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Toasting to Holiness: Can Drinking Be Saintly? (1142)

Book Pick: Drinking With the Saints

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Drinking With the Saints

The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour

By Michael P. Foley

Regnery History, 2015

487 pages, $26.99

To order: ignatius.com



In September 2015, Pope Francis canonized Father Junípero Serra for his extraordinary missionary efforts in bringing the Gospel to present-day California. Wine enthusiasts, however, can also celebrate the fact that it was Serra, and his fellow Franciscans, that brought the first wine grapes to the region. This is one of many fun-filled facts in Michael Foley’s Drinking With the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour.

Foley’s book tells the storied past of wine, beer and spirits, and it also serves as an actual recipe guide...READ MORE

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Bronco-Panther Quarterback Now in a Win-Win Situation (714)

CBS analyst Steve Beuerlein’s former teams go head to head in Super Bowl 50.

02/06/2016 Comment
2009 Emily Loftus/WireImage

Steve Beuerlein

– 2009 Emily Loftus/WireImage

Former NFL quarterback Steve Beuerlein is in an interesting situation: Having played for both the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, one of his old teams will come out victorious in tomorrow’s Super Bowl 50.

While Beuerlein did not win a Super Bowl with either the Broncos or the Panthers in his playing career, he did reach the NFL’s pinnacle with the Dallas Cowboys in 1993. This victory came about under the guidance of Jimmy Johnson, a coach Beuerlein sees as a particularly sharp leader who knew how to get the most out of his teams.

Another coach receiving praise from Beuelein is Lou Holtz, who started his successful tenure with the Fighting Irish in 1986. This was Beuerlein’s...READ MORE

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Decentralization: What Would Be Acceptable? (1094)

NEWS ANALYSIS: An assessment of the positives and negatives of giving more power to bishops and their flocks.

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YouTube/Catholic Sat

Bishops listen in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall as Pope Francis delivers his address outlining his vision of synodality on Oct. 17, 2015.

– YouTube/Catholic Sat

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ landmark address last October — in which he outlined his vision for a more collegial, decentralized and “listening” Church — was “one of the most powerful” of Francis’ pontificate, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, said last month.

So much so that the cardinal and the synod secretariat will be hosting a symposium Saturday through Tuesday to “build a discussion” on the topic, with doctrine as its “starting point,” and with the goal of encouraging scholars to look into the possibilities more closely.

But the nature of the Pope’s speech — one that aims to pay more attention to the concerns of bishops and their faithful and...READ MORE

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Hedonism: It’s Not As Fun As It Sounds; The Destruction of Mar Elia Monastery and Much More… (1162)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/06/2016 Comment

Click on Hedonism: It’s Not As Fun As It Sounds by John Zmirak of Intercollegiate Review link to follow and read.

Hedonism: It’s Not As Fun As It Sounds by John Zmirak of Intercollegiate Review - Big Pulpit

Erasing the Past: The Destruction of Mar Elia Monastery – David Warren, The Catholic Thing

Discerning Private Revelation: Part Two – Kevin Symonds, Catholic Stand

Can Dissenters Alter the Course of Doctrinal Development? – Jacob W. Wood, Crisis Magazine

A Truly Liberal Society would Tolerate the Anglican Church’s Views on Sexuality – James Mumford, The Spectator

Voting Well: A Moral Obligation – Caitlin Bootsma, Truth and Charity Forum

New Initiative Aims to Make Catholic Men ‘Watchmen’ – Jonathan Liedl, The Catholic Spirit

The Battle Over the Interpretation of Vatican II – Sandro Magister,...READ MORE

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Brazilian Bishops Reject Abortion as Response to Zika Virus (2046)

It’s the first response from a bishops’ conference to the campaign to utilize the mosquito-borne disease as a tool to promote abortion rights throughout predominantly Catholic Latin America.

