10 Ways to Get Over Yourself and Become Humble

11/23/2015 Comments (5)

Fritz von Uhde (1848–1911), "Christmas Night"

“It’s not all about you!”  Except, it sort of is. You are there every minute of your day.  Everywhere you go, there you are.  Who stars in all your dreams?  You again. 

Yet, detaching from self is mandatory for holiness. It is our life-long task, to get over ourselves by following Jesus whose life, death, and resurrection were all about us. Here are ten ways to help with that task.

1) Look at a crucifix and meditate on Christ’s Passion.  During a Lenten retreat several years ago, Msgr. Chad Gion of  Spirit of Life church spoke on “Holy Forgetfulness” and recommended looking to the cross.   He presented pride as not just thinking we are better than others, but the problem of a...READ MORE

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Good Ends Do Not Justify Evil Means

11/22/2015 Comments (22)

There is an old saying that we judge others by what they do, but we want them to judge us by our intentions. That more or less sums up one of the central confusions engendered by our embrace of modernity’s Absolute No. 1 Favorite Moral Heresy: consequentialism.

Consequentialism, for anyone not fully up to speed on basic principles of Catholic moral teaching, is the belief that good ends justify evil means. Despite the fact that this notion has been condemned ever since Paul wrote Romans 3:8, most moderns and postmoderns, including Catholics, deeply believe it anyway.

Consequentialism is not a left or right heresy but a perennial favorite across the spectrum of political allegiances. It...READ MORE

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The New Year is Upon Us. Viva Cristo Rey!

11/21/2015 Comments (2)

(Credit: John Stephen Dwyer, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons)

The New Year is upon us. The Liturgical Year, that is. Have you thought about how you’ll celebrate?

This Sunday the Catholic Church marks the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus, Christ the King. It’s the culmination of the Liturgical Year and always takes place on the Sunday before the First Sunday of Advent.

Instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925, the Solemnity of Christ the King gives honor to Jesus as lord over all creation. The custom dates back to medieval times when “King” was a commonly used and powerful metaphor. The Kingdom of God is a central theme in Jesus’ teachings. In fact, the word kingdom is the most frequently used of all the words in the four Gospels.

Christ the King marks the...READ MORE

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Are We Witnessing the Start of a New Crusade?

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James William Glass, "Richard, Coeur De Lion, On His Way To Jerusalem" (c. 1850)

Pope Francis has described the present turmoil across the globe as “a  world war fought piecemeal.” With the current world reaction to jihadist atrocities do we see a piecemeal world war, or are we witnessing the rise of the twenty first century wars of religion?
In other words, Are we engaged on a new crusade?
Secularists rush to deny the religious aspect of the conflict with jihadists. Whenever possible they talk about “extremists” or “terrorists” and try to avoid the obvious conclusion that the Islamic terrorists are motivated by their religion. Likewise, when the victims are clearly Christian, and have been targeted for torture and death because of their faith in Christ the...READ MORE

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Archbishop Gänswein Praises Cardinal Sarah for His Prophetic Witness

11/21/2015 Comments (8)

Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

– EP

Cardinal Robert Sarah’s boldness in proclaiming the Gospel and resisting the Zeitgeist is a prophetic witness reminiscent of a 5th century North African Pope who laid the foundations for healthy church-state relations, Archbishop George Gänswein has said.

In a well-received speech in Rome Nov. 20 at the launch of the German edition of the book ‘God or Nothing’ — an interview with Cardinal Sarah by Nicolas Diat — the personal secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI compared the cardinal favorably to Pope Galasius I whom the Church, by coincidence, commemorated on Nov. 20.

Gelasius' letter to the Emperor Anastasius I of Constantinople in 494 put spiritual and secular power on an equal...READ MORE

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Vatican to Try Five People Accused of Leaking Confidential Documents

11/21/2015 Comments (9)

The Vatican has charged five people over the leaking of confidential documents concerning financial reform of the curia.

In a statement released today, the Vatican said the Court of Vatican City State had summoned Msgr. Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, Francesca Immaculate Chaouqui, Nicola Maio, Emiliano Fittipaldi, and Gianluigi Nuzzi to attend preliminary hearings beginning on the morning of Nov. 24.

The defendants are accused of “wrongful disclosure of information and confidential documents”.

Spanish Msgr. Vallejo and Italian PR expert Francesca Chaouqui were arrested earlier this month on suspicion of leaking the documents. Journalists Nuzzi and Fittipaldi were questioned after they...READ MORE

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Getting the Self-Pity Knocked Out of Me

11/21/2015 Comments (8)

Adriaen Isenbrandt (c. 1485-1551), "Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows"

I was grumpy and annoyed heading to Mass this morning. Not good, I know. Complaining in my head about the rough morning I've had with my 16-year-old, who has autism.

I had found hoarded batteries and candy (unwrapped, sticky) under his mattress again and he got upset when I spoke to him about it. Then he was adamant he was NOT going to church. Then he insisted we go to a different church, at a different time. Next he refused to take off the hideous squirrel-colored, too-big sweatshirt he had on. Got very upset when I tried to comb his hair; wouldn’t let anyone touch him. He spilled grape juice into the open kitchen drawers, refused to help clean up after the dog out back, lied about...READ MORE

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Syrian Refugees: Should There Be a Religious Test?

11/20/2015 Comments (22)

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, Republican leaders have called for new measures to improve the vetting of refugees applying for asylum from Syria and Iraq, and some, like Jeb Bush, have noted that Christian applicants pose a lower security risk and thus raise fewer issues.

Earlier this week, Obama dismissed any attempt to introduce a "religious test" for refugee applicants as "shameful," sparking a fresh round of partisan attacks in the blogosphere against Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., and Bush. 

In my view, what's truly shameful is that the U.S. has been so slow to accept any Syrian refugees --- a problem that partly reflects excessive bureaucratic delays as well as the White...READ MORE

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