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Print Edition: August 15-28, 2010

01/01/2010 Comment

Take a look at some of’s best content from the last two weeks!

“The public record shows something completely different.”
TIM DRAKE on charges that Pope Benedict was negligent in handling the abuse crisis

“It is not half and half, or halfway in between; it is so ‘liberal’ precisely because it is so ‘conservative.’”
PETER KREEFT on whether Dominus Iesus is liberal or conservative

“I’d rather take issue with the inclusion of movies I think don’t deserve to be on such a list at all — and talk about movies I would rather see there instead.”
STEVEN GREYDANUS on a recent poll seeking out the best family films

“Instead of supplementing one pill with another, women should go green in their sex lives.”
JANET SMITH on why “Viagra for women” isn’t the solution

“Of course there is a danger here of a string of rosary beads appearing to be something like a ‘lucky charm’ for people who hear about the way these men’s lives were spared. But I prefer to think of this story as a wake-up call.”
DANIELLE BEAN on the Rosary in the battlefield

“Bottom line, they are looking for truth online. Let’s help them find it.”
MATTHEW WARNER on social media as a means of evangelization and catechesis

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