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‘It’s a Mistake to See Francis as Wanting Kasper’s Proposals’ (701)

Author Austen Ivereigh weighs in on the Pope and the October Synod.

03/06/2015 Comment

Austen Ivereigh

– catholicvoices.co.uk

VATICAN CITY — The October Ordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family has sparked much discussion about just what Pope Francis really intends to achieve.

In this recent interview with Austen Ivereigh, author of the recently published The Great Reformer, probably the most comprehensive biography of the Holy Father to date, he discusses with the Register Francis’ probable intentions, how he is likely to view the well-publicized disagreements it has engendered and whether he really would like to see Cardinal Walter Kasper’s controversial proposal for re-admitting divorced-and-civilly-remarried Catholics to holy Communion adopted by the universal Church. Ivereigh, a former deputy editor of The...READ MORE

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States Grapple With Lethal-Injection Problems (523)

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider the issue, Virginia’s Catholic bishops join with other death-penalty opponents to thwart a state bill that would have shrouded such executions in secrecy.

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WASHINGTON — Legal scholars and anti-death-penalty advocates are speculating about the possible impact the U.S. Supreme Court could have when it hears arguments next month on the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s controversial three-drug protocol for carrying out executions by lethal injection.

Florida has already stayed the scheduled execution of a convicted murderer until the Supreme Court’s ruling, which is expected sometime this summer. Some states, including Pennsylvania and Oregon, have moratoriums in place while they review their respective death-penalty protocols.

Meanwhile in Virginia, the state Catholic conference and allies in late February helped defeat a bill, supported by Gov....READ MORE

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Uneasy Truce: Vatican Spokesman Will Not Sue Canadian Blogger for Public Criticism (1014)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Father Thomas Rosica’s conflict with David Domet highlights the strained relationship between the Church’s hierarchy and some Catholic commentators.

03/06/2015 Comments (6)
CNA file

Basilian Father Thomas Rosica

– CNA file

TORONTO — A Canadian blogger who has been sharply critical of Pope Francis and his English-language spokesman for their perceived politically and socially liberal views will not face a lawsuit, as he had feared.

On March 4, David Domet, author of the traditionalist Vox Cantoris blog, received a threatening letter from the law firm representing Basilian Father Thomas Rosica, CEO of Canada’s Salt+Light TV and English-language spokesman for the Vatican. The letter demanded that Domet immediately and publicly retract all statements on the blog regarding Father Rosica — nine posts in all — and that he post a public apology by Feb. 22.

The Toronto law firm of Fogler Rubinoff, which offered its...READ MORE

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Turn Your Focus to the Eucharist, Not Yourselves, Pope Francis Tells Bishops (612)

'The bishop is the principle of unity in the Church, but this does not take place without the Eucharist,' he said March 4.

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CNA/Bohumil Petrik

Pope Francis greets bishops and clergy in St. Peter’s Square during the Wednesday general audience on Oct. 1.

– CNA/Bohumil Petrik

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Wednesday reminded bishops to turn their sights to the Eucharist — rather than themselves — as the source of unity for the Church.

“The bishop does not gather people around himself or his own ideas, but around Christ, present in his word and in the sacrament of his body and blood,” the Pope said March 4 during an audience with bishops taking part this week in a gathering of the Focolare movement.

“The bishop is the principle of unity in the Church, but this does not take place without the Eucharist,” he said; otherwise, “unity would lose its divine pole of attraction and would be reduced to a solely human, psychological and sociological dynamic.”

Some 60...READ MORE

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Remembering Cardinal Edward Egan (490)

The former archbishop of New York died Thursday at the age of 82.

03/06/2015 Comment

Cardinal Edward Egan


NEW YORK — Cardinal Edward Egan, a former archbishop of New York who shepherded the city in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, died Thursday at the age of 82.

“Join me, please, in thanking God for his life, especially his generous and faithful priesthood,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said March 5. “Pray as well that the powerful mercy of Jesus, in which our cardinal had such trust, has ushered him into heaven.”

Cardinal Dolan said his predecessor passed away after lunch in residence at the Chapel of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. His secretary, Father Douglas Crawford, gave him the sacraments. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead due to cardiac arrest.


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Five Reasons to Fast This Lent (1698)

In Our Need for Food, We Discover Our Need for Christ

03/06/2015 Comments (3)

– Shutterstock

Jesus did it. The apostles and early Christians did it. The Fathers and doctors of the Church and most every saint you can think of — from Anthony and Augustine to Teresa of Avila, and from John Henry Newman to John Paul II — did it

But we don’t. At least, most of us don’t.

What don’t we do?

We don’t fast. We don’t engage in one of the most ancient, fundamental and powerful disciplines in the Church’s treasury of spiritual practices.

Sure, on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday you can still find a decent number of Catholics abstaining from meat and limiting themselves to two snacks and a moderately sized meal. But you’ll also find almost as many of us complaining about it on Facebook and...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Abandonment Does Greatest Injustice to the Elderly (1007)

The Pope’s words came in an audience with members of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

03/06/2015 Comment
CNA/Lauren Cater

Pope Francis greets attendees at an audience last March.

– CNA/Lauren Cater

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said Thursday that when it comes to caring for the elderly, palliative care is necessary because it counters a mentality of utility that often leaves elderly persons marginalized and alone.

“Abandonment is the most serious ‘illness’ of the elderly and also the greatest injustice they can suffer: Those who helped us to grow must not be abandoned when they need our help, our love and our tenderness,” the Pope said March 5.

With its emphasis on alleviating the suffering of the sick and accompanying them with tenderness for the duration of their illness, palliative care serves as a crucial support for the elderly, “who, for reasons of age, often receive less...READ MORE

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Death of Beauraing Visionary Renews Message of Apparition, Pope Francis and Large Families and More! (2893)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/06/2015 Comment

Click on Death of Beauraing Visionary Renews Message of Apparition by Deacon Edward Looney of Ignitum Today link to read more.

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Book Review:...READ MORE

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