Umbert the Unborn

The unborn child finally has a voice of his own!

BY Gary Cangemi

Gary Cangemi is the creative genius who has given "unbirth" to the world´s first syndicated pro-life, prenatal cartoon baby. This full-size 80-page book is full of "Umbert" cartoons which proclaim the message of LIFE. Each page also contains an "Umbert´s Facts of Life" message as well as cartoon pictures showing the growth development of a baby. These along with the cartoons present a moving pro-life message. Makes a great gift for an expectant mother or any of your pro-life or maybe even your anti-life friends. Softcover, 80 pp.

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Reprinted under license by Gary Cangemi Graphic Art Studio. Copyright 2004

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Umbert 09.27.2010

Umbert 09.27.2010