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January 11, 1998

The Wages of Modern War

With melodrama and documentary footage, Welcome to Sarajevo produces an affecting portrait of one of this century's darkest events

December 7, 1997

At Institute, Prayer Counts as Much as Intellectual Rigor

Conviction and creativity win followers for Jars of Clay

November 30, 1997

Sister Wendy Brings the Saints to Life

In a new PBS special, a simple and strangely charismatic British nun sheds light on some of the world's finest illuminated manuscripts

November 23, 1997

FILM clips

November 23, 1997

Beelzebub Takes Manhattan

In a slam on the legal profession, The Devil's Advocate opts for entertainment over enlightenment

October 12, 1997

A Sampler of the Flicks Now Playing

October 12, 1997

Priesthood Documentary Set to Air

October 12, 1997

Crooked Cops Find Redemption in the City of Angels

October 9, 1997

Dorothy Day Hits the Big Screen in ‘Entertaining Angels’

October 9, 1997

Catholic-Funded ‘Spitfire Grill’ Finds Success Despite Skepticism

August 24, 1997

It’s Hard to Swallow the Chief Executive as Super Hero

April 6, 1997

Peel Away the Hollywood Veneer and Donnie Brasco Reveals Honest Drama

March 23, 1997

This Year, Truths About Human Condition May Take All

February 21, 1997

Videos on Release

February 21, 1997

Dracula with a Twist

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