January 31, 1999

Former Solidarity Activist Bronislaw Misztal Brings a Passion for Freedom to the Campus

Professor of sociology monitors the processes of social change

January 3, 1999

The Fire Behind St. Ignatius Institute

Founding professor touts 'Great Books'program that transforms lives

December 27, 1998

Yale’s More House Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Cardinal Keeler highlights St. Thomas More as a model for Catholics at the university

December 12, 1998

Climbing the Ladder With So Little Knowledge

A history teacher examines the spread of ignorance—and suggests a solution

December 6, 1998

Proposed Norms for Catholic Universities Draw Mixed Reaction from Bishops

Defenders say provisions help tie schools to Church's larger mission

November 8, 1998

Step-by-Step Moves Can Save Wayward Universities

Wisconsin professor's triumph with great books program is case in point

November 1, 1998

The Splendor of the Holy Spirit

The Definite Article

November 1, 1998

Getting to Know All the Saints

November 1, 1998

‘The Boys’ of Wichita Put Education Back in Parental Hands


October 11, 1998

Cardinal George Favors Big “C” Universities

October 11, 1998

School Choice Looks for A Political Champion in Washington

Many D.C. politicians tout public education, but send their kids to private schools

October 4, 1998

Educators Re-Emphasize Catholic Contribution to Western Civilization

Group seeks to counter secular materials in public - and Catholic - schools

September 27, 1998

Liberal Arts for the Mind, Heart, and Spirit

A new handbook for those seeking academic excellence — but not at the price of their souls

September 27, 1998

Mired in the Land of Self

September 27, 1998

Before Starr, There Was Cox

September 20, 1998

Keeper of a Great Intellectual Tradition

Prof. John Alvis strives to free University of Dallas students of the trappings of moral relativism

September 13, 1998

Scholars Work to Secure Natural Law Theory

August 30, 1998

Collegiate Institute Defends Belief That Ultimate Truths Can Be Known

August 30, 1998

Collegiate Institute Defends Belief That Ultimate Truths Can Be Known

August 23, 1998

Education Issues a Priority for Voters in Upcoming Election

But poll demonstrates that 'school choice' advocates still face uphill struggle

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