), "The Creation of Eve"

There was a time when people on TV did not instantaneously pass from first kiss to a tumble between the sheets, because our civilization recognized that tumbles between the sheets often led to children who needed parents, so it was inadvisable to urge such behavior on people. Nor did TV characters get up the next morning and routinely declare that it was nothing more than an exciting Friday night and part amicably like two sensible adults who recognized that sex was nothing more than a thrilling physiological stimulus/response phenomenon. No, even as recently as a few decades ago, our culture told itself stories that were rooted in an older moral tradition. Pop music was filled with...READ MORE

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It is a Great Gift to Carry the Cross of Someone You Love

08/16/2015 Comments (14)

Titian (1490–1576), "Christ Carrying the Cross"

Mama slipped through my hands.

It was as if her bones were strands of boiled spaghetti, as if she was liquid rather than solid.

I fought the fall all the way down.

She landed in a sprawl against the oxygen machine, her head wedged between it and the portable potty. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned. I tried to lift her, but those spaghetti bones and her little bit of weight were too much for me.

The master bedroom, where my husband was, is all the way across the house from where Mama and me. I yelled for him to come help me. Yelled again and again. Yelled so loudly that my throat strained.

He didn’t hear me.

I left her there and ran to the master bedroom, yelling his name as I went.

He was able...READ MORE

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Accidental Life Lawsuits or Gratitude

08/14/2015 Comments (15)

Normally I'm a big fan of anyone suing abortionists. But not so much in this case.

An Italian couple, Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi, are suing the hospital who failed to actually kill their daughter not only for psychological trauma but to make up for the material deprivation they've suffered by having to take care of their daughter.

The Daily Mail reports:

Elisa, who is mature beyond her years, incredibly supports their decision to sue and insists she has always felt 'loved'.
The failed abortion took place in 2000 after the couple, who already had a grown-up son, unexpectedly discovered that they were expecting a baby. The Bellandis were told it was medically necessary to save the life...READ MORE

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5 Marks of a Catholic Family

08/14/2015 Comments (13)

"La Sagrada Familia del pajarito" by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682)

Are Catholic families supposed to be different? What would that difference look like?

The Church has been considering these questions in earnest, especially in light of the upcoming World Meeting of Families and the 2015 Synod on the Family. While I don't presume to offer definitive answers, considering the Church's writings on the matter, here are what I would like to suggest are the five most important differences that distinguish a family committed to living the Catholic vision of family life.

1. Catholic Families Worship Together

The Eucharist is the source of the deep love and intimacy Catholic families are called to live out. To celebrate this, Catholic families attend Mass...READ MORE

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Meet the New Neighbors: Mr. and Mrs. Mouse

08/14/2015 Comments (14)

By Heinrich Modersohn (1855–1903)

Have you met the new neighbors yet?

They’re a bit shy and like to keep busy. They love cheese, even though they’re not from Wisconsin. In fact, they’re not from any state at all, really.

They’re from a laboratory.

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse are humanized mice, the product of a research project whose goal is to see what happens when mice are biologically altered using tissue from aborted human babies.

Alright. There is no Mr. and Mrs. Mouse and they’re not the new neighbors.

At least not yet.

The fifth undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress reveals that some of the aborted baby remains sold by Planned Parenthood end up being used by biotech companies for the purpose of...READ MORE

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