Manhattan's Marian Day Parade is New York City's Best Kept Secret

A Marian processions through the heart of a secular city like New York sends an important message to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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All Photos Courtesy of the Office of Hispanic Ministry of the Archdiocese of New York

– All Photos Courtesy of the Office of Hispanic Ministry of the Archdiocese of New York

Every October, in the concrete valleys amidst Gotham's steel and glass cliffs, where the law of gravity itself seems held in abeyance, New York City's best kept secret is openly displayed for all to see.

On the first Saturday of October, a month dedicated to Mary in her moniker as Queen of the Rosary, Catholics descend upon the Upper Westside's gritty, hardboiled streets and march out of love of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Marian Parade started at noon and processed north along Amsterdam Avenue beginning at 86th Street and ending at 107th Street―approximately one mile―at Ascension Parish.

The pilgrims marching in this year's 19th Annual Parade was met with pleasant temperatures and a...READ MORE

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St. Joseph Seminary, Overflowing with Vocations; 4 Spiritual Habits for Homeschooling and Much More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/18/2016 Comment

Click on The Making of a Man: St. Joseph College Seminary, Overflowing with Vocations! by Brian Williams of the Liturgy Guy link to read more.

The Making of a Man: St. Joseph College Seminary, Overflowing with Vocations! – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy

How a New Classical Academy Is Reaching Out to Millennial Parents – Maggie Maslak, Catholic News Agency

Devin Rose Wants to Bring His Popular Novena App to Android and He Needs Your Help – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew

4 Spiritual Habits for Homeschooling – Sam, Thy Will Be Done . . .

Back to School: 10 Oldest Universities in Europe, Guess Who Founded Them All? – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia

Most of U.S.’s Religious Nones Aren’t Atheists and Aggressive New Atheism Isn’t New – Richard Ostling, Get Religion

Making the Most of The Year of Mercy While We Can – Anne DeSantis, Catholic Stand...READ MORE

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Is There Such a Thing as Catholic Math?

Catholics find God in all things, inside and outside religion class.

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Painting: “Salvator Mundi” (16th century, unknown artist); Orb by Mathematic World, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

– Painting: “Salvator Mundi” (16th century, unknown artist); Orb by Mathematic World, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Is there a Catholic way of learning something?

Math? Science? History?

It’s an intriguing question. We wrestled with the question this past year at The Cardinal Newman Society, while developing proposed Catholic curriculum standards for Catholic education.

It’s easy to understand that Jesus is the Master Teacher. “Rabbi,” His disciples called Him. A Catholic teacher should emulate Christ and should lead young people to Him.

But saying there’s a Catholic approach to mathematics evokes a vision of Jesus writing in the sand at the Sea of Galilee, attempting to teach pre-calculus to a school of fishermen. Oh, if only Catholics did have a divinely simple method of advanced mathematics! It’s...READ MORE

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Showdown in Motown: Completing the Race

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim. 4:7-8)

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After the International Half-Marathon in Detroit Sunday October 15, Tom Nash (far right) and his friends — (from L to R) Phani, Sravi and Ramesh — exult in their accomplishments.

(Part One of this post can be read here.)

Well, I did it, praise God. Successfully ran a half-marathon in Detroit. I’m glad to say that I finished the race and did so reasonably well, all things considered, finally getting to run across the Ambassador Bridge, through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and across the finish line.

I’m more of a night person, so falling asleep before 11:30 p.m. or midnight is a challenge for me, unless I’m unusually fatigued. Had to get up at 3:45 a.m., after only about 3.5 hours of sleep, to meet up with friends in Pittsfield Township, nearby my home in Ann Arbor, so that we could arrive in downtown Detroit before they started closing the roads in advance of the...READ MORE

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What 12 Great Saints Revealed About the End Times

Heaven does not leave us without hope and help in the latter times. Scriptures, saints, and and heavenly apparitions give clear direction.

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Franz Georg Hermann the Younger (1692–1768), “The Last Judgment and the Lamb of the Apocalypse”

Last time we saw a small bit of the ominous warning about the arrival of the Antichrist and end of times. The Catechism tells us the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, must go through the passion as Our Lord did.

We saw how in 1976 in America while still Cardinal Wojtyla, St. John Paul II  warned: “It is, therefore, in God's Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously..."

In the midst of this, St. Pius X observed in his encyclical E Supremi that “the victory will ever be with God…Of this we are assured in the holy books by God Himself...”

Because we know the outcome, there’s no reason to fret whenever the signs unfold. God does not leave us without...READ MORE

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St. Philip Howard: Affliction Now; Glory Later

Philip Howard, Edmund Campion, and Robert Southwell were all canonized together in 1970 by Pope Paul VI among the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales. After enduring affliction in this life, they are experiencing glory with Christ in Heaven.

10/17/2016 Comments (3)

George Gower, “Portrait of Philip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel” (c. 1575)

The story of St. Philip Howard’s sanctification and martyrdom is inextricably linked with the mission and death of two Jesuit martyrs of the English Reformation era: St. Edmund Campion and St. Robert Southwell.

On August 31, 1581, Father Edmund Campion debated a group of Anglican divines in the Chapel of St. John in the Tower of London. Campion, formerly of the University of Oxford, had bragged that he was willing to defend his “Decem Rationes”, ten reasons that Protestant teachings were wrong and Catholic teachings were true, at any time, in any public place.

Perhaps he hadn’t reckoned at the time when he made that boast that he would have been tortured on the rack; that he wouldn’t be...READ MORE

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Charlotte’s Seminarian Boom, I Remain Optimistic about the UK Anglican Ordinariate, and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/17/2016 Comment

Click on Charlotte’s Boom in Seminarians by Brian Williams of the Liturgy Guy link to read more.

Charlotte’s Boom in Seminarians - Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy

Why I Remain Optimistic about the Ordinariate in England and Wales – Father Ed’s Blog

War, Hospitality, and the Current Refugee Crisis – Fr. James V. Schall S.J., The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

New Catholic University Launches Sacred Art Master’s – Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis and the Issues of Ideological Colonization – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican

These Friends with Down Syndrome Dominating Argentina Pizza Market – Barbara Bustamante, Catholic News Agency

The Thunderous Din of the Silent Majority – Dan Byron, Catholic Stand

10 Reasons You Should Watch The Jim Gaffigan Show While You Still Can –...READ MORE

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Persistent Prayer Leads to Abortion Center’s Closure

Late last week, pro-life activists announced the forthcoming eviction and closure of an abortion center just a few miles from Washington, D.C.

10/16/2016 Comment

Late last week, Mercy Missions founder Lauren Handy announced the forthcoming eviction – and, therefore, closure – of an abortion center just a few miles from Washington, D.C.

Handy told me that her group’s success came thanks to “sustained peaceful protesting” against the property’s owners, Peel Properties.

“….They owned the building Planned Parenthood is housed in. Through holding protests outside Peel Properties and calling Denise Peel, the owner, to live out her Catholic faith, the decision to cut Planned Parenthood’s lease was made.”

“We proclaimed the message, ‘we leave when Planned Parenthood leaves.’ The campaign is at its climax, to push along Peel Properties to move up the...READ MORE

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