Prayer Need. Pregnant Woman Could Be Removed from Life Support

12/19/2014 Comments (56)

A pregnant woman in Ireland could be removed from life support early next week if some in her family gets their way, according to the Daily Mail.

Health authorities in the predominantly Catholic country are seeking legal advice over whether the pregnant woman, who is reportedly in her late 20's and suffered some sort of brain trauma, should be removed from life support. She is still reportedly in the sixteenth week of her pregnancy.

According to news reports, some in the woman's family have sought legal representation and are seeking to have the woman removed from life support. In Ireland however, the laws protect the child in the womb, although last year there were some loosening of the...READ MORE

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This Papal Interview Changes Everything

12/15/2014 Comments (116)

When it comes to Papal interviews, for the past 16 months, I have mostly adopted a hands off approach. There are many reasons for this, but the most recent Papal interview has me reassessing my reasons. To understand why, I must explain why I made the decision to refrain from comment on most Papal statements to media and other informal and semi-informal statements.

First, Pope Francis is the Pope. While I readily admit that I have found many of his statements perplexing, he is the Pope and deserves my respect and certain leeway in modes of expression, what I think of as Kentucky windage.

Kentucky windage are those small adjustments a sharp shooter makes, to the left or the right, to...READ MORE

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Woman Aborts Baby at 28 Weeks Because of Baby's Deformed Left Hand

12/11/2014 Comments (27)

A couple in Australia has aborted their unborn child at 28 weeks after learning that the baby would be born with a deformed left hand.

Mind you, at 28 weeks a baby has over a 90% chance of surviving outside the womb with proper healthcare. But the mother said she was "really, really depressed" about the baby's diagnosis so that would seem to trump the illegality or immorality of late-term abortions.

The mother said she believed she would feel guilty for allowing a baby to live with a disability. "I grew up with many people who were disabled, and… there was discrimination," the mother told The Brisbane Times. "I didn't want my child to be discriminated against. The problem is... obvious...READ MORE

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The Outrage Industry

12/05/2014 Comments (28)

These past weeks have been very illustrative of the damage that the outrage industry and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media can do.

We are all familiar with the damage that race hustlers have done over the past week and months.  They have fanned the flames of racial hatred in Ferguson as they treat truth as the enemy of progress. In the tragic case of Eric Garner, a man that should still be alive, their absurd cries of racism in the face of no evidence have distracted from the real issues that should be addressed in the Eric Garner case, namely overly aggressive and dangerous police procedures use to enforce petty and confiscatory revenue laws.  What happened to Mr. Garner could...READ MORE

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The President Who Banned Christmas Trees and The Boy Who Snuck One In

12/03/2014 Comments (3)

Here's a great story about Christmas.

President Theodore Roosevelt, an avowed environmentalist, banned Christmas trees from the White House during his presidency. The president was against real Christmas trees because he feared that Christmas trees would lead to deforestation. Mind you, at the time Christmas trees were very controversial with environmentalists. President William McKinley even reportedly received a letter in 1899 saying Christmas trees were "arboreal infanticide" and "un-American."

Roosevelt's action was intended to inspire Americans to just say no to Christmas trees. Clearly his bully pulpit didn't have the effect he wanted, even on his own children.

In 1902, Roosevelt’s...READ MORE

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A Tale Of Two Protests

11/28/2014 Comments (18)

Put this in your "Everything that is wrong with America" files.

The term "media bias" gets thrown around so often that we tend to ignore it.  I know I do.  We all know media bias exists, but people use it as an excuse for just about everything.  Ho hum, right?

But media bias is real and it has real consequences.

We have all been witness in these last months and in particular these last days to the non-stop coverage of "protests" in Ferguson, Missouri.  I put "protests" in scare quotes because what is happening there is not a "protest" in any recognizable way in the same way that a post-Superbowl riot is not a celebration in any recognizable way.  Mainly it is miscreants using a...READ MORE

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The Dangers of Secondhand Christmas

11/25/2014 Comments (43)

A PTA of a public school in the Boston area apparently worked behind closed doors to prevent elementary school students from being exposed to the eeeeevil dangers of a...Christmas tree!!! (Cue the impending doom music.)

It's gotten so bad that one news report says that one board member may step down over the controversy over the fear of exposing children to secondhand Christmas.Sheesh. The Butler Elementary School PTA made a decision to cancel the annual field trip to see "The Nutcracker" ballet because supposedly some parents complained about the Christmas tree on stage in some scenes. Maybe they should've taken the kids to see Rent.

Hey, I could see kids objecting to seeing any ballet...READ MORE

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The Curious and Tragic Case of Dr. Haiselden and the Baby Bollinger

11/18/2014 Comments (21)

Just about one hundred years ago, in November of 1915, a baby was born to a husband and wife. The baby was born with only one ear and some medical issues that would lead to the baby's death unless something was done.

Enter Dr. Harry Haiselden, a prominent young Chicago surgeon, to examine the child. Upon an examination, the doctor decided that the "defective" baby's life was not worth saving. Not only did he decide that but he convinced the parents to allow the baby to die. But Dr. Haiselden did not stop there. Not content with allowing the baby to die, he hastily called a news conference to publicly announce his decision. An instant celebrity was created.

You must recall that at the time...READ MORE

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