02/05/2016 Comments (3)
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Mother Daniele Santos feeds her baby Juan Pedro, 2-months-old, who was born with microcephaly, on Feb. 3 in Recife, Brazil. In the last four months, authorities have recorded thousands of cases in Brazil in which the mosquito-borne Zika virus may have led to microcephaly in infants. Below, city workers fumigate a city block in an effort to eradicate the mosquitos that transmit the Zika virus on Feb. 2 in Recife.

– Mario Tama/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — The Brazilian Conference of Catholic Bishops has repudiated efforts to use public alarm over the Zika virus epidemic to advance abortion rights in South America’s most populous nation.

In a Feb.4 statement, the conference made clear that reports of a causal link between the mosquito-borne Zika virus outbreak in Brazil and a surge in cases of microcephaly, a type of birth defect with potentially serious consequences for the child, did not justify a stepped-up campaign to loosen legal restrictions to abortion.

The Brazilian bishops strongly opposed the new push to promote abortion, particularly, “in the cases of microcephaly, as, unfortunately, some groups are proposing to the...READ MORE

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David Daleiden’s Legal Team Fights Back on Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Charges (1670)

‘What we want is an apology,’ Daleiden’s lawyer comments as the Center for Medical Progress leader, and his undercover colleague Sandra Merritt, are booked and post bond in Houston.

02/05/2016 Comments (2)
Eric Kayne/Getty Images

Pro-llfe activist David Daleiden speaks to the media after appearing in court at the Harris County Courthouse on Feb. 4 in Houston.

– Eric Kayne/Getty Images

HOUSTON — Pro-life activist David Daleiden, his colleague Sandra Merritt and their attorneys are fighting back against the criminal indictments that a Texas grand jury returned against them last week for their undercover investigation of the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast facility in Houston.

Daleiden and Merritt appeared this week at Houston Criminal Court, where they were booked and posted bond. Afterward, they stood outside the courthouse with their attorneys and addressed dozens of sympathetic pro-lifers who cheered and held signs.

“David and his team have done nothing wrong. They have not violated the laws of the state of Texas,” said Peter Breen, special counsel with the Thomas More...READ MORE

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European Parliament: ISIS Perpetrating Christian Genocide in Middle East (1054)

Such a declaration is significant because it calls for members of the United Nations Security Council to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court, which would officially investigate to see if genocide is taking place.

02/05/2016 Comments (6)

– Shutterstock

Strasbourg, France — The European Parliament on Thursday declared that genocide is taking place in the Middle East against Christians, Yazidis and other ethnic and religious minorities at the hands of the Islamic State.

A resolution adopted by the parliament states that “so-called ‘ISIS/Daesh’ commits genocide against Christians and Yazidis and other religious and ethnic minorities.”

The vote followed last week’s genocide resolution passed by the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe. That council is a leading human-rights body and longtime partner with the European Union on human-rights concerns.

A genocide declaration is significant because it calls for members of the United Nations...READ MORE

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Mercy and Movies: Lenten Viewing for the Year of Mercy (5062)

Lent is a season for fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, and Pope Francis, like Benedict XVI, has emphasized almsgiving. In this Year of Mercy, here are spiritual viewing recommendations that emphasize responding to the needs of those around us.

02/05/2016 Comments (5)

Pierre Fresnay as St. Vincent de Paul in Monsieur Vincent (1947)

For this Jubilee Year of Mercy, in his Lenten message, Pope Francis reminded the faithful of his call, in the papal bull declaring the Year of Mercy, for this Lent to “be lived more intensely as a privileged moment to celebrate and experience God’s mercy” (Misericordiae Vultus, 17).

Perhaps it’s fitting that Lent comes so early this particular year, to better prepare us to live the rest of the Jubilee with greater zeal. (For me it’s a special gift as I prepare for diaconal ordination in June.)

For the last two years on Ash Wednesday, celebrating Mass at the Basilica of Santa Sabina, Pope Francis reminded the faithful, as his predecessors Benedict XVI and John Paul II had often done, of...READ MORE

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