June 21, 1998

On Some Campuses, Students Making Pope’s Ideal University a Reality

With visiting bishops, John Paul II returns to a favorite theme: key role of Catholic higher education

June 14, 1998

ATiny World of Big Ideas in Texas

College of St. Thomas More is set on educating students-not to get a job-but for life

May 31, 1998

Restoring Catholic Character, One Step at a Time

May 3, 1998

Transition to Secular Mind-Set on Campuses Evolved Over Years

Pragmatic reasons, more than skepticism about faith, contributed to the change in the character of U.S. universities

April 12, 1998

The Bigotry Of Blaine Amendments

April 5, 1998

Raising Kids: It Takes An Association

In nation's capital, parents' council offers an invaluable resource

April 5, 1998

Raising Kids: It Takes An Association

In nation's capital, parents' council offers an invaluable resource

March 22, 1998

Revisiting the Master Conservative

Book Marks

March 22, 1998

In Some College Classrooms, a Potent Dose Of Catholic Social Teaching Awaits Students

Church's rich tradition has a lot to say about good business management, fair wages, job discrimination, etc.

March 22, 1998

When All Hell Broke Loose in Canada

March 15, 1998

Missing the Message of Ex Corde Ecclesiae

March 8, 1998

Answering the Critics

Last in a three-part series

February 15, 1998

‘In Theology, Objectivity is a Coin with Two Sides’

A prominent Fordham University professor finds positives and pitfalls in the theology programs that proliferated in the United States after Vatican II

February 8, 1998

For Tradition-minded Catholics, Notre Dame Is Making a Comeback

Students and faculty note signs of a spiritual renewal at the famous Indiana campus

February 8, 1998

Portrait of Pascal, Humble Genius

February 8, 1998

Dancing to the Beat of Computer Designers

January 18, 1998

In 1997, Great Strides for School Choice

Citing legislative and court victories around the country, the Blum Center for Parental Freedom in Education says movement is gathering momentum

January 11, 1998

Catholic Universities in Crisis

Can truth find its way back to campus?

January 4, 1998

Ecclesiastical Degrees Unite International Church

About a dozen U.S. universities offer the degrees which 'transcend national and cultural boundaries'

December 14, 1997

Rejuvenating the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

The Erasmus Institute aims to extend Catholic thought beyond Church circles

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